Ping I5 Specifications


The Ping I5 is a stainless steel iron with a midsize and perimeter-weighted design. It has a reduced offset. The set includes 2 through 9 irons, a pitching wedge, a utility wedge, a sand wedge, and a lob wedge. Compared to the other Ping irons, the top line and sole of the Ping I5 are slightly thinner.

During my test run with the Ping I5 irons, I was impressed by how the specifications translated into actual performance. The cavity-back design gave them a solid feel, and their forgiving nature became evident with every swing. I even had a funny moment where I found myself in a difficult situation, but the moderate offset of the I5s saved the day by helping me correct my shot and avoid any potential hazards.

This article will give you a detailed overview of the features and specifications of the Ping I5 so you can decide whether to get it.

Ping I5 Specifications

Before I discuss the Ping I5 in detail, I’ll be sharing the specifications of this iron to give you a better overview.

Club 2-iron 3-iron 4-iron 5-iron 6-iron 7-iron 8-iron 9-iron PW UW SW LW
Length 39.25″ 38.75″ 38.25″ 37.75″ 37.25″ 36.75″ 36.25 35.75″ 35.50″ 35.50″ 35.25″ 35.00″
Loft 18.00o 21.00o 24.00o 27.00o 30.50o 34.00o 38.00o 42.00o 46.00o 50.00o 54.00o 58.00o
Lie Angle 58.67o 59.32o 60.02o 60.75o 61.50o 62.28o 63.10o 63.95o 64.38o 64.38o 64.70o 65.11o
Offset 0.27″ 0.24″ 0.22″ 0.20″ 0.18″ 0.16″ 0.14″ 0.12″ 0.11″ 0.10″ 0.09″ 0.08″
Swingweight D0 D0 D0 D0 D0 D0 D0 D0 D2 D4 D4 D6

First Impression

My first impression of the Ping i5 irons has been superb. A friend of mine who’s a mid-handicapper with a handicap of 14 was explicitly looking for irons that strike a balance between workability and forgiveness. The i5s fit the bill perfectly, avoiding the chunkiness of game improvement irons while forgiving enough for my skill level.

Standing at 6 ft 5″, I appreciate the quality construction that allowed me to achieve a lower and more penetrating trajectory, which suits my game well, especially in windy conditions.

The feel of the clubs is exceptional, considering they are cast iron. The custom fitting process further enhanced my experience, ensuring the clubs were tailored to my specifications. Shifting approach shots with greater control has significantly improved my game.

The value for money has been outstanding after purchasing the set for £350, supposedly in near-new condition as an ex-demo. The irons have proven more accurate, offering the proper distance, spin, and accuracy balance.

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Features and Technology

The Ping i5 irons boast various cutting-edge features and technologies, contributing to their premium performance. A standout feature is the Custom Tuning Port (CTP), strategically positioned on the back of the clubhead. Having experienced this firsthand during my custom fitting, I found that the more significant and profound CTP in the Ping i5 irons was crucial in optimizing the center of gravity (CG). This increased distance on off-center hits and enhanced the overall feel and control, elevating my confidence with each swing.

Crafted from high-grade stainless steel, the Ping i5 irons deliver a solid and dense impact feel, improving my shot consistency. The satin-brushed finish adds a touch of elegance and minimizes glare, providing a sleek and polished aesthetic. The advanced internal weighting system is another noteworthy technology, fostering greater forgiveness and a higher launch angle. This aspect has been pivotal in enhancing the accuracy and consistency of my shots across the entire set, contributing to improved overall performance.

A key design element that I appreciate is the progressive sole width. As I transition from long to short irons, the variation in sole width optimizes turf interaction and launch conditions. The broader sole on the longer irons aids in getting the ball airborne, while the narrower sole on the short irons enhances playability and control. This feature has played a significant role in shaping my approach shots with increased precision.


I didn’t expect much forgiveness when using the Ping i5 irons. Although not as compact as irons like the Ping i10s, they still possess the performance profile of a player. The initial impression behind the ball suggested sophistication that typically doesn’t align with forgiveness. However, my experience quickly proved me wrong. Using the 7-iron extensively, I was pleasantly surprised as I effortlessly squeezed upwards of 160 yards out of it.

The feedback from my friends who tested it matched my thoughts. The clubface felt noticeably bouncy upon impact, and the data from the launch monitor supported the fact that these irons produced a hot sensation. The average ball speed of 111 MPH with the 7-iron made it clear that the Ping i5s provided impressive distance. It is essential to mention that these testers had mid-to-high handicaps but had no difficulty achieving impressive distance with these irons. The forgiving nature of these clubs was a game-changer for players like me, as they offered a level of playability that surpassed expectations.

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However, it’s important to note that the Ping i5s are inclined to draw the ball, particularly for those who may not be very precise with their swing. The average deviation is around 4 yards, so it’s something to remember. Nevertheless, the i5 irons have a midsize design that finds a good balance, featuring a cavity that provides a decent amount of forgiveness without being overly deep. The smooth leading edge also allows for smooth interaction with the turf, making it easier for high handicappers like myself to use.

Comparison with Other Alternatives

When comparing the Ping I5 irons with other alternatives like the TaylorMade SIM2 and Titleist T300, each set presents distinct features catering to different player preferences.

The Ping I5 irons are recognized for their solid feel and forgiveness. With a cavity-back design, they provide stability, particularly aiding off-center hits. These irons offer a good balance of distance and playability, making them suitable for mid-handicap players. The moderate offset contributes to correcting slices and promoting a straighter ball flight. The Ping I5’s performance shines through its forgiveness and overall reliability.

On the other hand, the TaylorMade SIM2 irons focus on explosive distance, incorporating Speed Bridge technology to enhance ball speed and forgiveness. Ideal for those prioritizing long shots, the SIM2 irons also feature inverted cone technology for improved accuracy. They balance forgiveness and workability with a moderate offset, making them a strong contender for players seeking distance and playability.

The Titleist T300 irons stand out with Max Impact Technology, a high MOI, and tungsten weighting for a low center of gravity. Geared towards players transitioning from game improvement to more advanced clubs, the T300 irons offer forgiveness and increased ball speed. The flexibility in shaft selection, including True Temper AMT steel shafts or Mitsubishi Tensei AV Red AM2 graphite shafts, provides customization options. While they have less offset than the TaylorMade SIM2, the T300 irons compromise between forgiveness and distance.

Below is a table that provides a clear and concise side-by-side comparison of the main features of these irons. This will help you easily understand the specific offerings of each iron.

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Irons Ping I5 TaylorMade SIM2 Titleist T300
Hand Orientation Right-handed and left-handed Right-handed and left-handed Right-handed and left-handed
Shaft Material Steel Steel Steel
Flex Regular, Stiff Regular, stiff, amateur, ladies R300, S300, Mitsubishi Tensei AV Red AM2
Set Composition 3-PW (3-9 irons plus pitching wedge) 4-PW (4-9 irons plus pitching wedge) 4-PW (4-9 irons plus pitching wedge)
Grip Standard grips are included, but custom grips can be fitted. Standard grips are included, but custom grips can be done. Standard grips are included, but custom grips can be done.
Price $299 $351.99 $143

Pros and cons

Before closing off for the day, I need to share some upsides and downsides I observed when using the Ping I5.

What I liked

  • Ping is known for its top-notch custom club fitting service. The color code system indicates the lie angle and ensures every golfer gets a personalized fit.
  • The Ping i5 irons have stood the test of time, demonstrating their durability and quality.
  • Despite over a decade old, these irons perfectly balance control and forgiveness. They offer forgiveness for high-handicap players, resulting in impressive apex height.
  • Consistent distance control is a hallmark of the Ping i5 irons, making them reliable on the course.
  • The moderate sole width and smooth leading edge create a pleasing turf interaction experience.

What I Didn’t Like

  • Didn’t i5 irons lack the latest features and technology in newer irons?
  • These irons are easy to hook, so golfers must be mindful of swing accuracy to avoid excessive draw shots.
  • While the Ping i5 irons deliver reliable performance, their sound and feel might not align with the characteristics of more recent models.

Final Thoughts

The Ping i5 iron is a robust and reliable choice for experienced golfers seeking top-notch performance. With advanced technology, premium materials, and innovative design features, the i5 has established itself among the best irons in today’s market. Today’s today’septional performance on the golf course, offering a harmonious blend of accuracy, distance, and forgiveness, makes it a valuable asset for those with high expectations for their iron set. The durability stemming from its premium construction ensures the Ping i5 will remain a trusted companion for years. The Ping i5 iron is the ideal investment for golfers ready to elevate their game, delivering on its promise of excellence.



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