Mizuno MP-33 Review

Mizuno MP-33 Review – The Ultimate “Buttery Feel” Irons


The reason Mizuno MP-33 irons are so popular is that they are simple, clean, classic blades that have a minimum level of badges and branding on them and, of course, offer an over-the-top “buttery soft” feel compared to many other modern blade irons on the market today.

Many tour professionals patronize Mizuno golf clubs more than other world tours. The Japanese brand is celebrated for selling many of the finest forged irons in the industry. The MP-33 models have been receiving lots of love, especially from players who love vintage golf gear. What’s special about the MP-33 irons, and should you game with them?

I have been hitting three sets of MP-33s I purchased off eBay for a while now. And being blades, they require a consistent swing. This is the only way to enjoy the feel and trajectory that many praise these irons for.

The lofts are traditional, so they will feel like they hit a little shorter, but accuracy is unmatched. One noteworthy thing is that after hitting the MP-33, I could hit any iron.

In the rest of this article, I’ll review the Mizuo MP-33 irons to show you why it’s getting lots of love from players and how it might be a good fit for you.

Mizuno MP-33 iron review

When you look closer at the MP-33, you will notice a striking resemblance in design and aesthetics to the popular MS-3 blade. What truly sets the MP-33 apart is the updated profile and sole grind on the side region.

Muzino rolled out the MP-33 two decades ago, primarily for workability but without sacrificing substantial forgiveness. Here are the key details of the MP-33 iron set:

Mizuno MP-33 Iron

Mizuno MP-33 Review


  • Low Center of Gravity
  • Forged from Select 1025 Mild Carbon Steel
  • Excellent fit for low- or mid-handicap players who prioritize control, shot-shaping ability, and a soft, responsive feel
  • Elegant, premium look with minimal branding
MP-33 Iron SpecificationsDetails
MaterialSelect 1025 Mild Carbon Steel
Loft angle Between 16° and 46°
Length option From 35.25″ to 39.75″ (0.5″ differences between each length option)
Lie angle rangeFrom 57° to 63°
Shaft True Temper Dynamic Gold Steel
GripGolf Pride Tour Velvet
Price Available on the resale value on various websites. Usually between $250 and $550
on eBay

The MP-33 is a curved muscle-back blade with an amazing lower center of gravity than many other blade models, so you can leverage this feature to boost your ball’s flight quickly. Here’s my full review of this iron set after playing it for a while:

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First Impression

When I see Mizuno Irons, I think of Nick Faldo, an English retired professional golfer in the 90s. Mizuno has probably built this generation of irons on rock and roll because of their experiences with Nick Faldo and the other pros.

This gives meaning to the good base and studding appearance that the MP-33 has. The first positive impression of this club is its look and design.

This club combines the best features of various Mizuno irons with an MP-9 face profile, camber and radius, and the sole of the MP-14.

As expected from forged irons, they offer excellent ball control and flight. Mizuno’s Select 1025 Mild Carbon Steel and their “Grain Flow Forging” process ensure a consistent feel and top-notch quality.

The design enhancements, such as:

  • The sole chamber and optimized sweet spot provide maximum workability and trajectory control.
  • The sole shape minimizes turf dragging and digging.
  • The consistent offset throughout the set is a plus.

One standout feature is the unique center of gravity (COG), which is lower than most, improving ball flight.

Irons available on the MP-33 set:

  • Irons range from a 3-iron to a pitching wedge.
  • No hybrids or gap wedges are included.

What year did the Mizuno MP-33 come out?

The Mizuno MP-33 irons were initially released in 2002, so these irons have been on the market for over 20 years.

Over time, we’ve seen newer blade irons with similar curved muscle back blades as the MP-33 and with even more unique tech features. However, the MP-33 still wins the interest of many today because it has a lower center of gravity than many other blade models.

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How did it perform?

After playing these iron sets for a while, it quickly comes to mind whenever I think of the perfect iron feel of buttery smoothness, consistency, and feedback.

The MP33s are pushing 20 years old, but I still play and love them. As someone who has played more recent blade irons, I can attest that it does feel like I’m missing out on the technology in more modern blades.

Newer muscle back blades have a head size approximately 20% larger than blades produced during the 1980’s. The “technology” difference between the two eras is mostly head size.

If you like your MP33s but want to try a larger head size, consider the MP69, produced about a decade ago.

My biggest complaint about these irons is the same thing most people complain about. The wear on the face of these irons can be discouraging.

We don’t see that happening on Callaway Hawk Eye VFT Titanium clubs and other similar irons.

But that’s the price for the buttery, soft, and smooth feel.

Are Mizuno MP-33 irons hard to hit?

The Mizuno MP-33 irons are less forgiving and more demanding to hit than some of the more modern game-improvement irons I’ve played.

They are designed with a traditional blade-style head, featuring a smaller sweet spot and less perimeter weighting.

So skilled and consistent golfers will benefit from this design more than beginners. To fully enjoy hitting the MP-33, prioritize control and shot-shaping ability over forgiveness.

If you have a consistent swing and good ball-striking skills, the MP-33 can offer exceptional precision and feedback.

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However, beginners or those with less consistent swings may find it difficult to hit consistently, which can translate to potentially lower performance in the long run.

Who should play with the Mizuno MP-33 iron?

If you’re a low- or mid-handicap player, the Mizuno MP 33 irons will work for you best. It will be useful if you want precision, shot-shaping ability, and a soft, responsive feel. However, if your top priority is distance and forgiveness, these irons aren’t the best choice for you on the market.

Beyond the nostalgic and vintage appeal, this blade’s design offers excellent feedback. So it rewards well-struck shots with exceptional control, not the image of a beginner trying to find their way around hitting the greens.


  • Encourages improvement in strike quality and consistency
  • outstanding control and feel for those who consistently strike the sweet spot
  • Buttery feel
  • Elegant, premium look with minimal branding


  • Off-center hits can be unforgiving.
  • It may be challenging for high-handicap golfers.
  • Largely available as pre-owned

Final thoughts

When it comes to quality forged blade irons, Mizuno needs no introduction. They are well known for their soft feel. The MP 33 is no longer in production but remains one of the purest-looking blades ever.

If you’re a diehard fan of blades and are between mid- and low handicap, these are the sticks for you.

But if you need something more modern, the MP-69 irons are the new version of the MP-33.

Bottom line, the MP-33 still holds its title because they are simple, clean, classic blades and deliver the “buttery soft” feel that Mizunos are known for.

Do you have any experience with the MP-33 irons? Feel free to share in the comments; let’s relive the nostalgic moments of golf sports.



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