New Level 623-CB Review

New Level 623-CB Review: What’s So Special?


The New Level 623-CB golf club offers impressive features for golf enthusiasts. Its key highlights include a titanium alloy head for enhanced distance, a precision-milled face for improved accuracy, and an adjustable loft for customizable shots. While these hint at power and control, these clubs’ price tag, feel appearance, and sound are areas of criticism.

The first impression I got from hitting the New Level 623-CB club was that it looks and plays similarly to the ZX7 in many ways, but the 623-CB seems to have a slightly better top line. It boasts impressive technical specifications, including [insert key technical details], ensuring superior application performance. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make it accessible to users of all levels.

In this comprehensive review, I’ll walk you through the detailed features and performance of the New Level 623-CB, providing you with the relevant pros and cons of playing with this iron.

New Level 623-CB

New Level 623-CB

  • Blade-Style Design
  • Premium Materials and Construction
  • Muscle Back Cavity for forgiveness
  • Precision Forged for exceptional feel
  • Thin Topline and Compact Shape for a sleek appearance
  • Custom Fitting Options for personalized specifications
  • Versatility and Control in shot shaping and trajectory
  • Attention to Detail in aesthetics and craftsmanship


Lie Angle60.561.061.562.062.563.063.5
Offset2.8 mm2.8 mm2.5 mm2.5 mm2.0 mm2.0 mm2.0 mm
Hosel Bore370”370”370”370”370”370”370”
Material1020 CS1020 CS1020 CS1020 CS1020 CS1020 CS1020 CS
FinishingSatin ChromeSatin ChromeSatin ChromeSatin ChromeSatin ChromeSatin ChromeSatin Chrome
DexterityRH onlyRH onlyRH onlyRH onlyRH onlyRH onlyRH only

New Level 623 CB Technology

The New Level 623 CB irons boast superior construction and design that cater to golfers seeking advanced performance on the course. These irons are meticulously crafted with precision and incorporate innovative technology to enhance playability.

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The clubhead: The New Level 623 CB irons clubhead is made from a high-grade titanium alloy, providing exceptional strength and durability while minimizing weight. This construction allows for better weight distribution, forgiveness, and increased distance on shots.

The club’s face: One notable feature is the precision-milled face, which enhances accuracy and consistency. The look is engineered with intricate grooves and precise thickness to optimize ball spin and control, enabling golfers to achieve greater shot precision and greenside performance.

Loft system: The New Level 623 CB irons also offer an adjustable loft system, allowing players to fine-tune their shots to suit their preferences and course conditions. This customization option enhances versatility and adaptability, ensuring optimal performance across various playing situations.

Overall design: The design of the New Level 623 CB irons incorporates a progressive cavity back, gradually transitioning from a muscle-back design in the shorter irons to a more forgiving cavity-back design in the longer irons.

This design feature optimizes the center of gravity placement throughout the set, promoting a higher launch, improved control, and an enhanced feel.

Features vs. Benefits

The high-quality 1020 carbon steel is a sure hint of a soft and responsive feel, but many users argue this benefit and compare it with alternative clubs like the Ping i59, where the former falls short.

On the bright side, 623-CB’s construction features a compact, forged cavity-back design, which helps to increase forgiveness and consistency.

Most importantly, New Level has incorporated this construction without letting go of control and workability that best serve skilled golfers.


Two factors echoed when you mentioned the New Level 623 CB Forged Irons performance: Spin and launch.

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Since these irons offer medium to low launch angles, they’re an excellent club to penetrate ball flights and optimize distance control.

Another critical performance aspect is forgiveness, which outshines many similar clubs in its class. The award-winning 623-CB boasts consistent carry, ball speed, backspin, and dispersion, even on off-center strikes.

So if you value precision and consistent shots, the New Level 623-CB iron is a worthy consideration.

Insights: Most Wanted Testing

In the 2022 Most Wanted Testing on Golfspy, the New Level 623 CB Forged Irons became number one and were recognized as the “Best Player’s Iron 2022.” The most significant area of outstanding performance was accuracy. It was also complimented for its profile and looks.

But it’s worth noting that this testing recognized poor acoustics as a significant pitfall of the New Level 623-CB. In the testing, the iron had an overall result of 92.7, about six points above its runner-up iron, the Ping i59.

The testing showed that 623-CB iron had accuracy results of 93.7, Forgiveness results of 82.2, and distance results of 78.4.

Comparison of New Level 623-CB With Alternatives

In the opinion of many players who have played with the iron, the 623-CB competes for spots with clubs like the Srixon ZX7 and PING I59. These three options share a lot of similarities, but here is a detailed comparison of their offerings:

OfferingsNew Level 623-CBSrixon ZX7PING i59  
Club TypeCavity BackCavity BackCavity Back
MaterialCarbon SteelForged IronForged Iron
Playability  AdvancedAdvancedIntermediate
Shot ControlExcellentExcellentGood
Launch    Mid-HighMidMid
Spin    Moderate        Moderate-HighModerate
Appearance  Sleek and ModernClassicTraditional
TechnologyHollow BodyProgressive V SoleFace Wrap Design
Shaft Options  CustomizableCustomizableCustomizable

Who’s the New Level 623-CB For?

A relative infant manufacturer produces New Level Golf, but it came out swinging with its first batch of forged irons and wedges.

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Considering the iron’s technology, it best suits consistent ball strikers searching for increased workability throughout an iron set.

However, golfers looking for more playability will look at other New Level models, such as the 1031 or 1126.

Final Verdict

The New Level 623-CB produces a consistent carry, ball speed, backspin, and dispersion. It is the best player’s Iron 2022 and worth your consideration, even though it performs below expectations in areas like looks and sound.

But I believe that as new competitors emerge, the ‘glorified features’ in the New Level 623-CB may become bare in the latest club models, and then the 623-CB won’t be exciting for modern golf players.


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