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An Honest Review of Dynamic Gold X100 Shaft


The Dynamic Gold (DG) X100 has been widely used on the PGA Tour by some of the best players in the world, including Justin Thomas, Jordan Speith, and even Dustin Johnson, among a few others. It is a high-flex, tour-weight shaft designed for skilled players seeking a low, penetrating ball flight for optimum control and accuracy.

But does it have any benefit to offer the everyday golfer like you and me? I wanted to see for myself, so I decided to document how I handled the Dynamic Gold X100 and provide the relevant information about this shaft to help you decide.

Long story short, the Dynamic Gold X100 produces a low launch and a high kick point, creating a stronger appeal for better players with fast swing speeds and at least a moderate tempo. So, it offers a low, piercing trajectory.

Dynamic Gold X100 Shaft Review

The DG x100 shaft has a high weight, extreme stiffness, and low spin. For this reason, you will need a very high swing speed to use this shaft to its fullest potential. I figured that to enjoy the x100 truly, you need to be around tour level, swinging a seven iron above 90 mph.

But there’s more about this popular shaft that you should know before considering it. I encourage you to read to the end as I will review the performance and key features of this shaft to show you how it works:

X100 Shaft First Impression

I’m no stranger to the Dynamic Golf shafts. I’ve been playing S300 shafted irons, and while I rarely ever have a poor strike, my mishits occur because I tend to swing too hard, and the ball draws way more than I like, causing me to miss my target.

For context, according to Trackman (7i, 30.5*), my stats are 204 yds, carry of 198 yds, club speed of 96.2 mph, club path of 4.0 deg, and face angle of 2.0 degrees. I have a fast tempo and am pretty strong-built (5’11, 195 lbs).

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My first encounter with or attention to the X100 was at a fitting exercise, and the instant verdict I made about the shaft was the weight. I had assumed the shaft would be lighter than 121 grams. Surprisingly, it doesn’t feel much heavier than other Dynamic Gold shafts I’ve tested, the S400, for example.

The initial positive impression is that I got great results with the high irons, and I saw impressive, unmatched consistency. However, I quickly noticed how atrocious my mishits with the x100 shaft were. For context, 8 to 10 out of 100 balls were complete shanks.

The bottom line is that they are pretty heavy shafts, so depending on what you are playing now, they could feel very different, and you may not get the same speed.

If you have a quick tempo, the x100 shafts could help keep you swinging smoothly.

Dynamic Gold X100

Dynamic Gold X100


  • Offers great ball speed
  • Shaft is extremely accurate
  • Great for tour players
  • Solid reputation on PGA tours

What are the specifications?

The X100 shaft specifications show that it will only benefit players with high swing speeds or those who particularly need additional control.

The heaviness of these shafts helps with the tempo of your And it explains why it’s widely used on the PGA Tour. Here are the specifications of the X100:

Type Wood

What makes the shaft stand out?

Since the Dynamic Gold X100 is a Tour Issue shaft, it requires at least a swing speed of between 88 and 98 mph to achieve full-distance potential.

It stands out from most other Dynamic Golf shafts because it is dedicated to low-handicap players who want better stability for their high club head speed.

The shaft appearance and design

While testing the X100 shaft for looks and overall design, I could not help but note three significant areas of this shaft: tampered design, consistency, and feedback.

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The Dynamic Gold X100 utilizes a tapered design, which means the shaft gradually changes in diameter from the grip end to the clubhead end.

This tapering allows better control over ball flight and enhances the shaft’s responsiveness, especially in the crucial mid- and downswing phases.

One of the standout features of the Dynamic Gold X100 is its consistency. Each shaft is precision-manufactured to ensure uniform performance.

This reliability is critical if you all want to fine-tune your game and maintain consistency in your shots.

Does the shaft offer feedback?

When you have the x100 shaft in your club, you can feel the clubhead throughout your entire swing, from takeaway to impact and follow-through.

This heightened sensitivity lets you make real-time adjustments and refine your swing mechanics.

You can sense how the clubhead is tracking through the swing path, whether it’s squaring up to the target or if you’re slightly off-plane.

This level of awareness is invaluable for a person like me because I’m super intent on fine-tuning my swings and consistently striking the ball with precision.

Who Should Use X100 Shafts?

X100 shafts aren’t for every player. It’s specifically tailored for golfers with very high swing speeds who demand precision and control from their equipment.

It is normal to like the classic, high-quality shaft with its polished appearance and well-thought-out design. But performance-wise, it isn’t suitable for everyone.

This is ideal if you seek superior performance and reliability on the golf course.

Which is sturdier, the S300 or the X100?

The Dynamic Gold S300 shaft is slightly less stiff than the X100 shaft, although both poles share many similarities.

The X100 shaft is designed for golfers who prefer a stiffer and lower launching shaft, while the S300 offers a bit more flexibility and may provide a slightly higher ball flight.

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Still, shaft flex is the only area where you will notice a difference between both models.

In the table below, I have compared and contrasted the specifications of both the S300 and X100 shafts:

X100 Iron41”X100 .370”130.600”
S300 Iron41”S300.370”130.600”

Are X100 shafts extra stiff?

Yes, X100 shafts are extra stiff. In the True Temper Dynamic Gold Shaft lineup, the X100 is one of the most inflexible options.

Golf shafts are typically categorized into different flex levels, ranging from extra stiff (X), rigid (S), regular (R), and so on, with X100 being at the top end of stiffness, often preferred by players with very fast swing speeds.

So, if you desire lower ball flight and less flex in the shaft, the x100 calls your name.

X100 Shaft Pros

  • I found it to offer great ball speed.
  • The shaft is extremely accurate.
  • I like that the launch is controllable and keeps you in control of your swings.
  • Ideal for tour players
  • It has a solid reputation on PGA tours.

X100 Shaft Issues

  • It is only available in a single flex option.

X100 shaft final verdict

  • Performance score: 8
  • Price score: 6
  • Durability score: 9
  • Personal score: 7

Parting thoughts

Many pros use the X100, which explains why it’s a very popular option. But as with other golf items, popularity doesn’t necessarily validate suitability, as it all boils down to your personal playing level.

If you don’t have a very high swing speed, you won’t maximize the benefit of these shafts. Still, not too many people know this. I’ve seen many players look for a review of the Dynamic Gold X100 on the web, and it has encouraged me to take a look at the X100 and publish my personal experience with the shaft in the above article.

If you have any different thoughts, feel free to share them with me in the comment section.



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