TN 87 Mizuno Review

TN 87 Mizuno Review 2023: The ‘Holy Grail’ Golf Iron


The Mizuno TN 87 Iron today is a golf enthusiast’s dream come true. It is classy, sleek, has an aerodynamic design, and combines powerful distance with pinpoint accuracy. The TN87 Iron features an optimized weight distribution for improved control. While it’s now rare and quite pricey, there’s more to this club that you’d want to know. 

The Mizuno TN 87 was highly demanded in the late 80s, and they resurfaced in 2014 as a desired club with an eye-catching price tag of $4,000 but are about 80% less now. I have met a few golfers who speak of the thin copper layer under the chrome and swear it gives them a certain feel. I was lucky to purchase a set of Mizuno TN 87 irons off eBay (three for the pitching wedge), which are stunning in looks and price.

This post will dive deep into the key features, design, performance, playability, feel and feedback, technology, pros, and downsides of the Mizuno TN 87. 

The Mizuno TN 87 Specifications

NoLoftLieLength (inchesSwing weight

TN 87 Mizuno Review

TN 87 Mizuno Review

  • Precision Forged Construction
  • Muscle Back Design
  • Grain Flow Forged HD technology
  • Premium Materials
  • Thin Top Line
  • Versatile Sole Design
  • Customization Options
  • Tour-Proven Performance

Key Features and Design

The TN87 Muzino Club features a sleek and innovative design that caters to golfers seeking enhanced performance. The club head of the TN87 Muzino iron is crafted with precision, showcasing a compact shape that combines the benefits of forgiveness and workability. The clubhead size is standardized, with a width of approximately 80mm (3.15 inches) and a length of around 95mm (3.74 inches).

The construction of the TN87 Muzino iron incorporates advanced materials to optimize performance. 

The Looks

  • Copper underlay 
  • Muscleback blade style
  • Clean lines and sleek appearance
  • Chrome plating on top of the classic design
  • 6.5 shafts (about half inches shorter than the modern MP 20 Mizuno iron)
  • Come through with precision which was made by Brunswick Golf back then.
  • Forged construction
  • Cavity back design
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This material choice allows you to achieve enhanced feedback and control, resulting in a more consistent ball flight and increased shot-making capabilities.

The TN87 Muzino iron implements a progressive weighting system. The long irons have a lower center of gravity (CG) and more weight towards the sole, promoting higher launch and forgiveness. The CG gradually rises as you progress to the shorter irons, facilitating better control and shot shaping.

Feel and Feedback

To assess the feedback provided by this iron, I tested the 7-iron with a 35-degree loft, which is 8 degrees weaker than one of the super-cranked irons of modern-day models. 

One thing an iron like this will tell you immediately after you hit the ball in the face is the sensational feedback. But it resurfaces the argument of whether blades make one a better ball striker. 

From the feel of the impacts of iron like this, it tells us that you only enjoy the TN 87 when you are a reasonably good ball striker. Otherwise, it’s going to beat you up a little bit. 

Anyway, with the TN 87, the ball seems to have melted off the club face, giving me the butter-soft feeling and feedback.

Performance and Playability

My shot swung at 86 miles an hour, and with the TN 87 Mizuno, I achieved a ball speed of 111 with a carry distance of 155. 

I expected more backspin than the 5000 spins launching at 21 degrees, but the strike location was precise. 

What I deduced from multiple shots and the data brings me back to the popular idea of why many pro golfers like to use the bladed iron: the consistency derived from yardages. 

Technology and Innovation

In 2014, the manufacturers decided to re-release the  Mizuno TN87 iron again, but in minimal amounts. So people had to buy them for three gats and sand wedges. They were not open to custom fitting and came with 2000 dynamic gold shafts. 

Before then, the TN87 was innovated in the U.S. into what we now have as the MP-29, and then in Europe; the TN87 became the TP-20000s

Pros and Cons


  • Feel and feedback is second to none: It has the reputation of providing excellent feel and feedback, and I’m happy I got to experience this for real. It offers a “buttery” sensation on every shot. 
  • Quality materials: The construction materials stood the test of time and are still a contender to many modern clubs. 
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  • Outdated club technology: Compared to its modern variations and other modern golf clubs, the TN 87 would be considered technologically obsolete because it doesn’t have contemporary performance-enhancing features as stylish clubs, such as forgiveness, shaft, launch, and distance improvement. 
  • The grip can be better: Many people fortunate to still have this historic iron often consider refurbishing it to improve the grip.
  • Little forgiveness: it has less forgiveness for missed hits. Off-center strikes might result in less distance and accuracy than more forgiving modern clubs like the Callaway Paradym X Iron.
  • Small sweet spot: The TN 87 has a smaller sweet spot, requiring high precision to achieve optimal results. This could make it less forgiving if you have inconsistent ball striking.
  • Rare: Given its age, finding Mizuno TN 87 in good condition is often challenging. 
  • Expensive: When it was re-launched in 2014, the Mizuno TN87, people had to pay about $4000 to get these clubs. But you can be lucky to get a better deal on retail platforms like eBay.

Comparison to Other Irons

The Mizuno TN-87 irons are seen as one of the best iron sets that Mizuno has ever produced, but newer versions have been introduced to the market and are heavy on more unique features. 

For example, the Mizuno MP-20, nicknamed the ultimate Mizuno muscle-back, is known for its improved feel and feedback, even compared to what we get from the TN 87 because the MP-20 is layered with soft copper plating beneath a protective nickel chrome.

Models like Mizuno’s JPX921 irons are specifically better than the above regarding explosive ball speeds and precision. Still, if you prefer to play with bladed clubs as a low handicap golfer with love for the bladed design, then the MP-32s released in 2004 are a better call than the TN 87.

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The MP-32s have a smooth feel and give great feedback on off-center hits.

Customer Feedback and Ratings 

A lot of golfers who express an interest in acquiring the Mizuno TN87 golf club are more particular about two aspects of this holy grail:

  • The buttery feel and feedback on the impact
  • The incredibly outrageous price for the special reissue in 2014.

Credit: Hackers Paradise

Credit: Hackers Paradise

My Honest Verdict On Mizuno TN 87

I played 9 holes with the Mizuno TN87 Iron, and it is a golf enthusiast’s dream come true. 

I held the Mizuno TN 87 in my hands when I felt the quality craftsmanship and attention to detail that Mizuno is renowned for. The club head was expertly crafted using Mizuno’s Grain Flow Forging process, resulting in a soft and responsive feel at impact. This forging technique enhanced the club’s ability to deliver consistent distance and control, allowing me to attack any shot confidently.

The TN 87’s design incorporated a traditional muscle back blade style, which appealed to me because I value workability and shot-shaping control. It provided a compact profile allowing precise shot-making, making it an ideal choice for skilled players who prefer a classic look and feel.

When it came to performance, the TN 87 truly shined. The club offered a remarkable combination of forgiveness and playability, providing me with the best of both worlds. The thin topline and minimal offset inspired confidence at the address, while the club’s compact shape allowed for excellent turf interaction and versatility in various lies.

Regarding ball flight, the Mizuno TN 87 delivered a penetrating trajectory with controlled spin. This helped me achieve optimal distance while maintaining accuracy, especially on approach shots and when shaping shots around the course. The club’s ability to work the ball both ways was another versatility that I could use.

The Mizuno TN 87 is a fantastic golf club that caters to my needs as a skilled player who values precision and workability. Its forged construction, classic design, and exceptional performance made it a standout choice. The TN 87 would elevate my game.

Wrapping Up

If you want this historic iron, you should focus on two things.

First, your wallet. Then secondly, the TN 87 has a smaller sweet spot, so it requires high precision to achieve optimal results. So you won’t get the most out of this classic club if you don’t have consistent ball-striking. In other words, they better suit Low-Handicappers.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.


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