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Wellputt Putting Mat Review


If you have seen the Wellputt mats and were curious if they are a legit training aid to help improve your putting game, I’m here to share with you my Wellputt Putting Mat review.

I’m a golf instructor based in Miami, Florida, and I have been using this putting mat in my spare time as well as allowing my students to practice their putting as well.

I’ve had the mat about six months, and use it about five days per week, so I have some substantial time into using this product.

Review Summary:  The Wellputt mat wowed me.  It’s not only a 13 foot mat which allows putts from a distance, but it also has an app with over 50 games you can play to keep you challenging yourself.

In this detailed Wellputt putting mat review, I’m going to delve into my time using the mat and discuss what makes it one of the best putting tools on the market.

I’m meticulous with my results, so it’s only fair I share them with you for full transparency.

After using this for six months, I’ve seen my average putts per hold go from over 2 to under 1.8.  Over many rounds, that’ll help get the handicap down!  I’m shaving one stroke off my round by simply using this for a few minutes per day several times per week.

The best part about this is you can do it in the comfort of your home or office.  Thanks to a lot of conference calls in my sales job, I get the opportunity to throw my headset on and putt while listening to drawn out calls!  

What Do You Get With the Wellputt Putting Mat?

Once you open the box and unpack the Wellputt mat, you’ll find your mat neatly rolled up.  Once you unpack it, you should download the free Wellputt app to unlock the games and also get your instruction manual.

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I opted for the 13 foot mat, which can be long, but I have the space for it and wanted to improve my putts from distance so this was one I am reviewing in particular.

Wellputt Mat

Shown here is the 13 foot mat.

I keep mine set up in my home office full time, but I’ve seen other golf blogs advising to keep the box in case you want to neatly store your mat all rolled up.

Oh, and it’s worth mentioning, this putting mat is approved by Cameron McCormick, the Coach of none other than Jordan Spieth!

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Setting Up Your Wellputt

Here’s a few steps to get you started:

#1:  Remove the mat from the box.

#2:  Download the free app.

#3:  Open up the app and let it guide you through practice.

That’s it.  Now you get to enjoy the mat on your own time and improve your putting.

The best part about the app is that it feels like you are playing in a simulator, which really takes the drag of practicing putts and replaces it with mental stimulation as if you were playing a video game!

There are several courses you can choose, from the beginners orange course, to the blue or black courses, which become much more difficult.

I start all of my students on the orange course and they are instantly hooked.  I started training students in my home and most became so addicted to the training mat that they purchased one of their own.  To me, that says a lot about this putting trainer and I haven’t seen golf training devices that have had the same appeal of instant gratification.

Expanding on these fundamentals is the core concept of the product – the “Wellputt” zone.  There are three zones that you’ll master:

  • Good Putt Zone
  • Uphill Putt Zone
  • Downhill Putt Zone

The mat has a “good zone” and “bad zone” which will help you figure out where your putts are missing.  Another feature I liked is that it comes with visual aids that help you with your head and body alignment, as well as eye positioning.

I’ve found that the uphill and downhill zones are very challenging putts, but using these zones will pay off!

This is the best way to develop your touch as well as learn the art of controlling your putter.  You’ll be able to toggle between two green speeds when you use the Wellputt.  One is designed to maximize accuracy, and the other is for controlling the speed of your putt.

The way to develop constant precision when putting is by working on the most important skills of putting:

Aim, and Speed.  

You’ll be able to develop both of them with the help of the Wellputt mat, which I consider to be the best constructed putting mat you can buy.

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Wellputt Mat Complaints

I didn’t see any complaints about this device online, mostly because I feel like most people share the same opinion that I do – this thing is an amazing putting aid.

However, to be fair, there is a slight issue with the mat wanting to ravel up because of the way it’s packed and shipped.  Another blogger had a great fix to ensure it doesn’t try to roll up on it’s own, and that was by rolling up the mat with the rubber bottom facing the interior portion of the roll.  By rolling it in the opposite direction of how it was shipped, you’ll even out the roll and eliminate that from happening.  It’s a very simple fix that the company recommended instead of putting something weighted on top of the mat.

Concluding Our Wellputt Mat Review

This is a game changing putting mat!  The Wellputt mat is the most popular putting aid among my students, and it’s one that I personally.

Where to Buy the Wellputt Mat 

This is only sold directly from the company who makes it – Wellputt.

You may be able to find used mats or nefarious sellers on eBay or Amazon, but I wouldn’t recommend that route since you’ll possibly not get free shipping, lose the ability to return it, and most importantly, lose out on the lifetime guarantee.  Also, you’ll have proof of purchase if anything is to happen.

And since I’ve been honored by the company for putting attention on this product and recommending it to so many of my students, I’ve also got a discount code for you saving 15% – LEFTY15.

All that said, I hope you enjoy the Wellputt putting mat as much as I do.  I’m always here if you have questions about the product.


Christopher Diaz

Christopher is an avid golfer who calls Miami home. As a Phil Mickelson fan, he set up this website as an informational portal for all other fans of "Lefty." He also occasionally reviews equipment and golf training programs, but admits he'd rather be on the course than anywhere.