Best Putter Under $150

Best Putter Under $150


The best putter under $150 is undoubtedly the Wilson Infinite putter line, featuring seven sleek matte finish head shapes. The standout model, “The L” mallet, offers a game-changing counter-balanced technology for a smooth stroke. Its double-milled face ensures consistent impact and distance control, while the anti-glare finish adds visual appeal. Perfect for those who prefer face-balanced putters, this putter also offers an amazing grip for a comfortable feel in the hands.

Even the best players worldwide do not find their ideal putter in a single search. Players on the PGA Tour often chop and charge to pick their favorite.

This means that picking the best putter for your game, especially on a tight budget, is not always straightforward. However, certain models are praised for being affordable and quality.

Here’s the list of the best putters that cost less than 150 bucks and why I recommend them:

I started taking golf seriously with some secondhand clubs. I remember pondering the best putter to fill out the set, and I’ve always stuck with a blade style over a mallet. Finding options under the $150 budget was difficult because high-quality putters can get over $300.

If you’re new to golf or on a tight budget, you understand how this can be a thing because it’s hard to see the worth of a high-tech putter when a budget-friendly one can get the job done.

In my case, I had to head down to GolfTown and try out putters in my price range and eventually picked the Wilson “The L” Infinite putter, which has now become my favorite.

Over time, I have played several cheap putters, and I have created this article to review four of the best worth your attention if you’re in the market for a seriously affordable putter offering premium value.

ModelPrice*Loft (degrees)LengthLeft-handed options?
Wilson “The L” Infinite$100334”, 35”No
Cleveland Frontline Elevado Slant Neck$125-$150334”Yes
Wilson Staff Women’s Windy City Infinite$100334”Yes
Tour Edge Bazooka Pro$60334”, 35”No

*at the time of publishing.

Aside from the affordability, the key things I look into when ranking these putters are the weight and feel. The putting stroke is probably the easiest golf stroke to learn. You need the correct pace and reading a green, not just an expensive putter to drop your scores.

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Here’s my full review of these top recommendations to further help you decide which is best for your situation:

1. Wilson “The L” Infinite

Wilson “The L” Infinite

Best Putter Under $150


  • Counter-balanced technology, which shifts the balance point closer to your hands for a smooth and controlled putting stroke.
  • Double-milled face for consistent impact, roll, and distance control.
  • A sleek matte finish to reduce glare and highlight sight lines.
  • A dark anti-glare finish with a new ultra-dark PVD coating for visual appeal and minimized distractions.

The Wilson Infinite putter line offers seven head shapes with a sleek matte finish that reduces glare and highlights the sight lines. The real game-changer with “The L” mallet model is the counter-balanced technology, which shifts the balance point closer to your hands, resulting in a remarkably smooth and controlled putting stroke.

One standout feature is the double-milled face, ensuring consistent impact, roll, and distance control. The dark anti-glare finish, featuring a new ultra-dark PVD coating, adds to its visual appeal while minimizing distractions.

What I like about this putter

  • Amazing grip that feels good in the hands
  • Perfect for those who like a face-balanced putter

What I don’t like about this putter

  • It may not be the best option for those seriously invested in a lighter putter with more feedback.
  • It may require a little getting used to.

2. Cleveland Frontline Elevado Slant Neck

Cleveland Frontline Elevado Slant Neck

Best Putter Under $150

$125 – $150

  • Exceptional face alignment with the eyeline for precise aiming.
  • Cleveland’s 2135 technology enhances alignment, accommodating various eye positions.
  • Speed-optimized face technology ensures consistent ball speed across the face, resulting in dependable distance control.

What’s impressive about the Cleveland Frontline Elevado Slant Neck is how well the face aligns with the eyeliner during every putt, making it easy to aim accurately.

With tungsten and a closer center of gravity, the forward weighting will add tremendous stability to your strokes, resulting in straighter and more precise putts.

The speed-optimized face technology ensures consistent ball speed across the face, guaranteeing reliable distance on every putt.

Cleveland’s 2135 technology aids alignment, regardless of your eye position. The various hosel configurations make it versatile, especially if you’re a straight-stroke player.

What I like about this putter

  • The balance and design stand out from other similar options on the market.
  • Simple aiming tech
  • Very smooth roll
  • Nice grip

What I don’t like about this putter

  • The hand orientation is left-only.
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3. Wilson Staff Women’s Windy City Infinite

Wilson Staff Women’s Windy City Infinite

Best Putter Under $150


  • A double-milled face for consistent impact, roll, and distance control.
  • Counterbalanced technology that shifts the balance point closer to your hands, promoting smoother and more controlled strokes.
  • A dark anti-glare finish to minimize glare and highlight sight lines.

The double-milled face of the Wilson Staff Windy City Infinite putter ensures consistent impact, roll, and distance control. At the same time, the counterbalanced technology will bring the balance point closer to your hands.

That way, you’re able to achieve smoother, more controlled strokes. The dark anti-glare finish reduces glare and highlights sight lines, and the new grip, with its perforated pattern, improves the feel.

It’s a 33-inch putter with a heavier, perforated handle for better control and a higher center of gravity.

What I like about this putter

  • Ideal for beginner female golfers
  • The horizontal lines give proper alignment on the putter head.
  • Anti-glare finish for reduced sun glare

What I don’t like about this putter

  • None so far.

4. Tour Edge Bazooka #4 Pro

Tour Edge Bazooka #4 Pro

Best Putter Under $150


  • Soft-feeling face insert with micro-groove technology
  • Reduced grip pressure and minimized clubhead rotation
  • Comes at a reasonable price point, making it an attractive option for golfers

What impressed me most about the special-looking Tour Edge Bazooka #4 Pro (and will probably interest you) was the soft-feeling face insert with micro-groove technology, significantly reducing skidding off the front and providing a true roll to the cup.

Moreover, including a jumbo grip in these Tour Edge Bazooka Pro Series putters will prevent your wrists from breaking down. This enables a smoother and more fluid stroke.

The grip also reduced grip pressure and minimized clubhead rotation. So you’ll like the softer touch and a purer putting stroke.

What I like about this putter

  • It has a good feel and a large grip.
  • Lightweight for decent feedback.
  • Solid construction
  • The lowest price on the list
  • Distinctive appearance

What I don’t like about this putter

  • More suitable for advanced players

How Do I Select the Best Putter Under $150?

If you don’t wish to spend beyond $150 for a quality putter, the search becomes narrower, meaning you must prioritize some benefits over others. With this in mind, here are the key factors I keep in mind when picking a budget-friendly putter:

Which putter type is best for you?

You have to choose between blade and mallet putters. Blade putters have a traditional, compact design with a thin, flat clubhead. This is ideal if you need more feel and control without sacrificing the classic look and stroke.

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On the other hand, mallet putters have a larger, more forgiving clubhead with various shapes and alignment aids. It would be an ideal pick if you seek more forgiveness and alignment assistance.

Shaft length and material

The putter shaft length should be comfortable for your posture and setup. You can consider adjustable putters if you are unsure about your ideal shaft length.

Also, most putters have steel shafts. Consider the material for its durability and feel. Some high-end putters have graphite shafts, which can reduce vibrations and offer a softer feel.

Putter head weight

The weight of the putter head affects the feel of your stroke. I prefer a heavier putter head for stability, but maybe you need more sense, and a putter with a lighter head will be best for you.


The grip can greatly influence your putting stroke. Consider the grip’s material (rubber, polyurethane, etc.) and size (thickness and length). Some putters come with oversized grips that promote a smoother stroke and reduce wrist action.

Budget vs. value

Stick to your budget of less than $150, but also consider the value you’re getting. Sometimes, spending more on a putter with advanced technology or better materials can be wise. For example, what a high-end putter like the Taylormade Spider Tour #3 putter offers is better than the experience with the Cleveland Frontline Elevado Slant Neck, even though the latter lives up to expectations.

Try before you buy.

As much as I’m seriously invested in helping new golfers and those on the budget get a bang for their buck when shopping for golf gear, I always recommend that you try out the putters on the practice green or in a golf store.

The feel and performance of a putter can vary greatly from one model to another, so testing them out before shelling out cash will show you exactly how they suit your putting stroke (or if they don’t at all).

Parting Thoughts

A quick filtered search on platforms like eBay and Amazon for $150 putters will expose you to many options. But picking the best one for your game depends on knowing what you want.

For example, if you struggle with putting, you’d pick a mallet-type putter like the Wilson “The L” Infinite Putter. It offers more balance throughout your stroke, and getting it back to the square when at impact will be easier.

If you’re fond of the blade look already and want to spend less for your next putter, you really cannot go wrong with the Cleveland Frontline Elevado Slant Neck. I wish you luck.



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