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Best Mizuno Irons Of All Time? Find Out In This Review


Pointing to a particular Mizuno iron series as the greatest of all time is tricky. Topics like this often end up being debated because of how subjective they are.

For instance, I have a reason to believe the MP 30s should be the best of all time since it’s the first set I owned, and they changed how I looked at and played golf. But if you’ve had a different line of Mizuno Club in your bag, through thick and thin, and it has done wonders for you, you will beg to differ. So, is there the best Mizuno iron of all time?

Determining the best Mizuno golf irons of all time is subjective, but some iconic models include the MP-14, MP-33, MP-4, MP-18, JPX-900 Tour, JPX-919 Tour, JPX-921 Tour, and MP-20 series. These irons cater to different skill levels and blend feelings, workability, and forgiveness. Custom fitting is essential to match irons with your swing and preferences.

It’s no news that Mizuno has a track record of producing forgiving, powerful irons and is popular amongst tour professionals. Discussions around their greatest series of all time continue to resurface, especially following the release of their latest JPX923 iron range, which brings a little notch higher balance, ball speed, and workability.

I have played several Mizuno irons enough to know that the best all-rounder has to top the chart regarding looks, feel, and forgiveness. Many Mizuno loyalists interested in learning the best of all time aren’t necessarily looking to replace their current iron. It’s simply satisfactory to know which iron takes such praise.

After studying the Mizuno iron timeline, I have written this post to attempt the review analysis.

 Money for valueFor Beginners (High Handicappers)Mid HandicappersLow HandicappersSeniors 
The Best Mizuno Iron of All TimeJPX921 Forged Iron SetJPX921 Hot Metal Iron SetPro 225 Golf IronsPro 223 Golf IronsJPX923 Hot Metal HL Combo Set
ReasonFully forged Mizuno irons for faster ball speed but still cheaper than the 225sIt’s the easiest to hit—an abundance of ‘off-center’ forgiveness.Workability in the short irons, high launch in the long irons, and a blend of distance and forgivenessSmall player’s cavity design for workability and shot shapingStronger lofts. The lower center of gravity makes getting the ball into the air easy.
Price$900 on eBay$800 on eBay$1,312$1,312$963 to $1,100

Full Review of the Best Mizuno Irons of All Time

Here’s a full review of the following best Mizuno irons of all time:

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1. JPX921 Forged Iron Set (best of all time budget-wise)

SPECIFICATIONS: Iron Type: Forged | Set Composition: 4-PW (7 irons) | Shaft Material: Steel or Graphite | Shaft Flex Options: Regular, Stiff | Grip Type: Golf Pride MCC +4 | Pitching wedge (PW): 45 | Lie Angle: Standard | Face Construction: Forged Chromoly | Sole Design: Tour Cavity | Offset: Minimal

Price: $900 on eBay

Mizuno is a Japanese brand. So, it explains why some of their irons can be expensive compared to a few other options on the market. However, if you want the iron with the best value for money, the JPX921 forged iron shines through.

The forged cavity-back JPX921 irons have forged sound and feedback, enough power and forgiveness, and an appealing club head appearance.

Calling this the best Mizuno iron of all time, as far as budget-friendliness goes, also depends on whether you prefer cavity backs or muscle backs. If you’re a senior golf player, you’ll like the cavity backs since they are more lightweight.

What I like about this iron

  • It offers faster ball speed.
  • Sleeker, more compact construction throughout the set
  • CNC milling moderates mis-hits
  • I like the almost anti-glare pearl brush finish.

What I don’t like about this iron

  • It may be one of the most expensive Mizuno irons, but it is not the best option for workability.

2. JPX921 Hot Metal Iron Set (best of all time for beginners)

SPECIFICATIONS: Club Type: Iron Set | Shaft Material: Steel | Flex Options: Regular, Stiff | Set Composition: 4-PW, GW (8 clubs) | Loft Angle (4 iron to GW): Varies | Grip: Golf Pride MCC +4 or other options | Construction: Hot Metal, Chromoly Face | Player Type: Game Improvement | Launch: High

Price: $800 on eBay

There’s no doubt that JPX irons are among the best places to look when selecting golf irons for beginners. They are the easiest to hit, and an excellent example is the JPX921 hot metal iron set.

There’s an impressive amount of ‘off-center’ forgiveness, making it one of the best Mizuno irons for high handicappers and beginners. The variable-thickness sole of Mizuno’s exclusive Seamless Cup Face technology brings a notch higher to the clubface flex.

Also, those thinned areas running along the entire perimeter maximize ball speed across the face by increasing rebound area. So amazing.

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What I like about this iron

  • Variable face thickness
  • Great forgiveness with the higher MOI, an important feature for high handicappers
  • Stable consistency even on mishits
  • Solid sound on impact and overall feel

What I don’t like about this iron

  • Aside from the loft being too strong, I couldn’t place a finger on a major flaw in this iron.

3. Pro 225 Golf Irons (best of all time for mid-handicappers)

SPECIFICATIONS: 28.5 Tunsgen weight (2-7 iron) | 431 stainless steel back | grain flow forged 4135 Chromoly face and neck | 0.2mm thinner across face | NEW CORTECH technology | 17-4 back piece, GFF HD 1025E body (for 9-GW iron)

PRICE: $1,312

If you’re a mid handicapper, the Mizuno Pro 225 has to be the best of all time because it has the right technology for providing a great boost since, at this stage, you prioritize great distance after having focused ball-striking abilities.

It is also blessed with forgiving features, so it’s hard to match any other Mizuno iron that comes close with the Pro 225 to service players around a 12 handicap or lower.

What I like about this iron

  • Compact and unique design
  • Moderately infused forgiveness and distance
  • The long irons give a high launch.

What I don’t like about this iron

  • It’s not a good fit if you prefer a larger shape or if you’re looking for better fortunes as a new player.

4. Pro 223 Golf Irons (best of all time for low handicappers)

SPECIFICATIONS: Soft copper underlay; precisely beveled back edge; a face thickness of just 2.4mm (vs. 2.6 mm for JPX921 forged); 1025E pure select mild carbon steel (8-PW).

PRICE:  $1,312

The Pro 223 iron set from Mizuno may not be the best option for players looking for added offset. Still, since it’s designed with small players’ cavities, it will provide the workability and shot shaping that low-handicap players will cherish.

If you’re a low handicapper, you likely play the course longer from back tees, and that is why these irons are considered the best of all time from Mizuno for low handicappers.

Just like David Llewellyn, director of R&D, puts it, “The good way to look at the Pro 223 is that we struck the JPX921 Forged technology platform to the profile of one of our small players’ cavities—comparable to the MP-62, -64, or even the 18SSC.

On the other hand, since the club has a very compact clubhead shape, users get a little bit of speed and distance loss.

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But as a low handicapper, your ability to generate faster speed and a longer distance is not limited, so these irons will be flawless. The Pro 223 is available for both right-hand and left-hand orientations.

What I like about this iron

  • Distance may not be overly impressive, but it’s a nice sacrifice for workability and feel.
  • The classic blade-like appearance is unmatched.
  • enhanced feedback
  • Consistent feel

What I don’t like about this iron

  • Reduced distance gains
  • Not for players seeking higher, more forgiving irons

5. JPX923 Hot Metal HL Combo Set (best of all time for seniors)

SPECIFICATIONS: New 4335 Nickel Chromoly; Mizuno’s new V-Chassis delivers a more solid, satisfying vibration pattern; Head length: 85.4mm

Price: $963 to $1,259

Mizuna brands its JPX923 as one of its fastest-flying and fastest-stopping irons. It’s hard to look away from the wide soles, and the added offset rounds out this combo iron and hybrid set. These distinctive features make it stand out from other Mizuno irons as an ideal option for seniors.

Only a few Mizuno irons come close to the JPX923 Hot Metal for high launching with maximum forgiveness and a boost in distance.

I like the lower center of gravity of the club heads. That makes it easy to get the ball in the air. This is a golden feature for senior players. It also has strong lofts and 35% stronger nickel chromoly for a massive improvement in the distance.

What I like about these irons

  • Non-reflective, chrome-plated finish to reduce bright light glare.
  • Increased forgiveness
  • Ideal for hybrid lovers

What I don’t like about this iron

  • It doesn’t work well for shot shaping.

Wrapping up 

Unlike many other club manufacturers, Mizuno doesn’t design irons with stronger lofts. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re compromising distance by picking a Mizuno iron. The appearance of their golf clubs boosts your confidence. I like the appearance of the clubhead behind the golf ball when looking down at the iron.

It is hard to pinpoint a singular model that is the best of all time because it varies based on individual experiences. Many Mizuno loyalists have different opinions about which iron performs better.

But if there’s a gun to the head and I have to pick the best of all time, it has to be from the brand’s JPX series. These irons, no doubt, are more focused on giving mid-to-low handicappers the best feel and feedback. At the same time, the irons are more look-oriented, too.

If you’re on a budget and want a bang for your buck, stick with the JPX921 Forged Iron Set. As a beginner with a high handicap, the Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal Iron Set would be the greatest of all time for you. On the contrary, the Pro 225 Golf Irons will be the best for mid-handicappers, while experienced golfers with low handicaps will benefit more from the Pro 223 Golf Irons.

So, in the end, there’s no best of all time. It would depend on your playing level and how each of these irons can work for you to make you a better player.



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