Noodle Golf Balls Review

Noodle Golf Balls Review


The Noodle Golf Ball is a great beginner ball. But most impressively, it’s affordable, which is a good thing because you’ll be losing them once they start traveling more than 30 yards. Performance-wise, these balls have a decent feel, so chipping and putting will have some feedback that will be useful while learning.

Suppose you’re a new golf player seeking golf ball recommendations. In that case, there is a high chance that the Taylormade brand will recommend Noodle golf balls, especially on various online golf communities.

But is it a good golf ball to use? How does it compare with other options on the market? What’s the hype around Noodle Golf Balls? I will review the Noodle Golf Balls (Distance, Long, and Soft versions) in this article.

Costing just $1 to $2 per ball, Noodle is an enticing option for anyone new to golf or wanting to save half their golf ball budget. But there’s more to look into than the bang-for-buck factor. Here’s my full review from testing this ball:

Noodle Golf Balls Review

MaxFli, a division of Dick’s Sporting Goods, previously marketed the Noodle golf ball, which has been around for a while and was only well-known for the Ice model, which primarily catered to women golfers. Over the years, several versions have been sold with the intervention of the TaylorMade brand.

The two versions of the Noodle Ball with people talking are

Both balls are ideal but depend on players’ different swing speeds and playing characteristics. In the table below, I have explained the key specifications of these noodle balls:

Noodle Golf Balls

Noodle Golf Balls Review


  • Forgiving of mishits.
  • Ideal for players who tend to overswing to maximize distance.
  • Delivers soft contact with the ball.
  • Provides excellent distance.
  • Specifically tailored for amateurs with swing speeds averaging 85 mph and higher.
 Noodle+ Long and SoftNoodle+ Easy Distance
Target audience,Specifically amateurs with swing speeds that average 85 mph and up.Golfers with swing speeds slower than 85 mph
Feel Soft is coming off the club. Long, as well.It feels soft coming off the club and around the green.
Key value:It helps players with a tendency to overswing when they want to maximize their distance.Allows slower swingers to achieve faster ball velocity and respectable distance with long roll-outs.
Forgivenesspretty forgiving of my mishitsDecent
PackagingPack of 24 ballsPack of 30 balls
Price$24.99 $20

I spent a lot of time with Noodle Long and softball, and I also realized it’s the model that many people want to know more about. So, in the rest of this review, I will share my experience with this particular version, what to expect, and why it may be a good fit for you.

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First Impressions

The first positive idea I got from the Noodle Balls is that they are cheap (about $12 a dozen). So even when I lose plenty of balls on the course, it won’t give me worry. It is, in fact, not very common to find golf balls for less than a dollar.

And if you’re the type that prefers playing with new balls to overused ones (even though you can find cheap bulk deals on eBay), then you’d see a reason to justify the budget-friendliness of the Noodle Balls.

The package is also great because there are no boxes to open; just open the resealable top. As a senior back in the game after many years, these balls were like answers to prayers, which is not entirely a surprise because TaylorMade has great products.

There are some areas of worry, though.

I had done a ball screening test at a golf show and was told that the Bridgestone E-6 would be the best for me. So I bought them for $28 a dozen.

When I played on the course, I did a few tests, hit good drives with each ball, and found they had about the same distance. The noodles seemed to be better more times than not.

But the argument is still: how do Noodle Balls compare to expensive or premium golf balls? Let’s find out.

Key Features

The unique selling points of Noodle Long & Soft golf balls are their distance and soft feel.

Taylormade can offer these specifics by incorporating key features into the golf balls:

342 aerodynamic dimplesHelp cut air resistance for a longer carry.
Ultra-soft 34-compression coremakes you experience distance and feel it when needed most.
2 Layers2-level golf balls are cheaper and will produce more distance if you have slower swing speeds.
Surlyn coverIt’s better than Urathene because it’s resistant to scuffs, cuts, and abrasions.
Mid spinIt bridges the gap between the low-spinning golf ball and the high-spinning ball, making it a perfect fit for both beginner and intermediate players.

How did the ball perform?

I love the distance and the soft feel around the green for the Noodle Long and Soft golf ball.

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I have heard how many players call it “cheap” or “bargain” balls, but from my experience, I can argue that it plays like a much more expensive three-piece.

Many people tend to put too much emphasis on the kind of golf ball used. In reality, cheap balls like the noodles are perfectly fine for beginners. If you’re an experienced golfer, this may not even matter.

Indeed, grades of improvement with less spin and better compression exist for golf balls. Still, for most recreational players, particularly those with 10+ handicaps, you’re likely not to see much difference, provided you don’t play a refurbished ball or anything scuffed up.


My review of the distance of the Noodle golf ball, especially compared to other expensive options, is not straightforward because it depends on the players’ characteristics.

For example, if you tend to hook or slice the ball, you can expect to get more distance with a Noodle Ball than with Titleist and a few other big names.

On the other hand, a higher-end ball will give you more space if you compress it well.


After the softness, the next big deal about Noodle golf balls is their forgiveness. This is why I can recommend it in a heartbeat. I cannot count the number of other golf balls that always seemed to lose a ball every few holes.

No matter how ‘better” I get at my game, I see myself still using the Noodles occasionally because I think it’s currently the most forgiving golf ball in this price range.

If you’re struggling with hook or slice, the forgiveness of the noodles may not instantly solve it, but you stand a better chance of getting decent results compared to other balls that aren’t as soft as these.

How Does It Compare to Premium Balls?

As someone who has spent enough time playing balls like Bridgestone Tour B RX, I can say that the Noodle golf ball falls short in some areas compared to premium, higher-end alternatives.

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The deficiency summarizes that Noodle isn’t for serious golfers. One intent of using this ball was to find extra distance off the tee, but that was the area of disappointment.

Also, the dimple design makes it harder to control the ball. Now, when you compare this fault with options like the Pinnacle Gold balls, you will realize a remarkable difference in distance off the tee and its controllability.

With this in mind, and as a serious player, I can use the Noodles as practice balls and take my premium golf balls for actual golf outings.

Are There Any Significance To The Numbers Of Noodle Balls?

On Noodle Balls, you will see that each is numbered from 1 to 10. These numberings are simply for marking purposes and do not have any added significance in feature differentiation.

It is with the aid of the marking that we’re able to know what we’re playing. E.g., “I’m playing Noodle 2”, so you know if you find a Noodle with another number.

It is the same with Kirkland and all golf balls from every brand. If they made them all the same number, trying to claim your ball on the fairways would be chaos.

Why Do People Make Fun of Noodle Balls?

The primary reason why many golf enthusiasts make fun of Noodle golf balls is because of their funny name, and due to their unique features, they’re often associated with newbies’ balls.

But that doesn’t make them less ideal. They are less expensive, low-compression, non-premium balls that are perfectly fine for beginners, especially if your driver is under 200 yards. Also, when you hit it badly, you can grab 20 golf balls out of the bushes and restock your bag.

When you think about it, what’s not to love about a great beginner ball that comes in a 15-pack and can be called good?


  • The feel of this ball is soft, which makes it feel great to hit.
  • Even though it scratches easily upon impact with a tree or path, the durability is solid under normal use, thanks to the Surlyn cover.
  • It’s affordable
  • Distant is great for higher handicappers.
  • The color is bright, which stands out well on the green. Noodle balls also have a yellow color variant, which makes them easily identifiable.


  • It’s not easy to control these balls, especially when compared with premium balls.
  • Not a solid option for a serious and advanced golf player.

My Noodle Golf Ball Review Verdict

  • Performance Score: 7
  • Quality Score: 9
  • Distance: 7
  • Appearance: 6
  • Price Score: 10
  • Personal Score: 7.9

Parting Thoughts

One important thing to take home from this review is that Noodle golf balls are great beginner balls, and frankly, looking back, this is what I would have used until under a 20 handicap.

They are also affordable. The money spent on higher-end balls can now be better spent on random premium courses or lessons. Keep in mind that they have lower compression. So, if you have a slower-than-average swing speed, that would be an idea for you.

Overall, irrespective of the ball you’re considering, I recommend you put in more range time and figure out how to hit the ball—any ball—before you worry about which specific ball you’re shooting.

Because sometimes it’s the archer, not the arrow.



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