Honma TW-X Iron Review

Honma TW-X Iron Review: Worth The Hype?


Beyond the muscle-back design and elegant finish, there seems to be a buzz about the Honma Tour World (TW) X Irons that attracts lots of love.

These irons sell as players’ distance irons with game-improving performance. They offer distance with a high, playable trajectory for those who want a blade-like iron with game-improvement playability. But how do they perform?

Key Takeaway: 

  • Honma TW-X irons make a positive first impression with their elegant look in every golf bag.
  • But performance-wise, these irons may not be as forgiving as some other game-improvement irons on the market. However, they have elite ball speed and plenty of forgiveness.
  • The TW-X gave me a premium feel I’ve not experienced in many irons.
  • Most of all, I’d recommend the TW-X Irons to someone who wants a mix of player irons and game improvement sets.
  • These irons are expensive but available in 4-10 and 5-11 set configurations. They cost $175 per club steel and $200 per graphite. You can get the TW-X iron set with steel shaft at a discounted price of $500 at the PGA Tour Superstore.

Honma TW-X Iron

Honma TW-X Iron review


  • Premium feel that sets them apart
  • Available in 4-10 and 5-11 set configurations
  • They offer elite ball speed and a good amount of forgiveness

Honma TW-X irons became a sensation after the Japanese company revealed its endorsement deal with Justin Rose in 2019. After the rampant discussion in my community, I became more interested in testing these iron sets.

You will love these irons if you want a ‘Players Distance’ iron with strong game improvement features. For context, before using the TW-X, I had tried a set of Wilson Staff irons and upgraded after a few years to some Cobra Radspeed irons. I have also played the Taylormade P790s. So, I will attempt to look back on my experience with the previous options as I review how the TW-X irons live up to the hype.

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Honma TW-X Iron Review

Honma TW-X irons are available in a 4-10 full set configuration and a 5-11 full set design in steel and graphite shafts. You can also buy utility long irons to replace your difficult-to-hit longer irons.

Here’s a rundown of the key specifications of these irons:

TW-X IronLoft (deg)Lie (deg)FP (mm)OffsetLength

Honma TW-X Iron Key features

  • Beautiful muscle-back design
  • Modern, forgiving, hollow construction
  • Fast, high-strength forged MS300 steel face
  • Forged 25C body, which provides exceptional feel, high launch, long carry, and stopping power from the low and deep CG
  • Forgiving ground contact from the wide, cambered sole
  • Full set inspired by PGA Tour-validated utility iron use

First Impression 

They say judging a book by its cover is not always good, but it’s no long shot with the TW-X irons. In the bag, these irons are stunning.

The hollow body design gives it the appearance of a blade. It reinforces Honma’s typical style of keeping their products minimal, so it projects the arrow of a matte finish. So, the TW-X irons will win more visual interest before drawing any attention to their actual performance.

As mentioned earlier, I had used a set of Wilson Staff irons for five years, and my next two upgrades were the Cobra Radspeed irons and the Forged Tec. Still, both lacked distance control and consistency (a separate review will come up soon), so I settled with the TW-X irons.

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Overall, on first impression, these irons have feel, workability, and stunning looks. But let’s look at how they measure up in terms of performance.

How Did TW-X Irons Perform?

I noticed the amazing sound and feedback on my first few swings to get initial numbers. Many players are looking for that, and I think this would live up to expectations. It doesn’t sound as clicky as the Taylormade P9720. It sounds fast but pure.

It does not feel like a tech-cavity iron. I was tight on ball speed, launch, and spin. It’s indeed a hands-on, blade-level The ball flight I achieved from hitting the TW-X looks like what I’m used to, but it goes eight yards further, so I conclude it’s a bit quicker.

I recorded two feet of difference in the first five shorts, so the performance was wild. I don’t know a golfer out there who wouldn’t benefit from such a level of consistency and a little added distance.

The distance may not be exactly what you’re shopping for, but what people are normally put off within irons like this is the jumper.

Overall, I immensely benefited from the distance and the forgiveness because the ball speed stayed the same except for a bit more applied loft and one that faded a little.

So it performs and feels like irons such as Apex, the 2200s, P790s, and other similar ones on the market that have a clean appearance and are packed with performance.

Who Is TW-X Irons For?

With what I’ve learned from testing these irons, I’d not hesitate to recommend them to players within the mid- to low-handicap range, especially those who prefer a premium set of irons that prioritize maximum distance, accuracy, and forgiveness.

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It’s a serious golfer’s iron that befits those willing to invest in a great set of irons. You must be intentional and invested in your performance to justify paying a premium price for the TW-X irons.

Even Chris McGinley, the brand’s vice president, says, “The new T//World-X irons truly offer something for every level of golfer who appreciates a blade iron but wants playability.”


  • TW-X irons are made with premium materials.
  • The Vizard graphite shafts provide excellent stability and consistency.
  • Many other reviews of this iron set rave about the forgiveness of off-center hits.
  • The feel and feedback on shots from these irons are matchless.
  • Very compact
  • It’s a great iron for those who need maximum distance without sacrificing accuracy.


  • It’s not a budget-friendly iron.
  • It’s not as forgiving as advertised (game-improvement iron), but it does the job well.

Verdict Summary 

  • Accuracy: 7.5
  • Distance: 8.5
  • Forgiveness: 7.0
  • Feel and Feedback: 7.0
  • Appearance: 10
  • Workability: 7.5

Final Thoughts 

It’s rare for manufacturers to make irons that have lots of distance but still look and feel exceptional. So what Honma has done with the TW-X iron is impressive. These irons do not go up to become the Player’s Distance Most Wanted iron from MyGolfSpy for no reason.

With what I’ve learned from playing these irons, I can confidently say that I like them. I find these irons way better than Taylor’s P790s. They are forgiving, with about the same number of offsets. However, they have very thick soles, which can be a dealbreaker for some. (If you’re on this table, you can look at the Mizuno MP-20 MMCs as the ideal alternative.)

Meanwhile, the price of Honma TW-X irons can make budget-conscious players bat an eyebrow. Also, I noticed the iron is too much for me. It was turning over a little, but I play a draw anyway, so it was just turning over a little.

These irons are fast and high off the face.

Good clubs. I highly recommend it for serious golfers who want to play a beautiful blade iron.



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