Ping G2 Irons Specifications

Ping G2 Irons Specifications (Full Details)


Ping G2 irons offer forgiveness with large, perimeter-weighted heads. Available in standard, slower swing speed (G2 E.Z.) and ladies models (G2 L), all G2s feature steel shafts and a focus on off-center hits.

Forged in 2003, PING’s G2 irons weren’t about looks but results. These babies were built for mid-to-high handicappers, offering easy forgiveness and smooth swing mechanics.

I loved my G2s so much that I gifted them to my godson when he started playing. Even years later, they’re still helping him improve. That’s the beauty of these irons. If you want to boost your game and ditch the inconsistency, the G2s might be your secret weapon.

Let’s review this iron’s specifications, key features, and other relevant information to help you determine if it’s a good fit for you.

Ping G2 Iron Specifications

  • Construction: 16-4 Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Brushed
  • Target Handicap: 15 and up
  • Ball Flight: High
  • Offset: large but progressive
Club Loft Lie Length Bounce Offset Weight
3 Iron 21.00° 59.32° 38.750″ 2.00° 0.300″ D0
4 Iron 23.80° 60.02° 38.250″ 4.00° 0.290″ D0
5 Iron 27.00° 60.75° 37.750″ 6.00° 0.280″ D0
6 Iron 30.50° 61.50° 37.250″ 7.50° 0.260″ D0
7 Iron 34.30° 62.28° 36.750″ 9.00° 0.250″ D0
8 Iron 38.30° 63.10° 36.250″ 10.00° 0.240″ D0
9 Iron 42.50° 63.95° 35.750″ 11.00° 0.230″ D0

How the Ping G2 Irons Work

The G2 iron is made from a type of stainless steel called 16-4. Like all Ping irons, it’s created using a unique Ping casting technique that makes it solid yet soft.

The heads of these irons are more significant than usual, with a thick sole. This oversized sole does two things:

  • It helps to make the ball fly higher by lowering the club’s center of gravity.
  • It prevents the club from digging too much into the ground when you swing.
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You’ll also notice a black piece at the back of the club’s cavity.

This piece helps fine-tune the club head’s weight and moves the center of gravity away from the front of the face.

Color Dots on Ping G2 Irons: Meaning

When choosing a golf club from Ping, pay attention to the dot color on the club. This dot tells you the angle of the club’s tip, which affects how you swing it.

You’ll probably want a club with an “upright” adjustment if you’re tall, while shorter folks might prefer a “flat” adjustment. This is because your height changes how you swing the club.

The chart below from Ping shows the matching of each dot color to these specific angles. So, if you’re tall, pick the dot color that matches the “upright” grade, and if you’re short, go for the “flat” one.






Using a club that matches your height and swing style can significantly affect how well you play.


That’s why someone might like a club like the three-iron from Ping—it fits them perfectly and helps them play their best on the course.

Ping G2 Irons Performance Review

The PING G2 irons are great for golfers because they’re easy to use and give a soft feel when you hit the ball.

They have a design that spreads the weight around the edges of the club, making it more forgiving when you don’t hit the ball perfectly in the middle.

This quickly reminds me of the classic PING Eye 2 irons.

Each iron on the G2 set is subtly offset, promoting straight trajectories for improved accuracy.

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These irons are made with careful attention to detail, so they’re consistent in how far they hit the ball and how they react when you hit it. They’re also designed to help you strike the ball straighter, which is always a plus.

If you struggle with hitting long irons (the ones with higher numbers like 2-iron or 3-iron), PING has notable replacements for them that are easier to use.

These replacements have wider bottoms, which makes them glide through the grass more easily when you swing.

Ping G2 Iron Shaft Specs

The Ping G2 clubs come with two main types of shafts: the CS Lite steel shaft and the TFC 100 graphite shaft.

The CS Lite is popular because it’s lightweight but strong and suitable for most players. The TFC shaft is better if you don’t swing the club as fast.

The Ping G2 Iron has a regular steel shaft material measuring 37.25 inches. The Golf Pride Tour Velvet is a standard size. Is the grip capping the shaft?

Ping G2 Irons Value Today

I recently found a deal where someone is selling a set of Ping G2 irons (5-pw) for $300. They’re also throwing in a jet-speed hybrid and a three-wheel for $350

The PGA value guide says the Ping G2 irons were worth about $78 in 2015, compared to the current market situation; the price seems fair. But since these irons are from 2003, like the Super Steels, I think I’d prefer to spend more on something newer.

The seller mentioned that the back weights are missing on the nine and P.W. clubs. I’m not sure if this affects the deal’s value. I’m using Taylormade super steels, but I’m not a big fan of them.

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Interestingly, Ping G2 irons are becoming popular again. While enjoying my M3s, I wish I had a 3i instead of a G.W. I like their sole grind feature. It makes them very versatile.

Ping G2 Irons Specifications Handicap

The Ping G2 clubs are great for players between high and mid handicaps.

P.S.: They all have the same basic design but are tweaked to suit different players.

Final Thoughts

There are many good things to say about the Ping G2 irons. From the specifications, you can quickly tell whether it’s a good fit for you.

I lost my G2 clubs. I gave them to my godson a couple of years ago when he was big enough for adult-sized clubs, and he still uses them.

After I got my own set, I brought my dad a G2-4 iron. He struggles with using hybrid clubs for some reason, but he likes and uses the G2

As a player with a high handicap, you can’t go wrong with this one.




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