Ping Alta 55 vs. Tour 65 Shafts

Ping Alta 55 vs. Tour 65 Shafts: Which Is Better?


The main difference between Ping’s Alta CB 55 and Tour 65 shafts is that the Alta 55 is a lightweight graphite shaft that is best suited for players who want improved launch and distance, while the Tour 65 will favour those who want more control and precision since it’s a mid-weight model.

Recently, I broke the shaft on my Ping G400 (Alta CB 55 in Stiff) and needed a new one. The replacement I usually get costs about $100 online, but my local golf store offered me one from the newer Ping G425 for $60, including swapping the adapter.

Out of curiosity, I decided to do comparative testing and more research to see if there would be a big difference if I went with the Tour 65 shaft instead. Then, I realized many players are similarly torn between these two shafts.

In the rest of this article, you will learn about the specs, key features, pros, and cons of the Alta 55 and Tour 65 shafts; place them side-by-side to help you decide which is best for your game.

Ping Alta 55 vs. Tour 65 Shafts Specs: Comparison Chart

While the “Alta 55 vs. Tour 65” debate has been on a stretch, both shafts have identical profiles. Here’s a chart of the differences between the specifications of each shaft:

Ping Alta 55 Ping Tour 65
Flex options Soft Regular, Regular, Stiff and X-stiff Stiff
Weight options 53.0g, 55.0g, 59.0g, and 63.0g 62 grams, 64 grams, or 66 grams
Torque 5.9°, 5.0°, 4.9° and 4.2° 2.8 degrees
Launch Mid – Low Low
Spin Low
Tip diameter 0.355 inches 0.355 inches (tapered)
Butt diameter 0.58 or 0.60 inches 0.600 inches
Material High-quality graphite High-quality graphite
Length Allows for custom trimming and fitting Offered in different lengths to fit different clubheads
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Key Features of the Ping Alta CB 55 Shaft

The Alta CB stands for “counterbalance,” which means it’s designed to help balance out heavier club heads.

  • When you place the Alta CB 55 shaft in your club, it changes color from copper to black, a nice extra touch.
  • You’ll often find the Alta CB Shaft as the standard option in the Ping G425 Driver and similar models like the G400, G410, G430, etc.
  • Depending on your play, you can choose between regular, stiff, and x-stiff versions of the Alta CB 55 shaft.
  • The shafts are mostly made of graphite.

You can get the Alta CB for both irons and drivers, and they come in different colors, but black and red are the most common.

Ping Alta CB 55 Shaft Pros and Cons

If you’re not the best golfer and want a shaft that helps you hit the ball high up in the air consistently and feels excellent, you might want the Ping Alta 55. But before you buy it, here’s what you need to think about:

More affordable than the Tour 65 It doesn’t offer as much control as its counterpart
It gives you an improved distance You won’t get the speeds of the Tour 65 because it has been replaced with a better distance
Best fit for players with slower swing speeds Not the best choice for lower handicappers
It’s a lightweight shaft.
It gives a higher launch angle.
You can customise it freely.

Key Features of the Ping Tour 65 Shaft

The Tour 65 shaft, like its counterparts CB 55 and preceding the 75, is constructed from lightweight graphite.

  • It is offered in regular, x-stiff, and stiff versions.
  • The torque of the Tour 65 shaft varies between 2.7 and 3.6 degrees, providing options for different swing preferences.
  • The Tour 65 features Ping’s proprietary rib structure, focusing on stability during the swing and reducing unwanted vibrations.
  • The shaft has a stiff tip and a soft lower midsection for better feel and feedback.
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Within Ping’s G400 line, the Tour 2.0 Chrome 65 Shaft and Black 65 Shaft are available, both manufactured by UST Mamiya and Aldila under different parent companies.

Ping’s strategy of sourcing from multiple suppliers minimizes potential supply disruptions.

While the Tour 2.0 Chrome 65 and Black 65 shafts are similar in performance and features, some golfers perceive differences in feel.

The chrome shaft tends to feel softer, whereas the black shaft feels stiffer, as confirmed by Ping’s assessments in the video below:

Ping Tour 65 Shaft: Pros and Cons

If you’re a low handicapper thinking about getting the Tour 65 shaft, let’s look at the good and bad things about it before you decide.

A stiff tip provides a low launch and less spin, making it ideal for controlling ball flight. Some players don’t like the stiffness of the shaft because it can be harsh
A solid choice if you want low-launch, low-spin ball flight It does not give high-launch or high-spin ball flight
Consistent ball flight is due to the stability, thanks to the low torque. If you’re very intentional about a soft, responsive feel, the Tour 65 may be a little disappointing.
The best option to achieve improved distance and accuracy

Ping Alta 55 vs. Tour 65: Swing speed

The Ping Tour 65 Shaft is best for golfers who swing fast and want their shots to fly low with less spin. It also provides reasonable control and stability.

Experienced golfers who swing consistently and aggressively prefer getting the best distance and ball flight.

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The Tour 65 shafts are also suitable for players who want a solid feel when they hit the ball, giving them a stable swing.

Meanwhile, for Alta 55 shafts, if your swing speed is between 90 and 95 mph, you should pick a regular, slightly stiffer, or stiff flex. Most golfers choose stiff shafts for fast swings and regular flex for slower swings.

Even though the Alta CB 55 helps shots go high, it can lead to more missed hits and foul shots. Also, the spin between 3000 and 3300 is too high.

Ping Alta 55 vs. Tour 65: Which One Should You Choose?

If you swing the golf club slower and want help hitting the ball higher and farther, go for the Alta 55 shaft. But if you swing fast and want to focus on speed and control, go for the Tour 65 shaft.

The answer is to get fit!

You have to get a professional fitting to pick the right PING shaft for you. Alternatively, you can use the Ping Shaft App since it’s Ping.

This app looks at your swing inputs, clubhead speed, downswing, and desired trajectory.

Then, it suggests the best shaft from PING’s massive collection of over 1,000 options, including aftermarket options. This helps your fitter find the perfect shaft to improve how you drive the ball. You can learn more about Ping’s fitting help here.




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