Tommy Armour Reviews

Tommy Armour Reviews (The 845-MAX Irons)


The Tommy Armour 845-Max irons are an excellent option for beginning golfers on a tight budget who want to improve from a high handicap. It will also benefit slower-swing-speed players who prefer lighter, easy-to-swing clubs. Aside from their busy appearance, these irons are a buzzkill for mid-to-high handicap players.

As enticing as any reasonably priced golf club may appear, golfers will always want to know if it is good. Last week, I made a poll seeking the opinion of fellow golfers on which set of irons would be ideal for a teenager just starting golf, and the Tommy Armour 845 Max Irons from Golf Galaxy were suggested the most.

I used the older version of this club in my early years of playing, so I decided to do more profound research and tests on the 845-MAX irons. They come in a 5-iron through-AW set and sell for just $299.98 (at the time of publishing).

P.S. I was allowed to choose between lightweight SL85 steel shafts or graphite shafts at no additional charge.

So what’s the Tommy Armour 845 Max Irons all about? What makes it a special iron, and who is it meant for? Read on to find out more.

Tommy Armour 845Max Irons Specifications

These irons were known for being game-improvement clubs designed to provide forgiveness and distance for golfers looking to enhance their performance. Here are the key specs:


Model  Loft (degrees) Lie (degrees) Length Swing Weight
5 Iron 22 61.5 38.25” D2
6 Iron 25 62.0 37.625” D2
7 Iron 29 62.5 37.00” D2
8 Iron 33 63.0 36.50” D2
9 Iron 38 63.5 36.00” D2
PW 43.5 64.0 35.50” D2
AW 49 64.0 35.25” D3


Tommy Armour 845 Max Irons: Full Review

I observed that one of the common reasons people turn to irons like the 845 Max is to achieve more distance. I had ensured that while testing these clubs, I paid more attention to the distance improvement, but there were other areas where this club excelled.

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First Impression (Iron Design)

The 845-MAX has:

  • Large cavity
  • Thick topline
  • A decent amount of offset
  • Bold colours, logos, and accents on the back of the club

If you study the designs of many competing clubs in this category, you will notice that they now have hollow-bodied and muscular backs.

So when you have 845 MaX with all its vast logos and odd colours, you may not be comfortable with it.

But the feel of the TA-845 MaX iron is solid. Well-struck shots will give you this buttery feel, and mis-hits offer enough feedback to know where you missed it.

How’s the Tommy Armour 845 Max Irons distance?

Let me start by saying the 845-MAX irons are under the extra game improvement category, so it’s even an expectation to get more distance than their game improvement counterparts.

It also means that at first impression, I wouldn’t be surprised to realize the 845-MAX irons don’t do so well in looks, feel, sound, workability, and stopping power.

But of course, with the TA 845-MAX 7-iron, I experienced the longest distance as far as testing game improvement irons go.

Meanwhile, the loft of the 7-iron is three degrees weaker than the TalyorMade Stealth, a worthy counterpart.

Are the Tommy Armour 845 Max Irons Forgiving and Accurate?

Ball shaping with the TA 845-MAX wasn’t impressive, but the iron did perform excellently in accuracy.

Beginner golfers will also benefit from the consistency of these irons during shot shaping, shot after shot. Also, misses were less offline.

With the TA 845-MAX, you can expect nothing short of straighter ball flight and tighter dispersion patterns.

There’s nothing special to this, though. You’d get it from most other modern game improvements or player irons.

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Tommy Armour 845 Max Price vs. Value

The 2021 845 MAX irons are available in wedge, driver, fairway, hybrid, blade, and serrano putters. You can buy them from Golf Galaxy or Dick’s Sporting Goods for between $449.99 and $119.99 per set.

Here’s a breakdown of the Tommy Armor 845 MAX clubs and their current prices.

Tommy Armor 845 Clubs Cost per set
2021: 845 MAX irons $299.98
845 wedge $79.99
845 drive $199.99
845 fairway $149.99
845 hybrid $129.99
303 Milled Series Serrano Putter $199.99
Impact No. 2 Wide Blade Putter $119.99

These affordable clubs are ideal for beginners who don’t want to spend a fortune while starting without missing out on the value or performance that a decent iron would typically give.

Will they be decent, especially for new players? Yes. You probably won’t even find new sets for a better price. But are they the best value for money in today’s market? I seriously doubt it.

Some direct-to-consumer brands like Sub70, Hogan, Maltby, and so on are significantly better clubs, mainly because they come with better QC’d shafts for comparable or only slightly more cost.

That being said, the differences aren’t a big deal for brand-new golfers.


Tommy Armour 845 MAX Pros and Cons

While the TA 845 MAX irons are excellent in performance and forgiveness, I do have some thoughts on the look and feel of the irons. So, if you’re looking to use this iron, take note of the following pros and cons:.


  • Not too many super game improvement irons have lofts as reasonable as those in the TA 845 MAX irons, so wedge selection becomes more accessible.
  • Excellent value for money at $299.98
  • Greatly recommended for new players who are intent on game improvement and savings, you can choose between steel or graphite shaft options at no additional cost.
  • The shaft is even lightweight, thus making it easy to swing.
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  • It has a busy design on the club head with extravagant logos and colours, hindering a simplistic aesthetic not associated with modern golf.
  • Mid-to-high-handicap players won’t find these irons comfortable to play with.

What Happened to Tommy Armour Golf Clubs?

The Tommy Armour name used to mean something special. Tommy Armour, the silver Scott and legendary golfer in the Hall of Fame was an old-time player with some of the best irons ever.

They were called the Tommy Armor 845 Silver Scott irons, and anybody who played golf in the ’80s or ’90s knows them because they were widely considered some of the best in golf history.

The largest independent golf retailer in Spain, Golf Galaxy, and an American chain of sporting goods stores, Dicks, bought the rights to the Tommy Armor brand, and they’ve been re-releasing new renditions of clubs for quite a while now.

They had the ones in the Atomic line, which I’ve never tried, the 845s, and now the 845 Max irons.

Tommy Armor 845-Max Review: Final Remark

Nothing you buy will immediately fix your game, like a magic pill. You still have to golf your ball, develop your skills, and play your short or long game off the tee.

However, for someone like me who has struggled with distance, this TA 845-Max irons is the first club I’ve bought that has made a difference in my space.

It’s super forgiving but not so much that you won’t feel what’s going on when you make an impact; there’s a tungsten weight in the toe, it’s a two-piece hollow construction, and the feel coming from these is butter.

Overall, I recommend the Tommy Armour 845 Max irons for beginners and those on a tight budget who want to improve their game.



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