Flightscope Mevo VS Garmin R10: A Side-by-side Comparison


Flightscope Mevo and Garmin Approach R10 are powerful radar-based launch monitors that instantly come to mind when considering options well under $1,000. This is why many amateur golfers (even some pros) are often conflicted about which to choose. So which is best for you?

After testing both devices, I realized that the Garmin Approach R10 offers much more than the FlightScope Mevo (and even Mevo Plus). I noticed more precision with the R10’s metrics, richer visual graphics in game modes, water resistance for outdoor playing, and access to over 41,000 courses worldwide with E6 compatibility that Mevo doesn’t have.

Although the Mevo deserves its flowers, you can understand your shots better; the device has great battery life and receives constant feedback with the audio function. However, it does not measure horizontal and vertical launch angles and estimates spin based on club path and horizontal movement, as seen in the R10.

It could be that you’re looking to invest in a tracker without spending a fortune—just to be able to practice from home. The Mevo is more budget-friendly if you are seriously on a tight budget. But what will you be missing by forgoing R10 because of an additional hundred dollars?

You will find out in the rest of this article as I compare the Flightscope Mevo and Garmin Approach R10 launch monitors side-by-side.

Mevo vs. Garmin R10: Comparison Chart

The best way to figure out which of these products is best for your game is to consider broadly the characteristics and specifications of both of them. I have created this comparison chart to help you with that:

FactorsFlightscope MevoGarmin Approach R10
Metrics capturedCarry Distance, Spin Rate, Club Speed, Ball Speed, Vertical Launch, Smash Factor, Apex Height, and Flight TimeClub Head Speed, Club Face Angle, Club Path Angle, Angle of Attack, Ball Speed, Launch Angle, Launch Direction, Spin Axis, Spin Rate, Apex Height, Smash Factor, Carry Distance, Total Distance, and Deviation Distance
Phone software supportAndroid and iOSAndroid and iOS
Battery Typeinternal rechargeable lithium-ioninternal rechargeable lithium-ion
Battery LifeUp to 8 hoursUp to 10 hours
Water ProofNoIPX7
CompatibilitySmartphone/Mevo Golf AppSmartphone/Garmin App
E6 Connect CompatibleNoYes

The App

FlightScope Mevo is known for its user-friendly “Mevo Golf” app. It offers a wide range of features, making it a popular choice among golfers looking to improve their game.

The app provides real-time data, including launch angle, ball speed, clubhead speed, spin rate, and more. It also tracks shot dispersion and offers club data to help you analyze your swing.

One standout feature of the Mevo app is its video integration, which allows you to overlay your swing data on your recorded swings for better analysis.

The Garmin Approach R10 uses the “Garmin Golf” app for data analysis. The app also lets you record your shots and review your session data.

One advantage of the Garmin app is that it connects to a broader ecosystem of Garmin devices, which can be appealing if you already use Garmin products.


It is undeniable that the Garmin R10 wins the Mevo in terms of performance. Garmin offers you a 6-course license for E6. So you can do realistic simulations on those courses. Other launch monitors, like Mevo (not Mevo Plus), only give you the driving range app.

If we compare the Garmin simulator app with Mevo’s, I’ll choose the latter because Gramin’s interface is very cartoony-looking. I also struggled with distance accuracy.

The saving grace is that it comes with E6 with 6 courses and a driving range, and I have found that to be spot on accuracy-wise and much more realistic-looking than anything offered in the Mevo.

The downside to the performance of the R10 is that consistent setup is important—you need 8 feet from ball to net or screen, and the R10 needs to be 7 feet behind you.

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I’ve been using the Mevo indoors in my garage, but the R10 works greatly outdoors, thanks to the waterproofness that’s not present in the Mevo.

Data Parameters

The metrics captured are another area where the Garmin R10 wins against the Flightscope Mevo.

The Garmin R10 will measure club head speed, face angle, path angle, angle of attack, ball speed, launch angle and direction, spin axis and rate, apex height, and even smash factor.

You can also track carry, total, and deviation distances with the R10.

Unfortunately, the Mevo only records carry distance, spin rate, club speed, ball speed, vertical launch, smash factor, height, and flight time.

Ease of Use

When using the Mevo, you simply turn it on, sync Bluetooth, set it 6 feet behind your swing line, and fire away. The setup is straightforward, and you can use your phone (Android or iOS) to see results, including video.

The ease of setting up the R10 is arguable because the unit needs to be 6-7 feet behind and level with your ball. It’s hard to have that setup.

So I get surprised when many “experts” on forums recommend this unit for those looking for an entry-level shot tracker and simulator. (The price, maybe?)

Generally, you won’t struggle with any of these launch monitors if you’re not tech-savvy. Their designs are simple and easy to navigate around.


On many review platforms, users have agreed that the Garmin R10 sometimes doesn’t read some shots. During my first testing sessions, I set the R10 up next to a launch monitor that cost about 10 times the R10 price.

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The distances were +/- 2 yds, the speeds were within five mph, and the Garmin provided some metrics the other unit didn’t offer (such as angle of attack). The spin rates were way apart (+/-1000 RPM).

So, I strongly believe that many reported cases of inaccuracy in the R10 have to do with positioning, which can take some time to get correctly. An alignment stand and a small height riser may be needed to make it catch your shots at the range. This tells us why the Mevo seems easier to use than the R10.

For the price, the Flightscope Mevo is an impressively accurate launch monitor. It missed only two of more than 100 shots taken during testing. And it gave accurate information regarding my swings.

Pros and cons

Indeed, there’s no perfect product out there. There are always two sides to the coin. To further help you decide which of these launch monitors is best for you, consider the pros and cons of each:

Flightscope Mevo

What I likeWhat I don’t like
Among the most accurate golf launch monitors are those under $500. You can rely on the FlightScope Mevo data to improve your swing.It relies on your mobile device for its features.
The Mevo FS Golf App is simple and easy to navigate. It is ideal for non-tech-savvy golfers.Not accurate with shorter shots
Easy to move aroundThe app consumes your phone battery quickly, especially when running in the background.
Instant feedback with the audio function 

Garmin Approach R10

What I likeWhat I don’t like
Record all the data you could want. It’s a great value for the money.The course simulator costs $10 a month and is cartoony and not worth it compared to simply doing the practice range.
It comes with a companion app that makes it super easy to use.It can take a few swings of trial and error to get it at the angle where the horizontal misses and correct it.
With the R10, you can access courses to play if you want to use the portable device as a simulator.Setup can be a bit finicky sometimes.
It is still affordable, considering its high-techIt would be better if slow motion were added to the video capabilities.
Stronger battery life than the Mevo 

Verdict Summary

Based on my comparison, I’ll crown the Garmin R10 as the superior device because it has a serious advantage over the ordinary Mevo. It could have stood a chance if the comparison was between Meco Plus. However, Mevo is an older model, so you can expect to miss out on a lot by sticking with it.

With this in mind, this is my verdict rating on a scale of 0 to 10 for each device based on my experience with them:

Rating Flightscope MevoGarmin Approach R10
Data Options7.010
Accuracy 8.56.5
Performance 69.5
Ease of Use8.56.0
TOTAL (50 points):37 points42 points

In a list of popular portable launch monitors, it’s hard to ignore the Flightscope Mevo and Garmin Approach R10.

In this article, I have attempted to pit the Mevo versus the Garmin R10 across key areas that should help you decide which is best based on your specific golf simulator needs.

Despite the win of the R10, there’s no clear winner when comparing the FlightScope and Garmin R10, as they both have pros and cons. If you’re on a tight budget, the Mevo is the sure bet, and you won’t regret the purchase.

The FlightScope is slightly more accurate when measuring ball flight, but the Garmin R10 is more user-friendly and has more features. But the E6 compatibility of the R10 will easily win buyers over.

What do you think about these two launch monitors? Let me know in the comments.



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