Flightscope Mevo vs. Rapsodo

Flightscope Mevo VS Rapsodo: Which Is Better?


If you’re looking for a launch monitor under a $500 budget, the FlightScope Mevo and Rapsodo MLM are two profound options you can never go wrong with. I’ve tested both, and I can say that none are bad. But let’s be real; you probably won’t buy both. So which is a better option for you than the other?

Long story short, its user-friendliness makes the Rapsodo better than the Flightscope Mevo. However, the Mevo showed more accuracy during my testing than the Rapsodo.

People buy launch monitors for different reasons. Your reason for getting a budget-friendly launch monitor can influence how you see these two rival products. In my case, I don’t have an indoor hitting space; my primary usage for a launch monitor is enhancing my practice at the range. So, I was more interested in a tool that could accurately collect my ball and swing stats, gapping, gamification, fun, etc.

I learned a lot of differences between the Flightscope Mevo and Rapsodo, which I have decided to document in this review to help anyone who is conflicted between the two products and needs to make a decision.

Rapsodo vs. Mevo: Comparison Chart

The best way to figure out which of these products is best for your game is to consider broadly the characteristics and specifications of both of them. I have created this comparison chart to help you with that:

Factors Flightscope MevoRapsodo
Data parameters providedCarry Distance, Spin Rate, Club Speed, Ball Speed, Vertical Launch, Smash Factor, Apex Height, and Flight TimeCarry Distance, Side Carry, Spin Rate, Club Speed, Ball Speed, Vertical Launch, Smash Factor, Launch Angle, Apex Height, and Shot Type
Battery lifeUp to 8 hoursUp to 8 hours
Ease of useHarderEasier
Connection BluetoothBluetooth
Accuracy MoreLess
Phone software supportAndroid and iOSIOS

The App

The Rapsodo seems to have an edge over the Flightscope Mevo in the app interface and design. I like the slick graphics, video, and audio readout of statistics and tables for post-round analysis in the Rapsodo App.

Although the Rapsodo app is less customizable compared to the Mevo On Mevo, you can remove shanks or mishits that don’t represent your normal shot. You also get visual and audio readouts of stats during practice.

But most importantly, the states and tables are easily digestible.

The graphics on the Mevo app aren’t incredible, and there’s no visual overlay or real gamification.

The Rapsodo shines in these areas—there’s a graphical overlay based on a GPS map of your range.

Both launch monitor apps can sync video if you mount the phone somewhere.


Regarding performance, the Mevo will take the crown because, during my testing, it only missed two shots out of more than 100 ball hits. I was expecting the app to crash, but it didn’t, and the stats are all customizable and accessible.

I also like how, with the Memo, the software is ready for the next shot before the first one hits the ground, which is good if you’re interested in simple rapid-firing practice.

On the other hand, Rapsodo did perform well, with pretty impressive results. But it was not the best experience for usage. At one point, the device stopped recording video due to my iPhone XR overheating. It also missed about 8% of the shots, many of which were pitch shots.

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Still, these won’t make me deny how impressed I was with the Rapsodo’s great visuals for the shots and games that make the overall experience fun.

The battery performance of both launch monitors appeared to be equally decent.

Data Parameters

As mentioned earlier, Flightscope Mevo will capture ball speed, club speed, backspin rpm, carry yards, launch angle, smash factor, peak height, and time in the air.

I was disappointed to discover that it doesn’t record sidespin or angle. In other words, when using the Mevo, you can’t know how far offline you are.

Rapsodo, on the other hand, captures all the data that the Mevo does, but it also records launch direction. So this is the launch monitor to choose if you seriously prioritize knowing how far you are offline with each shot.

The Rapsodo still does not record backspin rpm, which is a deal-breaker when hitting drivers and wedges. But again, it boils down to your preference for these parameters.

Ease of Use

Based on the comparison I documented when testing both launch monitors, I think it is fair to say that the Mevo is superior to the Rapsodo regarding ease of use. But I still have reservations about this conclusion.

When using the Mevo, you simply turn it on, sync Bluetooth, set it 6 feet behind your swing line, and fire away. The setup is straightforward, and you can use your phone (Android or iOS) to see results, including video.

Rapsodo has the same procedure for usage. However, you have to set your iPhone to line up with your swing for automatic video.

The hugest edge in terms of ease of use that the Mevo will have over the Rapsodo is that it allows for both Android and iOS, while Rapsodo works with iOS only.

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Pro Tip: 

  • You must mount your phone separately when using video to see results.
  • Don’t bother buying Rapsodo if you don’t have an iPhone or iPad.


For the price, the Flightscope Mevo is an impressively accurate launch monitor compared to the Rapsodo. It missed only two of more than 100 shots taken during testing. And it gave accurate information regarding my swings.

The Mevo does lag in tracking launch angle and spin rate. But it does other sites decently.

Meanwhile, Rapsodo is also one of the most accurate devices for its price, but the lag in spin rate affects the overall accuracy. So, while it gets the job done, I have more confidence in the memo when it boils down to precision.

Pros and cons

Indeed, there’s no perfect product out there. There are always two sides to the coin. To further help you decide which of these launch monitors is best for you, consider the pros and cons of each:

Flightscope Mevo

What I likeWhat I don’t like
You can understand your shots better with the feature-rich app.It relies on your mobile device for its features.
Drive accuracy is decent.Not accurate with shorter shots
The device has great battery life.The app consumes your phone battery quickly, especially when running in the background.
Instant feedback with the audio function 


What I likeWhat I don’t like
Easy to set and useNot a great launch monitor for outdoor use
Visual aid for your shotsShort battery life
It helps to track your performance with each club individually.Not compatible with Android phones

Verdict Summary

Overall, based on my comparison, I’ll crown the Rapsodo as the superior device because, if you think about it, the only real advantages Mevo offers are visuals from different angles, video playback options, and spin rate measurement (a small silver sticker installation on each ball is even needed to make this happen).

With this in mind, this is my verdict rating on a scale of 0 to 10 for each device based on my experience with them:

Rating Flightscope MevoRapsodo
Data Options5.07.0
Accuracy 8.56.0
Performance 9.08.5
Ease of Use6.59.0
TOTAL: 37.538.5

Flightscope Mevo and the Rapsodo MLM will remain among the best options for budget-friendly launch monitors.

In a perfect world, I’d love to merge some of the perks of the Rapsodo with those of the Mevo. One falls short in the area where the other shines. So, you have to forgo a particular advantage.

They are both enjoyable to use. To be fair, both are great, which explains the marginal win. So you don’t have to be worried about investing in a bad option. However, when it comes down to it, you’d want to buy one.

In that case, I’d recommend the Rapsodo over the Flightscope Mevo.



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