Mizuno MP-60 Specs


The MP-60 is ideal for mid-level golfers seeking more shot power. Its sleek appearance and hybrid design offer an improved feel and more forgiveness. Despite a slightly larger head size than the MP-30, the cut-muscle design still enhances forgiveness. The MP-60’s 10% larger sweet spot (compared to the MP-32) comes with only a 4% increase in face size.

Initially, I was skeptical, but adding the Mizuno MP-60 irons to my golf bag was a game-changer. The classic yet sleek appearance of these clubs always attracts compliments. However, it’s not just about looks; the MP-60s have significantly improved my game. Combining a cavity-backed design and a classic forged iron aesthetic provides forgiveness and style.

Personally, playing with the MP-60 is a joy. The forgiving sweet spots and impressive performance, even on mishits, make them a great choice. These irons offer consistent distances and effortless interaction with the turf and have become my go-to clubs on the course. They are not just tools but trophies that I proudly showcase to my playing partners every round.

In this article, I’ll cover everything about the Mizuno MP-60. So, stay tuned till the end to get all the information you might need to decide to buy.

Mizuno MP-60 Specifications

Before I start sharing my experience with the Mizuno MP-60, I’ll share an overview of its technical details so you can get an idea of what defines these precision-crafted clubs.

Construction Grain Flow Forged 1025 Mild Carbon Steel
Target Handicap Ten and under
Ball Flight Mid to Low
Offset Minimal
Cut Muscle Cavity Innovative design provides ideal COG locations, a perfect trajectory, a solid feel, and forgiveness.
Sweet Spot 10% larger than the MP-32, enhancing forgiveness
Feet Size 4% larger than the MP-32
Finish Durable double nickel chrome-plated finish
Grooves Modified U-grooves for optimal spin rate

Iron 2-iron 3-iron 4-iron 5-iron 6-iron 7-iron 8-iron 9-iron PW
Loft 18o 21o 24o 27o 31o 35o 39o 43o 37o
Lie 59.0o 59.5o 60.0o 60.5o 61.0o 61.5o 62.0o 62.5o 63.0o
Length 39.25″” 38.75″” 38.25″” 37.75″” 37.25″” 36.75″” 36.25″” 35.75″” 35.25″”
Offset 0.154 0.142 0.134 0.134 0.130 0.126 0.126 0.114 0.114
Bounce 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 5 6

Features and Performance

My first experience with the Mizuno MP-60 Forged Irons made a lasting impression. These irons combine cutting-edge technology with Mizuno’s renowned craftsmanship. As someone who values performance and forgiveness in forged irons, the MP-60s struck a perfect balance.

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The integration of Mizuno’s Grain Flow Forging technology and Cut Muscle technology in the MP-60s is immediately noticeable in the feel of the clubs. Made from mild 1025 carbon steel, these irons provide that signature Mizuno feel—soft, solid, and consistent. They are 4% larger than the MP-32, resulting in a 10% larger sweet spot for improved forgiveness on off-centre shots. I quickly found myself appreciating the remarkable forgiveness these irons offer, making them hard to put down once you’ve had the chance to use them.

The performance of the MP-60s also impressed me. The long irons have a slightly higher ball flight, providing an ideal trajectory for maximum distance, while the scoring irons produce a mid-trajectory, adding control to my approach shots. The cut muscle design plays a crucial role in positioning the center of gravity for a consistent ball flight—a feature that stood out during my rounds with these irons.

Visually, the MP-60s have a traditional appearance that appeals to better golfers like myself. The nickel-chrome-plated finish looks beautiful and reflects sunlight on the golf course. The True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts are a preferred choice among professionals, and the Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip contributes to the overall quality and feel of the clubs.


Considering Mizuno MP-60’s reputation as a club designed for better players, the forgiveness level isn’t’ wrong. As someone with a low to mid handicap, forgiveness is a crucial factor in my iron selection, and the MP-60s managed to strike a commendable balance between playability and performance.

Mizuno’s Grain Flow Forging technology and Cut Muscle design played a pivotal role in enhancing forgiveness in the MP-60s. The mild 1025 carbon steel construction contributed to the soft, solid feel that Mizuno is renowned for, and it became evident that these irons were crafted with precision.

Even when my shots weren’t perfectly centered, the forgiveness of these irons kicked in, helping to maintain distance and accuracy. This aspect was particularly beneficial during rounds, where I encountered various lies and situations on the course.

The forgiveness of the MP-60s was not just a theoretical concept but something I could feel in every swing. Mishits, which might have been more punishing with other irons in the better-player category, were surprisingly manageable with the MP-60s. The ability to recover from minor mistakes without a significant drop in performance boosted my confidence and freed up my mind to work on enhancing other areas of my game.

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The Mizuno MP-60 irons offer excellent value for money, considering their performance and build quality. When exploring the market, I found a variety of Mizuno MP-60 shafts available, both new and used, on various online platforms.

The prices ranged from $128 to $380 for original Mizuno shafts. eBay, in particular, proved to be a reliable source, providing options within this price range.

It’s worth noting that additional costs, such as shipping, should be factored in when purchasing online.

Who Should Use the Mizuno MP-60?

The Mizuno MP-60 Forged Irons are perfect for golfers with intermediate to advanced skills. These irons are meticulously crafted using Mizuno’s Grain Flow Forging technology, featuring the forgiving Cut Muscle design.

They are specifically designed for golfers with low to mid handicaps, offering an outstanding balance of control, feel, and a classic look. With these irons, golfers can confidently navigate any on-course situation.

Comparison with Other Alternatives

Having personally used the Mizuno MP-69, MP-57, and MP-60 irons, I can confirm that each has unique characteristics in terms of construction, player profile, and performance.

Let’s start with the Mizuno MP-69. Its 4D muscle design is particularly noteworthy, as it provides a strategic weighting system that improves the launch of long irons and allows for versatility in short irons. As a confident ball-striker, I appreciate how the MP-69 focuses on feedback and control, which perfectly fits my playing style. The soft lines and absence of harsh edges also contribute to its visually appealing design. However, it’s worth mentioning that the super-high-glare chrome finish can be overwhelming in certain lighting conditions.

The Mizuno MP-57’s full-cavity back design represents a noticeable departure from the traditional MP series. As someone with a single-figure handicap who values forgiveness without compromising quality, I welcomed the more prominent sweet spot provided by the cavity back design. The higher offset and thicker topline also contribute to its forgiving nature, making the MP-57 suitable for a broader range of skilled players.

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Regarding the Mizuno MP-60, this model is designed for intermediate to advanced golfers who prioritize control and distance. It offers a distinct feel compared to the MP-69 and MP-57. The slightly thinner topline and appealing aesthetics caught my attention, and the lower ball flight added an extra layer of control to my shots. While it may not be as forgiving as the MP-57, the MP-60 strikes a balance between feeling and forgiveness that aligns with my playing preferences.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the Mizuno MP-60, MP-69, and MP-57 irons to make things easier for you:

Features Mizuno MP-60 Mizuno MP-69 Mizuno MP-57
Forgiveness Less forgiving Moderate More forgiving
Launch Angle Lower Mid-to-High Higher
Sole Width Standard Standard Wider
Topline Thickness Slightly thinner Sleek Low single-figure players
Target Player Intermediate-to-advanced golf players Advanced golfers Thicker
Hand Orientation Right-handed Right-handed Right-handed
Shaft Material Steel Steel Steel
Flex Stiff Stiff Stiff
Set Composition 3-PW (8 irons) 3-PW (8 irons) 3-PW (8 irons)
Grip Mizuno Golf Pride M-21-58 Round Mizuno Golf Pride M-21-58 Round Mizuno Golf Pride M-21-58 Round

Pros and cons

Let’s’ explore the strengths and weaknesses of the Mizuno MP-60 irons I observed when using them.

What I liked

  • Their design and build quality are top-notch.
  • I liked the feel and sound when striking the ball with these irons.
  • The MP-60s allow for shot shaping, making them versatile for different situations on the course.
  • I find the distance control and spin performance to be impressive.
  • Golfers experienced more consistent ball striking with these clubs.

What I Didn’t Like

  • The MP-60 irons are not overly forgiving. They might not be the best fit if you’re not committed to consistently working on your swing.
  • Due to their narrow soles, some people might find the long irons (3-iron, etc.) challenging.

Final Thoughts

The Mizuno MP-60 Forged Irons offer a great combination of craftsmanship and technology. They feature grain flow forging, cut muscle design, and a classic appearance, making them ideal for intermediate to advanced golfers who want precision, forgiveness, and control. Although they are not the newest release from Mizuno, the MP-60s are a wise investment for those who value a well-crafted iron set that will last.



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