Cube Golf Cart Review

Cube Golf Cart Review


The Cube golf cart is super compact and sticks out from many other push trolleys I’ve tried regarding maneuverability. However, the negative reviews about its flimsy handle appear to be valid. I walk a lot, and the course isn’t too hilly. But after a couple of months, the handle won’t stay locked. The Cube golf cart design is cheap but not ideal for long-term intensive use. 

After coming across the 9-hole study by Dr. Neil Wolkodoff of the Colorado Center of Health and Sports Science, I became more interested in push trolleys than two-seater golf carts after learning that players who used a push cart burned 718 calories during their game. 

The redesigned Cube trolley has been Motocaddy’s best-selling push trolley for the last couple of years, especially given that it’s 40% smaller than typical push trolleys while still retaining a lot of functionality.

Cube Golf Cart

Cube Golf Cart Review


  • Quick Setup and Fold-Down
  • Its compact size, especially when folded down, ensures excellent portability, making it easy to fit in small car trunks.
  • Despite its simplicity, the cart provides storage spaces for a scorecard, drink, keys, wallet, rangefinder, and more, enhancing convenience on the course.

I have been using the Cube Cart 3 model cart for about five weeks now, and the most lovable thing about this product has to be how it collapses into a relatively small compact unit. The wheels are easy to put on and take off, and it is lightweight. 

Suppose you’re planning to purchase the Cube Cart 3. In that case, this article will interest you because I have explained in detail, in the rest of this article, my experience using the Cube Cart 3, its vital specifications, benefits, and areas where this cart could have been better. 

Cube Cart 3 Specifications

Below are the key specifications of the Cube Cart 3: 

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Weight14.5 lbs 
Compact folded size21″ x 13″ x 17″
Folding systemTwo-step folding system 
Handle mechanismThree height-adjustable positions
TiresFriction-free oversized wheels with maintenance-free rubber tires
Material Rubber
Color optionsCharcoal + (Blue, Black, Red, Lime, White)

Key Features 

First of all, the back wheel base of this cart isn’t broad enough, and the coach is very lightweight. So it’s best used on flat golf courses

If you are playing a hilly course, it is tough to balance walking on the side of a hill where one back wheel is lower than the other. But away from that, here are the key features of this push trolley that make it stand out.

Easy Set-Up and Fold-Down

CUBE boldly claims its push cart is the world’s fastest 2-step folded golf cart. Setting it up or breaking it down is seamless when you pull the cart from your car trunk or are ready to put it back into the trunk for transport. 

To assemble the cart, you only have to:

  • Pull the locking lever upwards
  • This will release the folding lock
  • Use the locking lever to pull the frame upwards until fully extended.

Breaking down the unit also has a straightforward process: 

  • Release the locking lever 
  • Lower the handle
  • Push the upper bag support down towards the front wheel
  • Resecure the locking lever.

Compact Size 

The compact size of the Cube Cart 3 is perhaps the most impressive feature of this push cart, especially when it’s folded down. 

The last thing I want when using a push cart is less portability, especially when I don’t have a big trunk. 

I like that the folded-down CUBE Push Cart fits into it with ease. 

Spaces and Accessories

Being a simple construction, it’s pretty impressive that the manufacturers could still integrate standard storage spaces for a scorecard and a drink. There’s also an accessory compartment for keys, wallet, rangefinder, and what have you.

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The blessing of this cart, as far as storage spaces go, is that I no longer need to dig through my bag to locate things like golf balls since I can toss them into the compartment.

The Performance

The first noticeable feature of the Cube golf cart that hints at its performance is the easy-run, friction-free, oversized wheels. The rubber tires are also maintenance-free. 

Cube also uses a smarter-designed braking system that takes effect when you step on the small peddle. I prefer this system to struggle with push carts with the hand-operated brake system. 

I have made many reservations about the quality of this push cart’s handle. Still, the silver lining is its adjustable height control, offering three different setting options. 

Sometimes, the front wheel pulls to one side. When this happens, How do you adjust the front wheel on a Motocaddy Cube?

You can adjust the alignment by the tiny screws on each side of the front wheel. So if your cart is veering right, turn the left screw counterclockwise and the right screw clockwise (and vice versa)

Cube Golf Cart Pros And Cons

Cube Golf Cart gets a lot of love because it’s lightweight, folds up nice and small, and fits into even a tiny car trunk. So, in terms of compatibility, it’s a perfect product. However, after testing this cart for about five weeks, I was able to identify the following pros and cons of this push cart:

What I like about the Cube golf cart

  • The wheels are wide and lightweight, so it’s seamless moving in the morning dew of the fairway or the long, rough.
  • The back rack has notches that are spaced perfectly for stand bag
  • The spacing of the handle is comfortable
  • The handle is adjustable in 3 modes, an essential aspect for a golfer like me who is 6-2.”
  • It’s a reasonably priced golf cart to keep your clubs rolling.
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What I don’t like about the Cube Golf cart

  • It is not compatible with every golf bag type, especially ones that have kickstands with full-hinged systems, because the legs extend as the cart rolls along.
  • The cup holders will only accommodate narrow bottles (read: 20oz soda cans) and won’t sit in modern wine bottles. 
  • It is not the most durable option in the market, especially compared to Sun Mountain Golf Speed Cart V1R.
  • My iPhone “plus” doesn’t fit with the enclosed tray. This may be nitpicking, but it’s essential to know that not all phone types will fit into this compartment. 

My Final Take

After combing through dozens of reviews on this push golf cart, I noticed that many people consider it for its portability. 

The Cube golf cart has a small footprint when folded, is relatively easy to open and close, and is lightweight for lifting into and out of the car trunk. The brake works efficiently, too, and it locks nicely. Now for the bad: The manual says the front wheel is adjustable for alignment. 

Unfortunately, the product is somewhat flimsy due to its lightweight nature and will likely be unstable on hilly terrain. No matter how carefully I maneuvered the cart up or down hills, it always seemed to tip and once nearly tipped over. 

The umbrella holder also has a flimsy feel. While it holds an umbrella securely, the holder and the upper structure are made from plastic, so the umbrella sways fore and aft as you walk. 

Overall, I’ll call this a decent golf cart if you like to walk a lot. Some flaws may be nitpicky, but this is not a valid option if you want something extremely sturdy. 

Let me know what you think about this Cube golf cart in the comments.



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