Lowes Golf Cart Reviews

Lowes Golf Cart Reviews


Lowes is a popular home improvement store with a golf cart section. The top options are the Massimo Electric GMF2X, Kandi 2-seat, Axis NV ACE, and the Coleman Black Electric Golf Cart, a famous offer. 

Five months ago, I got the Coleman Black Electric Golf Cart, and then two weeks later, my father-in-law gifted me the Yamaha Drive-2 EFI QuieTech. I’ve always been a fan of Yamaha, but Coleman from Lowe’s seems affordable for many. 

I have written this article to review the Lowe’s golf carts, but I will pay more attention to my experience with the Coleman while comparing it with other Lowe’s golf cart offers. 

4 Top Lowes Golf Cart Offers

<a href="https://www.lowes.com/pd/Massimo/5013582179">Massimo Electric Golf Cart GMF2X</a>

Massimo Electric Golf Cart GMF2X

  • Stylish.
  • Digital instrument panel
  • Built-in Bluetooth sound system.
<a href="https://www.lowes.com/pd/Coleman-Powersports-Coleman-DR48V-B-L-Electric-Golf-Cart/5013732301">Coleman Black Electric Golf Cart</a>

Coleman Black Electric Golf Cart

  • Affordable for its value 
  • Spacious
Kandi 2-seat Electric Golf Cart

Kandi 2-seat Electric Golf Cart

  • Compact, maneuverable electric golf cart for two passengers only
<a href="https://www.lowes.com/pd/Axis/5013317025">Axis Golf Cart</a>

Axis Golf Cart

  • Sturdy construction for rough terrain and fairways

* Prices noted on the chart above are based on the official Lowe’s website listings.

My Lowe’s Coleman Kandi Cart Golf Cart Review 

Coleman is under the Craftsman label, but Kandi is the company that makes it. After driving this cart for a few months, I’ve identified some areas I genuinely love about the coach and some areas that could have been changed or improved. 

If you’re also considering a golf cart from Lowes, the Coleman may pique your interest, and I will show you the areas to consider before throwing your money into this unit. 

The key features

1. Turn signals are installed close to the steering wheel and horn.

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2. Front and rear seatbelts. Also, grab handles for the rear passengers 

3. It has an extra two at the rear that doubles as a rear bed to give it a pickup-like appearance for added storage if you don’t have four passengers. 

4. Extended top roof, which is unique because many golf carts have a top that covers only up to half the length of the Coleman EV cart roof. So, the extension shades the extra two passengers at the back.

5. Armrest for rear passengers with integrated cupholders and slots for cellphones or other valuables

6. Fold down the windscreen

7. There’s a storage underneath the rear seat.

The Appearance

The Lowe’s Coleman golf cart is elegant and stylish. I particularly love the diamond-style stitching of the seats. It has excellent craftsmanship. However, the quality of the frame can be better, especially when I compare it with my new Yamaha Drive-2 EFI QuieTech. Some of the components of this golf cart look cheap, but it does the job pretty decently. 

The front seat has a full LED display, storage on either side, cup holders, and a fold-down windscreen. The cart is available in a matte black finish or silver, the only two color options from Lowe’s. 

The Performance

Equipped with a 48-volt AC motor, this model provides smooth acceleration and can reach a top speed of 25 mph. It has a full suspension, front disc brakes, rear drums, and great coil-over shocks, and the cart comes already lifted from the factory. The cart also has sealed batteries and onboard chargers; you only need a cord. 

However, one thing I don’t like about this Lowe’s cart is that it has no regenerative breaking, making it unfriendly. It has a quarter inch on the brake pads, and if you’re pounding on the brakes going down a grade, they will wear out extremely quickly. 

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The Coleman golf cart has a top speed of 20 mph, but it has a 5,000-watt motor, the same size as other Lowe’s carts that are 25+ mph. Coleman Powersports states this model is 20 mph and 40 miles on full charge.

Customer Support and Warranty 

The Coleman golf cart from Lowe’s comes with Coleman’s back warranty for two years. They’ve also got over 800 nationwide stores, and people talk about their excellent customer support. 

However, the challenge with these Chinese products is that finding replacement parts may take time and effort. 

The Downsides of This Cart

There’s no perfect cart out there, but the Coleman Cart showed me a lot of red flags. If you’re planning to cop this Lowe’s golf cart, keep the following downsides in mind: 

  • The cup holders are small. There are only three small ones across the front and one that would fit a smaller koozie, but that’s all about it. Nowadays, people have larger containers and Yeti’s that may need to fit into the size of the cupholders.
  • Also, the storage compartment below this Coleman cart’s steering wheel needs to be bigger. I could barely fit a baseball cap into the space, which makes it less utilizable. 
  • When you fold down the rear seat, you are supposed to find a cooler in the compartment underneath the bed. However, the Coleman doesn’t come with a more astonishing insert, and you’ll have to purchase it separately for about $100, which is silly. 
  • This is nitpicking, but not everyone likes the ridiculously loud backup speaker. You can enter through the driver’s front wheel, where you find two smaller round speakers for parking breaks and backup sound. So, you disconnect it to discontinue the sound. 

Final verdict: Should You Buy A Lowe’s Golf Cart?

After testing the Coleman from Lowe’s, I’m sad to conclude that despite being a good-looking unit, I won’t hastily recommend it to any interested person, even though they are on a budget. The features are decent, and the cart moves you from point A to B around the golf course with no issues, but I’ll pass on the Coleman and keep my Yamaha or even go with another Lowe’s golf cart like the Axis NV ACE. 

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I’ve been testing golf carts for a while now, and It’s fair to conclude that on the top of the scale, especially in terms of proven name and solid products, Club Car takes the number one position ahead of EZgo and Yamaha. 

If you must step down from this trifecta, consider newer manufacturers like Icon, Advanced EV, and Evolution, who are already doing a great job competing with the Big 3 (Club Car, Yamaha, and Ezgo). Still, they may be here ten years from now. This is a significant concern when you are considering other component replacements. But their affordability makes them worth considering.

Based on my conversations with people and comments on Facebook groups, the bottom of the scale has to be buying a golf cart from a big box store. I have no hard feelings about Lowe’s golf carts, but I’ve read about people being completely helpless when they had an issue with their cart because the store wouldn’t fix the problem and the local dealers couldn’t get parts, or they didn’t want to touch a coach from a big box store.

So Lowe’s may exclusively have some golf carts, but there are more downsides to consider than the good sides. 

I hope you found this article helpful. 



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