Advanced EV Golf Cart Reviews

Advanced EV Golf Cart Reviews


Advanced EV Golf Carts are relatively new to the market. Available in three main trims, they have a simplistic design and contain the basic cart features for a satisfactory drive around the golf course. Being an average EV golf cart, it doesn’t feature as much advanced tech as most other options in the market, but the price sits well within the affordability range.

The carts designed by Advanced are relatively new to the market, even though the EV manufacturer, GOof Car Dealers, has been in the industry for over 35 years. I can recall that sometime last year, a couple of guys at my club traded their old carts for one of these, and I have noticed that some others are thinking about it. 

Out of curiosity, 18 months ago, I purchased a unit from Acme Tools in Minot, North Dakota. It cost me around $10,000. The word on the street is that all the trims from Advanced Carts look pretty good and have some good features.

Advance Advent golf cart


  • The roof is well-made with an Aluminum Alloy Frame.
  • 2. Equipped with 4kW AC Motor drive mechanism 
  • 3. It works with a 350-A Toyota controller that powers the system.
  • 4. The AC drive enhances torque, climbing capabilities, and acceleration.

Advanced EV Trims

It is safe to call the Advanced carts vehicles” because not all are suited for the golf course. Some are designed with low speeds for neighborhood driving, while others have the potential for industrial applications. Here are the three trims of Advanced EVs:

Advanced EV golf cart modelsUnique purpose Price
Advanced EV1 golf cartFor Golf purpose $7,299 to $9,499
Advance Advent golf cartFor neighborhood driving $10,099 to $11,999
Advanced Advanced HD Golf cartPotential for industrial application or rugged terrain$8,299 to $10,699

If you’re looking for a new cart and don’t want to stick within the confines of the BIG 3 (Yamaha, Club Car, and EZGO), this brand may be worth your attention. In the rest of this post, I will walk you through the specifications, performance levels, benefits, and disadvantages of having these golf carts. Let’s start with its key features: 

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Advanced EV Key Features

We will focus on the EV1 model from Advance Golf Carts since it’s the particular trim designed with golfers in mind. Here are the key features of this cart:

1. The roof is well-made with an Aluminum Alloy Frame.

2. Equipped with 4kW AC Motor drive mechanism 

3. It works with a 350-A Toyota controller that powers the system.

4. The AC drive enhances torque, climbing capabilities, and acceleration. This lets you traverse various challenging terrains with peace of mind. 

5. An average speed of 25 miles per hour

6. Stylish but simplistic design. 

7. A buzzer that goes off in case you’re backing up.

Design And Appearance 

The Advanced EV 48V electric 2+2 passenger lifted golf cart looks like a typical Axis ACE NV cart, especially when you glance at it from the front. The design is not super special, as it preaches more minimalism.

Of course, it has only two cup holders for the front passengers. The cart provides USB Ports and a beautiful screen display on the dash area. Other relevant details of the Advancance golf cart design and appearance include: 

  • Front Bumper
  • Roof Hand Holders
  • Painted Top
  • 3-Point Seat Belt System
  • Charge Meter
  • Foldable/Removable Windshield (not pictured)
  • Headlight, Break light, and taillight 
  • Crash bumpers 


Advanced golf carts may have low speeds but feature disc brakes up front, drum brakes in the rear, and rear parking brakes. It has beautiful wheels for challenging terrain.

The Advance vehicles, across all models, will go from 19 to 25 miles per hour and are very easy to modify if legal in your area. 

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Battery And Charging 

The golf cart comes with a standard 4 KW electric AC motor, but you can upgrade to a 5 KW motor, and the controller for this cart is made by Toyota. You can also upgrade the low-speed design by opting for lithium-ion batteries.

The charger plugs right into the base section of the driver’s seat, so you don’t have to flip the chair over for a comfortable charging process.

Advance Golf Carts Pros And Cons 

Here are the benefits and disadvantages of the Advance Golf Carts that I noticed:

What I like about this cart

  • Super easy to operate
  • The EV1 model sits on the ground and is smaller, but it’s very suited for those with bad knees since they won’t have to lift their legs up
  • The less aggressive tires of the EV1 model make it ideal for driving on the golf course, so they don’t damage the lawn. 
  • Satisfactory sitting legroom 
  • Amazing lightning and fancy design on the headlights
  • Affordable option 
  • The phone holders in the dash area are a huge plus.
  • Super extensive roof coverage

What I don’t like about this cart 

  • There’s nothing particularly unique about this golf cart, so I struggle to identify why it gets the hype
  • There are only two cup holders for front passengers, whereas many other competing products feature four at the front and one each for rear passengers.


The Advanced EV golf carts are offered at locations nationwide, but you won’t find the exact pricing for the coaches on the website. Base-level models with few upgrades (in the 2-seater option) would sell for around $7000–$9000. This, of course, includes traditional lead acid batteries. When you go to LIthium batteries, the price is considerably higher. 

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I particularly like the base model Advent carts. The style of the coaches may be boring, but the interesting appearances come from the Advent trim.  The Evolution Advent 2 costs $7,325, and the Advent 4L model costs $10,599.


The Ev1 and Advent models come with a full five-year warranty. The Advanced HD has a two-year contract. 

My Final Take

It’s been 18 months and 750 miles into using the Advance golf carts, and there have been zero mechanical issues. While much credit has to go into my maintenance routine, I confess it’s a durable cart. 

At a glance, the cart has pretty good specifications and looks nice. I am impressed that it holds the same value upon close inspection and time-bound testing. 

I’ve always liked Clubcar, but I’m intrigued by this because of the price versus-feature ratio. But if you’re currently in the market for a brand new golf cart, I will recommend you stick with the big three. 

And if something like Advance piques your interest more, I strongly recommend EZGO because the aftermarket parts market is solid for the big three compared to Advance EV. 



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