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Ruff And Tuff Golf Cart Reviews


Ruff And Tuff golf carts are old models. Since the manufacturer left the business in 2018, people can only purchase these carts via auction or resale. Ruff N’ Tuff electric carts are sturdy and have durable batteries that may eventually need replacement. But before buying this old cart, be ready to struggle for replacement parts or spend a lot on repairs.

Not too many people know about Ruff N’ Tuff EVs. About 15 years ago, when asked to recommend a durable and reliable golf cart, the brand was the name on many dealers’ lips.

I recently found what I believed to be a pretty good deal on a used Ruff N’ Tuff 2007 Limo Model. I primarily bought it for the wife and kids to run around the neighborhood and take to the summer campground at the beach. Eventually, I realized it could be a backup for my Axis ACE NV golf cart, and it wouldn’t hurt to have six golf buddies riding on the same golf cart. 

The reviews about ruff n’ tuff have been mixed, so I tested the cart with a biased mind. However, I decided to write this review to benefit those considering buying any Ruff N’ Tuff model to inform you about the product and what you can expect of its performance. 

The first important thing to note is that Ruff N’ Tuff is out of business, which explains why more and more people are having trouble sourcing spare parts for their Ruff & Tuff EVs today. According to the grapevine, the manufacturer mishandled purchases, and the company nosedived.

Who Makes Ruff And Tuff Golf Carts?

According to Bloomberg, Ruff & Tuff Golf Carts L.L.C. was founded in 2008. Due to the archaicness of the brand, it isn’t easy to pinpoint what drove them away from the market. However, the word on the street is that they eventually sold their parts to a South California company after folding up. 

Other sources from research trace Ruff N’ Tuff to GEM, a leading provider of electric vehicles for more than 20 years that is now a part of Polaris Industries, one of the top manufacturers of outdoor recreational vehicles. 

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Ruff And Tuff Golf Cart Models

The Ruff and Tuff carts are produced in six different lineups; some are ideal for moving around the fairways, while others were built explicitly with hunters in mind. Here’s a list of all Ruff And Tuff models and the purpose for which they are designed to work: 

Ruff And Tuff Cart Model

R/T Cruiser 2P

R/T Cruiser 2P

  • For family and cruising neighborhoods
R/T Cruiser 4P

R/T Cruiser 4P

  • Doubles as a golf cart but is for moving around the neighborhood


  • Golf cart model


  • For heavy-duty and hauling loads
Hunter 2P

Hunter 2P

  • For hunting
Hunter 4x4

Hunter 4×4

  • For hunting in extreme terrain

The Appearance 

Each Ruff N Tuff cart model looks different. For example, the Hunter version is equipped with a stand-up gun rack, while other models have a two-passenger seat at the rear,r which doubles as a foldable bed for a truck-like appearance. 

All models are equipped with rearview mirrors and matching tops. They are available in Blue, Green, White, Red, Yellow, black, K, and some in camouflage colors. This article will focus on the Ruf N Tuff Golf cart model. 

The Golf model has a brush guard, a removable gate on the rear, parking brakes that work, and working blinkers.

Key Features

Ruff and Tuff deploys a 14 HP Motor and 48 Volt system. Most models will have 150 AH Gel Batteries and a 650 amp controller. No, these components are expected to serve you a great driving experience. But in most of the review videos I’ve watched, owners have had to replace or fix some of this component, especially in cases where it was purchased from an auction. 

  • The Ruff and Tuff cart is designed with a push button forward and reverse switch integrated into the dashboard, making driving very easy. 
  • It also features a heavy-lifted suspension.
  • Unlike the Golf model, the Ruff and Tuff R/T Cruiser has 10” Aluminum rims,s which is the same length as the R/THunterr model, only that it comes with black steel rims. 
  • The R/T Mud mode, ideal for rough terrain and driving within the woods, measures 22x11x10 R/T. 
  • All models have horns, seatbelts, head, tail,l, brake lights, and turn signals. When you flip the driver’s seat, you see the battery, an attached charge meter, and a 12-power outlet.
  • The unit has a 48-volt charger and a locking Glove Box connected to the dashboard area. 
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These days, it’s hard to find who sells new accessories for Ruff And Tuff car seats. If you’re lucky enough to find one, you can integrate a Cargo Rack in the front of the center for a hunting trip. 

There’s also a fitting for a utility box for tailgating. Other accessories like sporting clay baskets, trailer hitches, and mesh utility baskets can be installed on any Ruff or TUff model. 

Ruff and Tuff Golf Cart Prices

It’s nearly impossible to see Ruff and Tuff’s golf carts listed on EV and coach retail websites. However, dealers like Texas Golf Cars & Service lists used Ruff and Tuff golf carts for sale, along with accessories. 

You can also get auction prices on platforms like World Golf Carts, where a Ruff & Tuff 6-passenger limousine golf cart sells for $6,500.  

Ruff and Tuff Golf Cart Problems

Ruff and Tuff golf carts can experience various problems over time like any other vehicle. One of the most common problems with these electric golf carts is battery-related issues, such as a dead battery, weak battery performance, or a battery that won’t hold a charge.

If you bought a Ruff and Tuff and notice this defect, check the battery connections for corrosion and ensure they are clean and secure. Also, test the battery voltage using a voltmeter. If the voltage is significantly lower than its rated voltage, it may need replacement.

Charge the battery fully and maintain a regular charging schedule. If the battery is old or damaged, consider replacing it with a new one.

Many owners have reported issues with the light accessory, so there might also be issues. I love how Motorsports, in a YouTube video, addressed the dynamics of this common Ruff and Tuff cart issue:

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Sometimes, owners face electrical issues such as malfunctioning lights, horns, or accessories. When I purchased the 2017 limo, I had to check the fuses and relays for any blown fuses or damaged components. While there was no need for replacement in my case, 

I still recommend any new owner inspect the wiring for loose connections, frayed wires, or damage. Look at how an owner battles with problems relating to fuses on his 2006 Ruff And Tuff cart that make the unit not move:

What Are Golfers Saying About The Ruff And Tuff Carts Today?

After combing the internet and seeking opinions from my favorite online golf players’ forums, I realized this brand has mixed reviews. While some blatantly advise people to steer clear of Ruff and Tuff, others encourage the purchase, provided interested buyers are ready to spend on maintenance. 

The reality is that people are still interested in this old brand, mainly due to its ruggedness. But I noticed the locals are more hunters than golfers. So the Hunter 4×4 model has more favorites than the Cruiser 2P, 4, P, or even the Limo 6 passenger. 

There’s a vast community,y such as the Electric Forum, where the usage of Ruff and Tuff golf carts is discussed,d and those who have problems with this EV resolution get help from fellow users. 


If you can purchase a Ruff and Tuff cart, don’t get your hopes too high for its ruggedness. It may look clean, and the batteries would still hold a charge with no apparent issues. In my case, the batteries are Ruff and Tuff-branded. I still can’t believe that 9-year-old storms will still do 12 miles. Still, it loses speed pretty badly when going uphill around the golf course but goes fine on the flats.

Of course, finding parts houses that carry bits for these specifically will be a problem. Of course, some mechanics have found a way to replace components of this old cart with those on the popular EZ-GO, which are plentiful. So, that’s a silver lining. 



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