The Ultimate Guide to Sand Valley Golf Rates: Everything You Need to Know

Welcome, golf enthusiasts, to our comprehensive guide to Sand Valley golf rates. Understanding the pricing structure is key to planning your perfect golfing getaway. In this detailed article, we’ll explore the different components of Sand Valley golf rates, reveal the seasonal variations, discuss replay rates, and provide information on lodging options. Let’s dive in and ensure you get the most out of your Sand Valley experience.

Sand Valley Golf Rates

Understanding Sand Valley Golf Rates

Sand Valley’s golf rates are divided into five sections throughout the year, each with its own pricing pool. From April 19 to May 14, resort guests can enjoy a green fee of $110. During May 15 to 30, the rate increases to $162. From May 31 to September 28, the green fee is $225, reflecting the peak season. Lastly, from September 29 to October 19, the fee decreases to $155. It’s important to note that the courses are closed from October 20 to April 19, as they undergo maintenance.

Replay Rates and Junior Pricing

Sand Valley offers a fantastic replay rate of 50 percent off the rack rate for the day. This means you can take advantage of additional rounds at a reduced cost and make the most of your time on the course. Juniors aged 16 and under have their own special rates, ranging from $30 to $50 per round, depending on the time of year.

Lodging Options at Sand Valley

When planning your stay at Sand Valley, you’ll find a range of lodging options to suit your preferences. Let’s explore the three fantastic choices available:

Fairway Lodge

Ideal for 1-2 guests, the Fairway Lodge offers high-end and modern rooms with a rustic touch. Nightly prices vary based on the time of year, ranging from $175 per night during the quieter periods to $350 per night during the bustling summer and early fall seasons.


Overlooking Lake Leopold and part of the course, the cottages accommodate either four or eight people. In addition to the rooms, they offer various amenities and stunning views from the decking. Rates for the cottages range from $900 per night during the off-peak seasons to $1,800 per night during peak times.

Clubhouse Lodge

Located within the Sand Valley clubhouse, the Clubhouse Lodge offers rooms with fire pits, dining facilities, and other cozy amenities. With three room types accommodating 1-4 people, the lodge serves as the nerve center of the resort. Rates vary depending on the season, starting at $165 per night for a king room during the low season and reaching $1,800 per night for the luxurious four-bedroom Mammoth Suite during high season.

Exploring the Sandbox

For a more relaxed and casual golfing experience, be sure to visit The Sandbox. Green fees for this course range from $30 to $65, depending on the time of year. It offers an enjoyable and laid-back environment for golfers of all skill levels.

At Sand Valley, the facility is walking-only, as carts are not permitted. However, caddies are available upon request, providing an added level of service and expertise to enhance your golfing adventure.

Additional Amenities

When you play at Sand Valley, you get more than just exceptional golf. The golf rates often include access to practice facilities, ensuring you can fine-tune your skills before hitting the course. Additionally, golf carts may be provided, offering a convenient and comfortable way to navigate the stunning landscapes. For an elevated experience, consider taking advantage of caddie services, allowing you to focus solely on your game.


We’ve covered everything you need to know about the pricing structure, lodging options, and amenities available at this remarkable golf destination. Remember to plan your golfing trip based on the seasonal rates and take advantage of the replay rate for additional rounds. Whether you choose to stay at the Fairway Lodge, the Cottages, or the Clubhouse Lodge, each offers its unique charm and comforts. Embrace the beauty of Sand Valley and prepare for an unforgettable golfing experience surrounded by nature’s wonders.


Q : Can I use a golf cart at Sand Valley?

A : No, Sand Valley is a walking-only facility, and golf carts are not permitted.

Q : What are the junior golf rates at Sand Valley?

A : Junior golfers aged 16 and under can expect to pay between $30 and $50 per round, depending on the time of year.

Q : What are the lodging options at Sand Valley?

A : Sand Valley offers three lodging options: Fairway Lodge, Cottages, and Clubhouse Lodge, each with its own unique features and pricing ranges.