Turf Factory Direct Reviews

Turf Factory Direct Reviews

Turf Factory Direct (TDF) is a popular recommendation in various golf communities as a supplier of premium artificial grass products, especially for putting greens. Their lineup includes Putting Elite, Birdie Put Elite, Nylon Putt, Supreme Fringe, and Elite Fringe, among others, which are all priced below $4 per square foot.

If you’re looking for putting greens for a miniature golf course, an eighteen-hole course, or your own personal putting green right in your backyard, several different types of putting greens are available to fit your needs. 

If you’re about to trigger on putting turf but haven’t decided between TFD Elite and other rival options like the STI NP50, you must have noticed that there aren’t many reviews out there regarding the performance of putting greens made by TFD. 

Fortunately, I have samples from TFD, and they seem nice. The customer support was beneficial, and the price was reasonable. However, my findings with this turf go beyond the obvious.

I have written this article to give you a comprehensive idea of how the artificial putting green sold at Turf Factory Direct measures up to help you decide if it’s worth your consideration. 

Turf Factory Direct Putting Green Options

Not all green turf is made the same way, so Turf Factory Direct carries a wide variety of artificial turf. Some of their products are slick, which is a good idea if you want your golf balls to move more quickly. Some turf models have a thicker composition. 

Here are the major options, along with their price: 

Birdie Putt Elite

Birdie Putt Elite

  • It is super realistic that they have grain (the foam mimics grain), so you can put it into the grain or down-grain
Nylon Putt Extreme

Nylon Putt Extreme

  • Texturized yarn for a higher level of play
Nylon 36 UR

Nylon 36 UR

  • 24 oz polyurethane backing for dimensional stability
Putting Elite

Putting Elite

  • Mid-weight texturized nylon and the most popular option from TFD for DIY
Two-Tone Putt

Two-Tone Putt

  • Dual-color for a natural-looking, non-infill putting green.
Putt Putt

Putt Putt

  • Perfect for commercial putt-putt courses and unsuitable for backyard putting greens because it’s the lightest option –  with a face weight of 25 oz.
Poly Putt

Poly Putt

  • For use as sand-filled putting material
Elite Fringe

Elite Fringe

  • Perfect tone pairing for TFD putting greens and features perforated holes for drainage
Supreme Fringe

Supreme Fringe

  • Doubles as a pet turf option

TFD options make one realize that not all turfs are created equal. The popular options among their models are the Birdie Putt Elite and the Putting Elite. My review is going to focus on the Putting Elite design.

TFD Putting Elite Material

 TFD Putting Elite is a mid-weight texturized nylon with a face weight of 36 oz per sq.yd. It is the brand’s most popular putting green on the market, and people order this design to create DIY or professional putting green surfaces from novice to pro golfers.   

I like the compatibility of this turf. At just 7/16″, it rolls out and putts, or you can add silica sand infill to increase the stimpmeter speed.

TFD Putting Elite Material  Specifications 

Color: Turf Green
Face Weight36 oz.
Backing25 oz. Natural Rubber Backing
YarnTexturized Nylon
WarrantyTen year
Minimum Order15’x15′
LengthCustom Length
Pile Height7/16″

Shipping Issues

Shipping issues and installation services Turf Factory Direct offers have attracted decent reviews so far. Many users are satisfied with how this design works for them. However, I still recommend you read about their Shipping information before purchasing any of their putting green turf. They all have different size specifications for order. 

Is Turf Factory Direct Putting Green Worth It?

The excellent pricing is the first and apparent good side of shopping a putting green from Turf Factory Direct options. 

Their putting turf rolls well enough and is durable enough to double as stance material. I particularly like that the Putting Elite turf design has a 15’ width. My 3rd stall in my garage is 15ft wide x 20ft long, so it was pretty convenient for me to cover the entire space in putting turf. 

If you’re looking for a perfect or professional grade putting turf, other premium options like PrimePut and SIGPRO Double Break Putting Green offer better value than the options listed on TFD. 

However, suppose you need a nice-looking turf that works for simulator play, rolls decent enough for occasional putting practice, and costs less than $5 a square foot. In that case, Turf Factory Direct is an excellent option. 

It all comes down to knowing precisely what you want and deciding based on that. If you care about the rollout or how it interacts with your ball for that purpose, it will be easy to identify which TFD putting mat will suffice for your situation. 

Above all, seek quality. The last thing you want is strands flaking off and making a mess over time. Thankfully, the TFD putting greens has a track record of standing the test of time. 


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