DIY Retractable Golf Net


Create a DIY retractable golf net by attaching a durable mesh to a PVC frame. Install a simple pulley system at the top to allow easy extension and retraction. Secure the pulley end to a fixed point and the other to a handle. That way, you can practice your swings freely and conveniently, then stow them away effortlessly.

Buying an all-in-one golf simulator is expensive – from a high-quality tracking system and projector to turf, screen, and enclosure. The DIY approach to building a simulator experience isn’t easy, especially if you work with a limited space like your garage. 

I have built a DIY simulator setup in my garage for winter practice, and I remember having a golf net that made it almost impossible for me to have a car in the garage. I contemplated rigging up a retractable net that hangs from the garage door track. 

In this article, I will show you how I achieved this by doing some netting and wrapping it around a weighted PVC at the bottom, then using pulleys and rope to raise and lower it. And I’m going to tell you upfront that this method stopped the golf ball before it whacks into the garage door. However, I gained utmost satisfaction after purchasing the Spornia SPG-7 net, which I will now recommend in a heartbeat for anyone looking for a DIY retractable golf net today. 

So before we dive into the step-by-step DIY procedure for creating a golf net, here’s why you may want to consider saving yourself the stress and getting Spornia.

DIY Retractable Golf Net – Spornia SPG-7 Practice Net 

Retractable Golf Net


  • DIMENSION:  7ft. x 7ft. x 7ft. high + Roof
  • Noise Reduction Target Sheet
  • Roof attachment for missed/errant shots 
  • One circular chipping basket

The Spornia SPG-7 net folds up easily and allows you to park the cars in the garage if that’s your area of setup. 

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It’s an ideal option if you’re interested in a golf net that you can store away and park without any worries of shanks and pop-ups, thanks to the extra side netting that comes as an add-on. It connects via Velcro on every foot. 

I like the automatic Ball Return to your feet for constant practice. It’s easy and instant to set up and take down, and it also comes with a target sheet that protects and absorbs ball impact. 

It comes with: 

  • SPG-7 Golf Practice Net (Dimensions: 7ft. x 7ft. x 7ft. high + Roof) 
  • Noise Reduction Target Sheet
  • Roof attachment for missed/errant shots 
  • One circular chipping basket

If you’re looking for a DIY retractable golf net idea, you won’t go wrong with the Spornia practice net, especially if you’re working with limited space. I love how Golf Quest unboxes and explains the benefits and potential downsides of this DIY option in the video below:

Now, if you don’t wish to shell out close to $300 for this DIY retractable option, you can make one from scratch. Building your DIY net can cost you less than $100, although the cost will depend on the net size you’re going for.

Materials For DIY Retractable Golf Net From Scratch

There are many creative ways you can construct a golf net. But for a standalone haul, here are the basic things you need to put together to make things work:

MaterialsQuantityPriceWhere to buy
A high-impact netting (get a little more than your intended net size)1$40Check on Amazon
1.5″ PVC pipes (10′ for a 10ft x 10ft net, depending on your preferred size)5$12.59Check on Amazon
Pulley system (pulleys, rope, and hooks)1$26Check On Amazon
1.5″ PVC 5-way cross fittings2
1.5″ PVC elbow fittings2
screw hooks or eye hooks
Other materials such as Measuring tape, Marker, handle or grip, anchors (wall anchors or stakes)

The Process

Follow these steps for a DIY approach to making a retractable golf net:

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Step 1: Design Planning

Determine the desired dimensions of the golf net and frame. Standard sizes are about 10 feet wide, 7 feet tall, and 3 feet deep. Sketch a plan for the structure, considering the placement of the pulley system and how it will retract.

Step 2: Cutting PVC Pipes

Cut the PVC pipes to the required lengths using a saw. You’ll need four vertical pipes (height of the net) and two horizontal pipes (width of the net). Cut additional pieces to create the top crossbar and base.

Step 3: Assemble the Frame

Assemble the PVC frame using connectors. Attach elbows to the top of the vertical pipes to form the upper corners. Connect horizontal lines to the elbows, including the top of the frame.

You can use tees to join the vertical pipes with the base pipes.

Step 4: Attaching the Net

Spread the golf netting and attach it to the frame using screws and a drill. Start from the top and work down, ensuring the net is taut.

Attach the netting to the frame’s crossbar, sides, and base.

Step 5: Installing Pulley System

Mount the pulleys at the top corners of the frame, ensuring they are aligned. Thread the rope through the pulleys, forming a loop. Tie a knot at one end to prevent slipping.

Step 6: Installing Eye Hooks

Attach eye hooks to the wall or another sturdy structure above the area where the net will be used. Make sure the pins are aligned with the pulleys on the frame. 

Step 7: Attaching Handle and Test the Retraction

Attach a handle or grip to the loose end of the rope that hangs down from the frame. Pull down on the handle to extend the net fully. Test the retraction by pulling the handle again, allowing the pulleys to back up the net.

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Step 8: Securing Base and Stakes

If you’re using the net indoors, secure the base of the frame to prevent tipping.

If using outdoors, drive stakes into the ground to stabilize the frame.

Test the net by hitting golf balls into it. Make any necessary adjustments to the frame or netting for stability and functionality.

You can paint the PVC pipes to improve appearance and durability. But now, you have a retractable golf net that you can extend for practice and retract when not in use for convenient storage.

I hope you found this guide helpful. If you feel stuck in any of the processes, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment, and I’ll be happy to put you through.



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