What To Wear With White Golf Shoes

What To Wear With White Golf Shoes


When styling white golf shoes, it’s important to aim for a timeless and elegant look that showcases your style and passion for the game. Whether you pair them with khaki shorts or pants for a classic ensemble, a polo shirt, or a stylish golf dress for women, the goal is to embody sophistication and athleticism. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold patterns and contrasting colours to add a touch of flair and uniqueness. Ultimately, the objective is to make your signature look as distinctive as your swing.

Personally, I enjoy mixing up my style when wearing my white Footjoy Fuel golf shoes. Putting together a golfing outfit not only brings me joy but also gives me a confidence boost when stepping onto the course. Recently, a fellow golfer approached me and revealed difficulty matching his white golf shoes, which surprised me. In my experience, white golf shoes offer a dynamic advantage as they can effortlessly adapt to your fashion preferences.

In this article, I will provide outfit ideas that pair well with white golf shoes, giving you a timeless look of sophistication and confidence. I will also share essential tips and tricks on maintaining the pristine condition of your white golf shoes.

Clothing attire that goes perfectly with white golf shoes 

Classic khaki or shorts

Classic khaki or tailored shorts are the epitome of traditional golf attire. To enhance the outfit, consider adding a woven belt for a touch of sophistication. Pay attention to the length of your shorts, ensuring they are appropriate for the golf course and contribute to a polished appearance. 

Occasionally, I like experimenting with vibrant-coloured shorts featuring geometric prints, which make a bold fashion statement. However, when opting for bold shorts, it is advisable to pair them with a neutral or complementary solid-coloured polo shirt.

Polo shirts 

White polo shirts are a must-have in every golfer’s wardrobe. They are incredibly versatile, offering an effortless pairing option that never fails to impress. However, why limit yourself to just white? Embrace variety by adding a contrasting shade, like a navy polo, to add visual appeal to your outfit.

The key is to find a balance between fashion and comfort. Look for polo shirts with mesh inserts, such as the Nike Dri-FIT Tour Men’s Jacquard Polo, which offer optimal breathability to keep you cool and comfortable during your game. For a sleek and put-together look, consider choosing slim-fit polo shirts. The J. Lindeberg Heath Polo is a great option to achieve this.

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Stylish vest, matching jackets and pullover

Introducing a cool vest, jacket, or pullover to your golfing outfit keeps you warm in colder weather and adds a touch of class to your overall style. Just casually draping a nice sweater over your shoulders is practical and fashionable, especially on chilly mornings. Wear lightweight materials and colours that go well with your shirt and pants.

I found that pairing white Footjoy Fuel golf shoes with a navy blue Under Armour Men’s UA Storm Session Golf Vest was a winning combo. Ladies, if you want to add an extra layer to your golfing ensemble, the Adidas Frostguard Full Zip Vest is a fantastic choice.

Tailored golf skirts:

Who says you can’t rock femininity and chic style on the golf course? The key is finding the perfect balance. Upgrade your golf attire by choosing a trendy golf skirt such as the J LINDEBERG Frida Striped Knit 14.5″ Skort, or opt for a skirt with a pop of colour. 

Select breathable fabrics in classic colours like white, black, or navy for comfort and sophistication. To complete your look, add subtle accessories like a hair band. Not only will it keep your hair in place, but it will also add a touch of effortless polish to your outfit on the fairways.

Invisible or patterned socks

Invisible socks are perfect like Swiftwick  Aspire  Zero Sock

You are aiming for a sleek, sophisticated, and minimalistic appearance. These socks are extremely comfortable and go well with white golf shoes. However, I prefer incorporating more colourful and vibrant socks into my style. If you like me and like vibrant-coloured socks, ensure they complement your overall colour scheme. Also, remember to ensure that the length of the socks aligns with the dress code of the golf course you are playing on.

Classic baseball cap

A classic baseball cap in neutral tones like the black Nike Dri-FIT Tiger Woods Legacy91 or blue Travismathew Base Tan Hat is a foolproof way to elevate your golfing look and achieve a polished appearance, especially when paired with white golf shoes. Whether shielding your eyes from the sun or adding a sporty touch to your ensemble, a well-chosen baseball cap can be an essential accessory.

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Maintenance and care for your white golf shoes

Imagine stepping onto the tee, wearing a classic polo shirt paired with a perfectly patterned sweater vest, a stylish leather belt highlighting tailored khaki shorts, and gleaming white golf shoes. The feeling? One of confidence and stylish preparedness, ready to conquer the game swing after swing.

Now, picture this impeccable ensemble with mud caked on your pristine white golf shoes. It’s not the most pleasant image, I can assure you. I experienced this firsthand, and it reminded me how important it is to prevent such mishaps. Stains on white golf shoes are highly noticeable and, if not addressed correctly, can quickly cause damage.

This emphasizes the significance of proper maintenance for white golf shoes. Ensuring their upkeep is not just about appearances; keeping the boots in excellent condition is a fundamental practice. I will share some effective methods to keep my golf shoes in great shape, guaranteeing they are primed and ready for my next game.

But first, some cleaning materials must be in your cleaning kit.

  • A brush or rag
  • A cleaning solution: this is usually made up of materials specially adapted for the nature of your golf shoe, which could be leather or synthetic.
  • Soap and water 
  • Polish for white shoes.

Have a regular cleaning routine

I try to wipe off dirt from my shoes after a round, even when I feel tired and don’t like it. If you decide to wait after 2 or more rounds before cleaning, the stains and dirt may become more difficult to remove. I opt for a soft rag or brush to tackle dirt, using a gentle touch to avoid potential damage.

A mixture of soap and water becomes my go-to solution when addressing stains. It’s crucial to avoid harsh chemicals that could potentially harm the shoes. I do not use excessive water; a small amount, coupled with mild soap and a gentle scrubbing for about 3-5 minutes, proves sufficient to remove any stubborn stains. 

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This mindful approach not only preserves the appearance of my white golf shoes but also ensures they remain in top condition, ready to accompany me on the next round. 

Air dry and avoid direct sunlight

I remember storing my first set of SKECHERS GO GOLF Torque Pro Golf Shoes in the trunk of my car without allowing them to dry properly. The unwelcome odor engulfing the shoes each time I retrieved them for use taught me the valuable lesson of ensuring thorough drying before storage.

Allowing your golf shoes to dry naturally in the shade is a key practice for proper maintenance. Never dry your shoes under direct sunlight; exposure to intense sunlight can potentially lead to discoloration.

Use shoe trees

This is a must-have tool, and I have used it to keep my golf shoes in great condition. They are great for maintaining the shape of your shoe when they are not in use. It also prevents creases from forming on them. 

Store in a dry place 

You should always keep your shoes in a cool dry place to prevent mold from growing on them. 

Rotate your golf shoes

Rotating between two or more pairs of golf shoes is a wise practice, especially if you engage in regular rounds of golf. This simple yet effective strategy significantly contributes to extending the lifespan of your shoes and keeping them in great shape longer. 

Regularly inspect your golf shoes for wear and tear

Check your golf shoes for signs of damage regularly. I try to do this before and after keeping them for storage. This will help you detect worn-out shoes or damaged spikes that could affect your comfort and performance. 

Closing remarks

In exploring what to wear with your golf shoes, it’s crucial to recognize that your chosen ensemble represents your style and dedication to the game.  But as you go about your exploration, consider the setting and formality of the golf course. Strike a balance between fashion and functionality by prioritizing your comfort and ease of movement, ensuring that your attire looks good and enhances your on-course performance.

Lastly, embrace color coordination and contrasts, ensuring that style never compromises functionality.



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