Best Golf Ball for Slice



The best ball for slice should have low spin and alignment aids to assist in aligning your putter’s face for straighter shots. Prioritize golf balls with durable construction, a low-compression core, and a firm surface. Opting for balls with these attributes should help correct the slicing problem in your shots.


When I initially took up golf, one major issue I struggled with was slicing. For a long time, I was slicing tee shots out of bounds, which was very frustrating. I constantly tried to make good distances, but the ball kept going off-target. Determined to improve, I delved into extensive research to find ways to rectify this problem. Through my research, I discovered that choosing the golf ball can significantly impact slice reduction. Motivated to address this challenge, I decided to experiment with various golf balls and have curated a list of five that exhibit features to minimize slice.


In the end, I opted for the TaylorMade TP5x golf balls. These balls provided an excellent feel, and I experienced more controlled spins. Additionally, the availability of vibrant yellow colors made them easy to spot on the course. The only drawback was the relatively high cost. If you seek a more budget-friendly alternative, I recommend the TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls. While these balls are among the most affordable options and can help address slicing issues, they fall short in durability and overall feel.


In the rest of this article, I will assess the unique features of these golf balls that make them the best for slice. I’ll discuss their performance based on testing, outline the advantages each offers, and pinpoint the drawbacks I observed during testing.


Specification comparison:

These golf balls are meticulously designed for lasting durability, incorporating distinctive features and specifications that distinguish them as the premier choice for addressing a slice. Let’s look at these key specifications: construction, cover, and pricing.


Golf Ball TaylorMade TP5x golf balls Srixon Z-STAR XV 8 Golf Balls TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft Golf Balls Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls Srixon Soft Feel 13 Brite Golf Balls
Construction 5 layers 3-piece 2-piece 2-Piece 2-piece
Compression 98 102 34 38 60
Cover Urethane Urethane Ionomer Hybrid cover Ionomer
Dimple Number 322 338 342 332 338
Price $44.98 $47.99 $24.99 $44.99 $22.99


TaylorMade TP5x Golf Ball

The TaylorMade TP5x Golf Ball provides outstanding swing and precise spin control, which makes it a great voice for minimizing slices. Its durability is noteworthy, and the availability of a yellow option enhances visibility, reducing the likelihood of losing the ball. Additionally, it offers a pleasantly soft feel during play.


However, it’s essential to note that this option comes at a higher price point than other alternatives, making it less suitable if you are budget-conscious. Moreover, golfers with a slower swing speed may find this ball less compatible with their playing style.



This golf ball stands out with its 322-dimple Flight Dimple Pattern, delivering exceptional aerodynamics for maximum carry distances and a steep angle of descent, particularly useful on long irons.


The innovative dimple pattern, combined with the tri-fast core, has noticeably improved lift, stability, and reduced drag during my rounds. I’ve found its high-end construction to be impressively durable, handling numerous hits without showing significant wear.


With its 5-layer design featuring four increasingly stiff layers enclosed in a cast urethane cover, the TP5x has consistently provided unmatched performance both off the tee and on approach shots.


One of my favorite features is the integration of HFM (high-flex material), which contributes to higher ball speeds through an enhanced rebound effect. The availability of a yellow color option is another plus, making it easy to spot and track on the course, ultimately reducing the chances of losing the ball—an aspect I particularly appreciate.



I experimented with this ball using my Apex irons and a Ping G2, and it performed exceptionally well on full shots, chips, and putts. They enhanced my swing and consistently traveled in the desired direction.


The TP5x delivers a higher ball flight and longer carry, making it especially effective off the driver with a pleasing feel on the putter. The yellow color is a practical choice, ensuring easy visibility on the course. Even in challenging conditions like wind or cold weather, the TP5x maintains its trajectory, making it my top pick as a dedicated golf player.


In a fitting session for my 13-year-old daughter with a 76-mph club speed, the TP5x surprisingly yielded her best shots. She also had impressive results when she used this ball with Taylormade Stealth Irons, Driver, and Fairway Woods in a prior fitting for new clubs. The TP5X has become her tournament go-to ball, contributing to improved carry and consistency. I find the ball’s feel off the clubface inspiring confidence. Whether chipping or putting from various distances, the TP5x consistently delivers.


However, the main drawback of the TP5x is its cost. It’s a premium ball and comes at a more expensive cost.


Despite the higher price, the TP5x remains my top choice for its overall performance, truer ball flight, and remarkable touch and spin, especially with wedges around the green.

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What I liked:

  • Outstanding swing and precise spin control.
  • Noteworthy durability.
  • The high-visibility yellow option reduces the chances of losing the ball.
  • Offers a pleasantly soft feel during play.
  • Exceptional aerodynamics with a 322-dimple flight dimple pattern.


What I didn’t like:

  • Higher price point compared to other alternatives.
  • It is not the best choice for players with slow swing speeds.


Srixon Z-STAR XV 8 2023 Golf Ball

This golf ball has an inner core that generates outstanding speed and distance. It provides excellent control, stopping power, and an amazing feel. However, it’s worth noting that this ball falls on the higher end in terms of cost and is more ideally suited for players with higher swing speeds.



The Srixon Z-STAR XV 8 2023 Golf Ball’s innovative design features FastLayer DG Cores with a unique contrasting compression. The soft center that gradually firms up from the inside out allows for a quick rebound off the face, providing exceptional distance while maintaining a great feel.


I appreciate the urethane cover, which increases friction and improves overall performance. This, in turn, offers more spin and control, especially around the greens, giving me tour-level stopping power on my short-game shots.


The 3-piece construction of this ball speaks to its durability, making it a reliable choice for extended use. The 338 Speed Dimples play a crucial role in its aerodynamics, ensuring a low drag coefficient that keeps the ball on target even in challenging weather conditions. Whether facing headwinds or other adverse weather elements, this design minimizes air drag and helps maintain consistent distance.



I was impressed with the performance of the Srixon Z Star XV golf balls. They deliver excellent spin, impressive distance, and a remarkable trajectory, especially off the tee. The feel with long irons and around the greens is something I truly appreciate, providing both precision and control.


During my comparison test with the new Pro V1X on Trackman, the Srixon Z Star XV produced outstanding spin and distance across all clubs, and while the Pro V1X was slightly softer, it fell short in terms of distance.


The Srixon Z-STAR XV 8 2023 Golf Ball trajectory off the driver was high, and the distance, especially into the wind, was impressive. The yellow-colored balls stand out in any condition, making them easy to spot.


With a driver swing speed of around 103 mph, I find these balls long off the tee and provide great control on and around the greens, making them an excellent choice for my game.


One notable downside, however, is the price; it is quite steep, making it a more expensive option.


What I liked:

  •  Outstanding speed and distance.
  • Excellent control and stopping power.
  • Amazing feel with unique contrasting compression.
  • Impressive spin, distance, and trajectory.
  • High visibility with the tour yellow color.

What I didn’t like:

  • Higher cost.
  • Not ideal for slower swing speeds.

TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft Golf Balls


This golf ball is designed to deliver exceptional distance while offering great shot-shaping control and forgiveness. An added advantage is its affordability, making it a budget-friendly option. However, it’s important to note that it may not be as durable as some premium, more expensive alternatives, and its feel might not match up to those higher-end options.



This golf ball boasts a 342 aerodynamic dimple pattern and a 2-layer construction. It is designed with a soft ionomer cover and ensures a soft feel around the green.


One standout feature is its affordability, making it a top choice for many golfers due to its reasonable pricing.



In my opinion, they stand out as the most affordable option, with impressive results for intermediate and average players, making them my go-to for weekend rounds. The softer contact contributes to a comfortable swing, and despite the softer feel, these balls maintain a true and straight trajectory.


With a drive distance of about 250 yards, these balls match up well with more expensive alternatives. They provide great distance and allow for shot shaping as needed.


These golf balls are a good choice for weekend players on a budget. They are well-suited for novices, providing extra distance at an affordable price point.


I had my 73-year-old dad try them out, and with his slowed-down swing, he found them forgiving on his hands and capable of traveling farther than other golf balls. They hit true, producing a good arc with both wood and iron. They are a solid choice with a nice soft feel, good distance, and a price of only $1 per ball.


However, if you’re a more skilled golfer with a swing speed over 100 mph, consider higher-priced alternatives for improved distance and workability around the greens. Those would serve you better.


While they are a bit harder than the Srixon Soft Feel, their playability and budget-friendly price make them a compelling option for golfers on a budget seeking to reduce slice.

What I liked:

  • Exceptional distance for longer shots.
  • Great shot-shaping control for versatility.
  • A budget-friendly option for affordability.
  • forgiving hands, suitable for slower swings.


What I didn’t like:

  • Durability concerns compared to premium options.
  • Feel may not match higher-end golf balls.
  • Some compromises in performance around the green.


Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball

True to their name, these golf balls are super soft, providing great distance and straighter shots, making them an excellent choice for reducing slices. They offer impressive control and are well-suited for achieving higher speeds.

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Additionally, their durability makes them a compelling option. However, it’s worth noting that these balls are not a budget-friendly option, and while the cover is durable, it may be slightly less resilient than other premium alternatives.



I’ve been impressed with Callaway’s golf ball featuring the HyperElastic SoftFast Core. The core is designed to boost ball speed, especially for the driver, while maintaining a soft feel with irons and around the green. The ultra-low compression core has noticeably improved both my distance and accuracy.


The dynamic Hybrid Cover is another standout feature that contributes to long-distance shots and provides exceptional spin, a fantastic feel, and excellent control in my short game.


Another aspect that caught my attention is the new long-drag HEX aerodynamic design. It enhances lift and reduces drag, ultimately improving the overall performance and lifespan of the ball. It’s great to see these features work together to deliver a solid and versatile golf ball experience.



I’ve always been a devoted fan of Callaway, having a set of clubs and a bag from them. I appreciate the feel and durability they offer.


During a vacation to Arizona, I played my lowest round ever with these balls and didn’t lose a single one throughout all 18 holes. They are soft and forgiving, making them perfect for a golfer like me who is below average. The pink color is a standout choice, making them easy to spot on the course. If you’re just starting in golf, you won’t need to look further for a ball.


The distance off the tee is impressive, and as a higher handicap golfer, I can compress these balls to generate spin, allowing me to stick them on the green with more control. The soft feel when putting provides instant positive feedback, and I love the way they come off the driver and iron club face.


I enjoy the compression and response of these golf balls. When my 73-year-old dad tried them out, he achieved 240 yards off the tee, straighter than ever due to the low spin rate. He kept more shots on the fairway and hit more greens in regulation. The additional yards gained were impressive, and the durability of these balls stood out.


While the balls are a bit springy during chipping and putting, they scuff easier than some premium options.


The sound and roll on the greens are the main reasons I like these balls. I prefer the dull sound they produce, and the thick, dark line-up line is convenient both on the greens and the tee. The matte finish adds to a nice roll, and while there might be better balls out there, these deliver the results I expect in their price range.


Another notable downside I observed while trying them out was that the cover was not very durable.

What I liked:

  • It provides a soft feel.
  • Impressive distance with a good spin for control.
  • Reduces sidespin and minimizes slices, offering straighter shots.
  • A more affordable option
  • Pink and orange colors are available for better visibility.


What I didn’t like:

  • The cover is slightly less resilient than premium alternatives.
  • Prone to scuffing is easier than premium options.
  • More suitable for slower swing speeds.


Srixon Soft Feel 13 Brite Golf Balls

This golf ball provides a soft feel and impressive distance, making it an excellent choice for players with slower swing speeds. It combines durability with high quality, offering great value for its price.



This ball features a fast-layer core that transitions from a soft center to a firm outer edge. This unique design gives me an incredibly soft feel and impressive distance off the tee. The two-piece construction not only ensures durability but also enhances overall performance.


The 338 SPEED DIMPLE PATTERN is a standout feature, reducing drag at launch and increasing lift during descent. This means more distance overall and improved performance, especially in windy conditions.


The soft and thin cover of the ball adds to its excellence, providing more greenside spin and a softer feel on all my pitches, chips, and putts.


I particularly appreciate the three vibrant Brite color options—red, orange, and green—that add a touch of fun and enhance visibility. Finding my ball on the course is a breeze, making each round more enjoyable.


I’ve found the Srixon Soft Touch balls to be really consistent in terms of flight, distance, and the feel around the greens.


They’re a reliable and solid option that doesn’t break the bank. I genuinely enjoy the overall performance of these balls, with distance and control being two key factors. However, I think the spin they offer around the greens could be better.


What I liked:

  • Provides a soft and pleasant feel.
  • Delivers noteworthy distance.
  • 2-piece construction ensures durability.
  • Vibrant red, orange, and green for visibility.
  • It is a more affordable option and offers great value for the price.


What I didn’t like:

  • Spin around the greens needs further improvement.


Features to look out for when choosing the best golf ball for a slice

Low Spin:

When struggling with a slice in your golf shots, a key attribute to consider in the best golf ball is low spin. Choosing a ball with a low spin helps mitigate the sidespin created upon impact. This is particularly advantageous for individuals contending with a slice, as it encourages straighter and more precise shots.

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A golf ball with low spin affords greater control over your ball’s trajectory, leading to enhanced accuracy and predictability in its flight path. It’s essential to prioritize this characteristic when picking a golf ball to tackle and effectively minimize your slice’s influence on the course.


Low Compression:

Low-compression balls are intentionally crafted to deform more upon impact, and this quality proves especially beneficial for those with a slower swing speed. Opting for a ball with low compression helps minimize sidespin, resulting in straighter and more controlled shots.


The softer feel of these balls contributes to improved overall control, facilitating better contact and distance even with a moderate swing speed. When searching for the optimal golf ball to address your slice, it’s crucial to prioritize one with low compression.


Dimple Design:

When choosing a golf ball, paying attention to the dimple design is crucial. Dimples play a pivotal role in a golf ball’s aerodynamics, influencing its trajectory and stability during flight. Golf balls typically have between 300 and 500 dimples, and the specific count can vary based on the ball’s design and intended characteristics.


A well-designed dimple pattern can optimize lift, reduce drag, and enhance accuracy. It’s essential to look for golf balls with dimple patterns that contribute to a stable ball flight, minimizing the likelihood of a slice. Aerodynamically efficient dimple designs can significantly affect the ball’s performance, offering the potential for straighter and more controlled shots.


Alignment Aid:

An alignment aid on a golf ball typically consists of visual elements like arrows, lines, or a distinctive pattern strategically designed to help golfers align their shots accurately.


This aid serves as a visual guide during setup, assisting golfers in aligning the ball precisely with the target or the intended shot path. It proves especially beneficial for those dealing with alignment challenges, offering a clear reference point for positioning the ball around the target and the desired line of play.


Incorporating a golf ball with an alignment aid into your game can contribute to improved setup consistency, enhanced aim, and potentially a reduced likelihood of a slice by ensuring more precise alignment of your shots. When choosing a golf ball with a suitable alignment aid, you must consider your personal preferences and how the visual cues align with your aiming habits.



If you’re struggling with a slice in your golf shots, opting for two-piece construction golf balls is ideal. These balls are specifically designed to minimize spin, assisting in keeping your shots straighter and mitigating the impact of your slice.


Featuring a simple design with a solid core and a durable cover, two-piece balls also come with the added advantage of affordability, making them perfect for beginners and those embarking on their golf journey.


Durable Cover:

When selecting golf balls, prioritizing a durable cover is paramount for the longevity and performance of your game. This outer layer, often crafted from robust materials like surlyn or ionomer, serves as a protective barrier against the rigors of the game. It shields the ball from scuffs, cuts, and impacts with various surfaces, ensuring an extended lifespan and consistent performance.


For you, as a golfer, this translates to reliable shot outcomes and a ball that can withstand the demands of regular play. The cover’s durability also enhances your golf ball’s versatility, enabling it to perform well in various weather conditions. While there might be a slightly higher upfront cost, the long-lasting nature of a durable cover proves to be cost-effective, especially considering its extended durability.


Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, opting for golf balls with a durable cover ensures you have a reliable and resilient companion on the course.



Traditional white golf balls are a classic choice, offering a clean, timeless look against the green landscape. They are easy to spot during play, providing clear visibility. Yellow golf balls can also enhance visibility against green grass, especially in varying light conditions. Whether you go for the classic yellow or white or venture into more vibrant colors, the key is to find a color that enhances your ability to track the ball during play and complements your overall golfing experience.


Final Verdict

Choosing the right golf ball is crucial, especially when dealing with a slice in your shots. The TaylorMade TP5x Golf Balls stand out for their exceptional spin control, durability, and high visibility. However, they come at a higher price and may not be ideal for slow swing speeds.


The Srixon Soft Feel 13 Brite Golf Balls offer a soft feel, great distance, and affordability. They offer good value for money. However, they may need improvement in spinning around the greens.


The balls reviewed in this article are designed with features to help golfers reduce slice. When choosing one, you must watch for low spin, low compression, durable covers, dimple design, and alignment aids. Whether prioritizing spin control, affordability, or soft feel, there’s a suitable option among these recommendations.




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