Gary Player's Net Worth

Gary Player Net Worth: How Much Wealth Has He Amassed from Playing Golf?


Gary Player is a retired South African professional golfer, also known as the Black Knight and the International Ambassador of Golf. He is considered one of the greatest golfers due to his successful career. Moreover, he has won nine major championships on the regular tour. Player also has nine major championship victories on the Champions Tour.

Gary Player’s net worth fortune is about $250 million, easily putting him the the richest golfers list.

Gary Player's Net Worth

Early Life

Gary Player was born on November 1, 1935, in Johannesburg, South Africa. His father worked in the gold mines. Player began golfing at the young age of 14 and started his professional golf career less than four years later.

Career and Major Championships as a Professional Golfer

Gary Player began to golf professionally in 1953. He joined the PGA Tour in 1957. His first win on the tour was in 1958.

The South African golfer accumulated nine major titles in the following tournaments: the Open Championship, the Masters, the PGA Championships, and the U.S. Open. He is tied with Ben Hogan for the fourth most wins in golf history.

Additionally, Gary Player won the South African Open 13 times, the World Series of Golf three times, and the Australian Open seven times.

Gary Player Salary and Total Earnings

Gary Player’s net worth has accumulated to $250 million throughout his career. Due to his golf wins, the South African professional golfer earned an average salary of about $2 million annually.

The retired golfer is also a writer. He earns money through his publications, which are usually about what he knows best – golf!

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Gary Player now reportedly makes more money through his business ventures than he did with his golf clubs. His son Marc Player, CEO of Black Knight International, stated that his father’s golf course design business returns the most revenue.

He designed the Gary Player Country Club Golf Course, which is a part of the Sun International South Africa chain of resorts. Gary Player also earns his wealth through sponsorships, including Callaway and Rolex.

Gary Player

Personal Life

Gary Player has a sibling, Ian Player. His parents are Harry and Muriel Player. The golfer married Vivienne Verwey, the sister of professional golfer Bobby Verwey, in 1957. Their wedding was only a few years after the South African native began golfing professionally.

Player and his wife had six children – Marc Player, Amanda Player, Wayne Player, Jennifer Player, Michele Player, and Theresa Player. Vivienne Verwey passed away in August 2021.

Awards and Accolades

The Gary Player net worth accumulation began because of his success on the golf course. However, his consistent wins have brought more than just wealth. The golfer was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1974 and is a member of the South African Sports Hall of Fame.

Player is the recipient of the Old Tom Morris Award. He also received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2021 from President Donald Trump. In 2012, he earned the PGA Tour Lifetime Achievement Award for his success over the course of his career.

How Gary Player Spends His Money

Gary Player has a significant net worth. He spends a large portion of it on charity and philanthropy. Some of the causes he contributes to helping are pancreatic cancer and diabetes.

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The former golfer also uses his net worth to support veterans. His brother fought in World War II, which had a significant impact on his life. As such, Gary Player seeks to help families of disabled veterans.

Conclusion: Gary Player’s Net Worth

The South African golfer began to accumulate his 250-million-dollar net worth when he turned professional in golf. Since then, he has amassed numerous wins, including two PGA championships.

Today, most of his net worth comes from his business interests and non-golf-related activities. Gary Player spends much of his fortune on the advancement of charity.


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