Garmin R10 Vs Mevo Plus 

Garmin R10 Vs Mevo Plus: The Ultimate Comparison 


The Garmin R10 and Flightscope Mevo Plus are among the market’s most talked-about launch monitors.

If you’re torn between both models, the good news is that there’s no bad decision. These two devices have proven to be reliable.

But one will surely be more suitable for your needs than the other.

The major selling point of the Mevo+ is the Wi-Fi hotspot, internal alignment camera, 17 practice ranges, five simulated courses, and lots of shot data. On the other hand, the Garmin R10 flourishes in archives club stats, being a driving range simulator, smartphone compatible, 10-hour battery life, waterproof, and rechargeable battery.

I have had the Mevo Plus for a few months now and realized it’s a much better choice for scratch players and those who regularly compete in tournaments.

The R10 appeared to be a better choice for a solid launch monitor at an affordable price.

But other relevant performance factors lead to this conclusion, which I have detailed in the rest of this article.

To begin with, I have created the table below to give a rundown of what sets the R10 and Mevo Plus apart to help you make a decision:

Garmin R10 vs. Mevo Plus: Comparison Chart

FactorsGarmin Approach R10Flightscope Mevo Plus (2023 Edition)
Metrics capturedClub Head Speed, Club Face Angle, Club Path Angle, Angle of Attack, Ball Speed, Launch Angle, Launch Direction, Spin Axis, Spin Rate, Apex Height, Smash Factor, Carry Distance, Total Distance, and Deviation DistanceExisting Mevo data in addition to Horizontal Launch Angle, Lateral Landing, Angle of Attack, Total Distance, Roll Distance, Spin Axis, Spin Loft, and Shot Shape (20 in total)
Phone software supportAndroid and iOSAndroid and iOS
Battery Typeinternal rechargeable lithium-ioninternal rechargeable lithium-ion
Battery LifeUp to 10 hoursup to 3 hours
Water ProofYesYes
E6 Connect CompatibleYesYes

The App

The Flightscope Mevo Plus runs with the FS Golf App, while the Garmin R10 runs on the Garmin Golf App.

It’s cool that each device has its own dedicated app, and, to be fair, both are very good.

However, after using the R10 for a while, I noticed that it’s more user-friendly, especially for someone breaking into the world of launch simulators.

The way data is presented on the Garmin Golf App is easy to understand, but I can’t say the same for experience when it comes to making comparisons and digging into numbers.

The FS Golf app seems to do it better. Many users have also reported difficulty connecting the Garmin Golf App with the iPad.

I didn’t experience this issue, but it bears mentioning.

The app offering of the FlightScope Mevo+ makes it feel professional. When you track with the Mevo+, it feels like you’re using a higher-end device like Trackman.

The experience is similar.

Data Metrics

The data metrics offered by both devices are satisfactory.

The Garmin R10 doesn’t offer as many metrics as the Mevo+, and I didn’t expect it to.

But for its price range, it’s impressive that we can enjoy metrics like Face to Path or Club Path that are only included in the Pro Package with the Mevo Plus.

Here’s a full image of what the Garmin R10 launch monitor offers:

With the Flightscope Mevo+, you get 16 data sets, but you can upgrade to the Mevo+ Pro Package for an extra $1,000 to get 11 different metrics.

This is a steal because it is affordable compared to getting the total package in a launch monitor that costs thousands of dollars.

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Here’s a full image of what the Flightscope Mevo + launch monitor offers:

Regarding who offers more data metrics, Mevo+ is undoubtedly spot on.

If you’re concerned with game improvement while shopping for launch monitors, this is the green light at the Mevo+.


Regarding performance, it’s easy to conclude that both devices have a tie because they equally come with a mobile subscription to the e6 Simulator software, a well-known simulator option on the market.

P.S.: You can’t connect the software to your PC or projector. It’s simply mobile subscription-based.

It is worth noting that the R10 doesn’t track putts, whereas the Mevo+ will.

So, the Flightscope sounds more appealing to someone who desires to play a full round of golf.

The performance of the FlightScope Mevo+ and the Garmin R10 indoors is decent, but the Mevo+ has an edge for indoor use since it allows you to use an AC wall adapter for continuous power.

The Garmin R10 doesn’t have this feature, but it compensates for its long-lasting battery life, which is up to 10 hours—seven hours more than the Flightscope.

Ease of Use

The Garmin R10 is Bluetooth-based, and the FlightScope Mevo+ has a Wi-Fi network to connect to. So, both are easy to use with their respective connection modules.

However, some people using iPads with no cellular data plan usually experience data issues with the Mevo Plus.

Since the R10 gets everything done within the Garmin golf app, it is easy to use. If you’re familiar with the Garmin ecosystem, using the R10 won’t be an issue.

Using Garmin is easier. The physical design allows for a simple plug-and-play. If you don’t like professional-level devices, the FS Mevo+ will look cumbersome to use.

The many options on the app can be a good thing but ironically, they turn out to be a not-so-great offering.

Meanwhile, for ease of usage, the Mevo+ requires 16 feet of space (8 feet behind the ball and 8 feet in front), while the R10 needs 8 feet in front of the ball but only seven behind.

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In other words, both devices have similar space limitations.

But the Mevo+ gave me more accurate readings when I moved it closer behind me.


Regarding accuracy, I wasn’t surprised to discover how the Mevo+ outranked the Garmin. It’s an expensive device, so I can only expect a lot.

In all fairness, both devices are accurate for what they are.

The difference in accuracy and performance between these two devices would probably not mean much if you’re an amateur golfer looking for some help in your practice sessions or for a fun garage simulator setup.

To put things in perspective, only two in ten shots were misread while using the Garmin R10, which is interpreted as 80% accuracy.

That’s not bad for a launch monitor below a thousand dollars. Plus, it’s easier and more accurate to use straight out of the box than the Mevo+.

But the Mevo+ has superior accuracy that pro golfers will value.

If you’re coming down from the Bushnell Lauch Pro or Trackman, you’d want to stick to the likes of Mevo+ because they offer close accuracy experience.

Overall, the lie and loft angle of the device will determine its accuracy.

Some people who have reviewed these two devices say Garmin is more accurate, and I can only imagine it’s due to weather and elevation settings, the type of ball, and other relevant factors that influence the accuracy of launch monitors apart from the device itself.

Pros and cons

Indeed, there’s no perfect product out there.

There are always two sides to the coin. To further help you decide which of these launch monitors is best for you, consider the pros and cons of each:

Garmin Approach R10

What I likeWhat I don’t like
It’s a great value for the money.It loses connection outdoors easily.
Easy to set up and use. Also very portableIt can take a few swings of trial and error to get it at the angle where the horizontal misses and correct it.
It allows you to save data from your practice sessions to view at any time.The launch direction accuracy was consistently off by at least 4 degrees.
It is an affordable but reliable launch monitor.It would be better if slow motion were added to the video capabilities.
Stronger battery life that lasts up to 10 hoursYou need to pay for a subscription to use the Home Tee Hero mode.

Flightscope Mevo Plus

What I likeWhat I don’t like
It’s game-improvement-orientedmore expensive than the R10
Onboard Wi-Fi hotspot for a stronger connectionShort-game accuracy is not so great.
Stress-free alignment processNot as fast as the R10 when registering shot readings
It works great for outdoorLagging performance indoors
The shot data is impressive.Not as portable as the R10

Verdict summary

Both the Garmin R10 and Mevo Plus are great devices.

I like the built-in stand of the Mevo Plus. The overall construction quality of the device feels more “pro level” than any of the other launch monitors under $2,000 I’ve used.

The Garmin R10 itself is also impressive.

To conclude, I had to observe their performance on portability and battery, setup, primary app, user experience, data points, accuracy, indoor and outdoor use, and even battery life.

With these in mind, here’s my rating for both devices based on my experience with them:

Rating Garmin Approach R10Mevo Plus
Metrics provided7.510
Accuracy 7.010
Performance 8.59.5
Ease of Use108
TOTAL (50 points):41 points47 points

In this comparison review, the Flightscope Mevo Plus launch monitor wins over the Garmin Approach R10.

If you’re on a tight budget, the Garmin R10 is a more feasible option, and you won’t regret purchasing it. But I think the Flightscope Mevo Plus is a better launch monitor because it offers more.

From the software quality to the data points offered and accuracy, the Mevo Plus is just great overall.

You will only have to pay significantly more for it.



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