Gift Ideas for Your Golfer Friend

9 Best Gift Ideas for Your Golfer Friend or Family Member (Updated: 2021)


Gift Ideas for Your Golfer Friend

On television, golf may seem like a boring sport, at least to those who’re not so fond of it. However, those who play golf know how intense this game can get.

Given how much gear you need while playing golf, there’s no shortage of gift ideas for a golfer friend or family member. Yet, you can still feel lost since you don’t know anything about the game. Hence, to help you out, here’s a list of 9 of the best gift ideas for your golfer friend or family member.

#1 Personalized golf towel

If you want to keep things simple, you can get them a personalized golf towel with their initials or full name on it. The towel can also contain the logo of the golf club they’re associated with (if you’re allowed to do that), or maybe a quote by a famous golfer. A personalized golf towel, although cheap in terms of price ($15-25, on average), is still a very well-thought-out gift, and the recipient will like it for sure.

#2 Golf apparel

Assuming that you know what size clothes your golf enthusiast friend or relative wears, you can get them some golf apparel. It can be a simple polo, a pair of shorts or pants, a cap, or maybe a box containing all of them. The prices of all these items will vary depending on the brand. The cheaper ones will cost you around $40-80 per item, while the branded and more expensive golf clothing can cost you over a hundred dollars per item.

#3 Golf ball display case

There’s a high chance that your friend or relative has a collection of golf balls, probably from memorable games or events. These balls are probably lying around somewhere inside a drawer or in their cupboard. Of course, given how treasured these balls are, they shouldn’t be kept hidden from view. So, why not get them a golf ball display case? They can use it to keep their balls on display for everyone to see. These display cases can cost you an average of $50-80, depending on their size, and type of material.

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#4 Fitness tracker

In case you feel like coming out of the whole golf bubble and golf-related gift ideas, you can get them a fitness tracker. Being in a competitive sport like golf means that the players need to stay fit, and what better way to track their progress than by using a fitness tracker? Thus, you can rest assured that the recipient of your gift will find a good use for it, and will surely love it.

#5 Golf trolley

If you want to get them something with a bit more utility, you should go for a golf trolley. Golf trolleys make life easier for the players, especially when they’re battery-powered electric ones. A new golf push cart can cost you around $150-200. If the price seems a bit too much for you, you can consider buying one second-hand.

#6 Golf driver

A golf driver is as good as a gift can get. It’s an item that’s sure to make your friend or relative feel excited. As a gift item for golf enthusiasts, golf drivers are quite popular. They come in a variety of styles and designs and are priced accordingly. A good driver will cost you a little over $100.

#7 Golf bag

If your friend or relative plays golf often, and can even take a long trip for it, you can get them a golf bag. They can use the bag to carry their golf gear and the extra storage space for some of their other stuff. A high-end golf bag can set you back by $200-300. Prices will start climbing when you slide towards the more branded bags.

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#8 Polarized sports sunglasses

A pair of polarized sports sunglasses will make any golfer happy. It’s something they can use every time they go out for a game of golf. These sunglasses cost around $25-100, depending on the brand.

#9 New golf club

A golf club or an entire set of it is the ideal gift choice for any golf enthusiast. If you don’t mind spending some more money on the gift, you can go ahead with this idea. A single club can cost you anything between $50-100, while an entire set (brand new) will cost you over $200. Prices will vary according to the brand, material, and the number of items included in the set.


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