Golden Tee Golf Home Edition


Golden tee golf is one of the most loved arcade games of America that is usually found in bars. If you are a guy you have probably played this game growing up at your local bar. But did you know that the very same game you have loved for decades is now available for home?

Playing Golden Tee in the Comfort of Your Own Home

That’s right, Golden tee golf home edition is a real thing. You can get the arcade cabinet for yourself at home which is the same great game adults love to play at bar. The only difference is that this cabinet comes with an HDMI cable and can be connected to just about any flat screen TV you have at home.

But that’s not all, the Golden Tee home edition has received several upgrades over the past year and as a home user, you have access to all these upgrades as soon as you get the cabinet at home. When you plug in the cabinet, you’ll have access to 65 unique, magnificent and imaginative courses.

Travel the globe from your home. Play on the top of Mount Everest or under the large shadow of Eiffel Tower in Paris. No matter what location you love to explore, it is available in the game as a course. All the courses feature 18-hole which can be played right from the comfort of your living room or the basement with new courses added every now and then. Every year, the developers also add reimaged Golden Tee Fore! Courses which give you even more places to play the game when you are finally live.

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The arcade cabinet at home also connects to the internet giving you access to players around the world and play with or against them. You can track your progress or if you prefer, play alone. But the greatest fun in playing Golden Tee is against other players from around the world. Every game on the internet will pit you against 20 other players where you can stand victorious and earn money at the same time.

If your state allows it, you can add in stakes and win tournaments with prize money. That is the true spirit of Golden tee which is meant to be a competitive game. If you don’t like such competition, there are also casual modes that offer a quick fix and are ideal for you and your mates when you throw a party at home.


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