Jordan Spieth Felt Phil Mickelson Snubbed Him for an Autograph


One of the up and coming golfers of the current era, Jordan Spieth, recently shared a story with Golf Digest that I had to come here and share with you.

You can read the full story right here.  Below, I’ve put the story in my own words.

The Jordan Spieth Autograph Debacle

Many athletes differ on signing autographs for their fans.  You’ll find some, like Arnold Palmer, will go out of the their way to make people happy.  Others, well, not so much.

In a world where one reaction can have an impact on what people think of you, so many people can get rubbed the wrong way if they catch someone on the wrong day.  Phil is notably one of the better guys on tour, and he’ll make sure he signs autographs for people whenever possible.

Jordan Spieth

That said, everyone has their good days, and their bad days.  Sometimes things just don’t work out for people, and time isn’t on their side.  Of course, this has happened to Phil like it’s happened to any other athlete or celebrity out there, and one of the times it happened to none other than legendary golfer Jordan Spieth, a three time major champion himself.

When he was in Austin recently before a WGC match, the phenom golfer was asked if he was ever slighted for a signature growing up.  His answer was classic.

I’m quoting him below:

There was a time that I was out, I think at the Byron Nelson with my dad and Phil Mickelson and Davis Love III were on the putting green. And i was yelling at them, as I now get annoyed while I’m practicing when I’m getting yelled at, and they were talking and they said, ‘One second.’

“And when they finished, Phil was pulled off in a different direction and Davis came and signed for me. And I thought for the longest time that Phil just blew me off. And Davis was the nicest guy. And Phil, I didn’t care for as much for a little while because of that.”

Rightfully so, Spieth was upset with Lefty, and he didn’t forget it.  When he reflected on that moment, he mentioned that in the back of his mind, as an adult, he knows Phil was probably meeting with a sponsor or attending a mandatory media obligation.

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The story came up recently, and when Spieth mentioned it to Phil himself, he said:

“I knew who you were, and I didn’t want to go over there and sign it,” Spieth relayed.

It’ll be an interesting situation if the two of them are paired up again soon!  They play at Augusta National in under two weeks.


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