How To Stand Out With Style From Your Golf Buddies


Golf Buddies

Golf is one of the most popular forms of exercise in the country. It is not as physically taxing as other sports, and it gives you a chance to socialize and even sip wine as you make your way around the course.

Making a fashion statement with a golfing outfit has been a tradition for many years. History buffs will remember a famed picture of President Warren G. Harding and his buddies dressed in white shirts, ties, and long pants tucked into knee socks on election day.

If you play with the same group of friends every week, you probably do not want to wear the same outfit every time. Golf courses and country clubs often have dress codes, and the sport is known for having certain fashion restrictions. You must wear khakis or shorts when you play this game; jeans are forbidden.

But, there are a few different ways you can set yourself apart from your friends when it comes to fashion and style.

Wear a Retro Golf Look

You have seen videos and pictures of presidents and other important folks golfing, and you have always admired their style. You can emulate President Kennedy’s classic preppy look by wearing white pants, boat shoes, sunglasses, and a cardigan sweater.

You can always get a classic Polo shirt or an Izod shirt with an alligator emblem. Flowered shirts were popular for men in the 50s and 60s, and women were often seen wearing culottes and driving caps. Baseball hats with embroidered golf emblems are popular to this day.

You can also dress up your golf outfit with a really nice pair of sunglasses. Shades always fit, and they never go out of style.

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Put your own Spin on Tradition

You can always take a classic golf outfit and make it your own. You can take an Izod-style shirt and embroider an image of an iguana or a turtle on the upper left-hand corner instead of the traditional alligator.

You can try wearing long pants tucked into novelty knee socks instead of plain white ones. If you visit a sock store, you will find a wide selection of knee socks. You can get socks with images of a favorite celebrity or your favorite animal.

Create Your Own Golf Attire

If you feel that your sewing skills are not up to par (pun intended), you should know that there are websites on the internet that will allow you to create socks and golf shirts. All you have to do is upload your design and select a garment on which you want it to appear. Remember, T-shirts are forbidden on most golf courses. You should also stay away from bright or distracting colors when you visit a country club.

If you get a lot of compliments on your attire from your golfing buddies, you may want to think about selling your fashions online. You can set up your own web store and have an on-demand printing company do the work for you. Just remember to think of a clever URL that will set you apart from your competitors.

The most important part of your golf game may be your swing. However, creating your own clothes and wearing them with confidence can be your ace in the hole.

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