Worst Place to Live on a Golf Course


The worst place to live on the course is near the fairway. The constant noise, particularly from the clamor of golfers teeing off, becomes a persistent challenge. Stray shots flying into your property pose a danger and risk property damage. Privacy is practically nonexistent in this location, making it a less-than-desirable place to live.

One of my greatest pleasures is strolling along the golf course, particularly relishing the scenic beauty of the perfect, lush greens. Unfortunately, back in my local neighborhood, my residence was quite far from the course. When my family and I decided to move to Florida a few years ago, I convinced my wife that living on the course was necessary for me. After thorough research and effort, we found the ideal three-bedroom apartment in a residential area very close to the fairway of a local course.

Initially, it felt like a dream come true. I could bask in the tranquility of the natural green surroundings and relish the excitement of the game. However, over time, several drawbacks began to surface. First, the noise disrupted the serene and quiet experience I envisioned. Then, the constant barrage of stray shots invading my property eroded the enjoyment I had anticipated.

In the rest of this article, I shed light on why near the fairway is the worst place to live on a golf course, in my book. Stick with me.

Excessive noise and disturbance

There’s nothing more annoying than the relentless thud of clubs striking golf balls and the constant chatter among golfers that accompanies it. Adapting to the ongoing noise of golfers teeing off throughout the day was quite challenging for someone who values peace.

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While the surrounding scenery may be charming, living near the fairway means having to contend with excessive noise and disturbance. It’s something to consider if you’re contemplating this location for your home.

Likelihood of golf balls landing on your property

Another downside to living near the fairway was the constant risk of golfers making shots that veer off target, inevitably finding their way into my property. I vividly recall numerous instances where golf balls came crashing through my windows or landed on my roof during the day.

What’s even more concerning is the potential for these stray balls to cause property damage and pose a safety hazard if one isn’t vigilant.

While the golf course did implement measures to address this issue, such as installing safety precautions, I found it necessary to take matters into my own hands. As an added layer of protection, I had to install netting to mitigate the risk of stray golf balls causing damage or harm.

Lack of privacy

Living near the fairway might not be the best choice if you’re uncomfortable with golfers walking about and potentially peering through your windows. You’ll sometimes face a noticeable lack of seclusion and privacy, especially during high-traffic periods on the course, such as weekends or tournaments.

However, it’s worth noting that this openness also comes with a stunning view of the course from your property. It’s crucial to weigh the beauty of your surroundings against the potential visibility of visiting golfers and consider how comfortable you are with that aspect before deciding.

Possible exposure to chemicals

Residing near the fairway demands awareness of potential exposure to pesticides and chemicals commonly utilized in golf course maintenance. While these substances play a role in maintaining the lush greenery and overall appearance of the course, their use raises legitimate environmental and health concerns for residents.

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Personally, this awareness led me to initiate conversations with golf course management. I sought to understand their maintenance practices and inquire about the specific types of chemicals used and ways to protect myself and my family.

Closing remark

Living near the fairway on a golf course turned out to be less idyllic than I had initially envisioned. While the lush greens and the excitement of the game were initially appealing, the drawbacks proved significant. The constant disruption of peace, golf balls landing on my property, and the lack of privacy, especially during high-traffic times, detracted from the serene living experience I had hoped for.

Before making a choice to move, conducting thorough research, engaging in conversations with current residents, and gaining a comprehensive understanding of the lifestyle implications are essential steps to make an informed decision that aligns with your individual preferences and enhances the overall quality of life.



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