How Much Golf Is Too Much For A Marriage?



If you are golfing 5 to 6 times a week, then that might be too much for your marriage. This may strain your marriage, leading to emotional distance, communication breakdowns, and financial strain. It’s crucial to openly communicate with your spouse, understand their concerns, and find a balance between your golfing passion and the health of your marriage.


Yes, there is such a thing as too much golf, and I can tell you from first-hand experience. While golf is a fulfilling hobby that fosters fitness and connections, my daily trips to the course—six times a week—strained my marriage. I neglected family events, overspent on golf, and disregarded home responsibilities. Fortunately, I recognized the issue in time and promptly sought help, determined to strike a balance between golfing and fulfilling my responsibilities at home. Open communication with my spouse played a pivotal role; regular check-ins allowed us to address concerns. Scheduling quality family time became a priority, and my wife occasionally joined me on the course. Ensuring time for her interests helped restore harmony and strengthen our relationship.


In the rest of this article, I’ll highlight signs indicating that golf may be straining your marriage and explore how it can impact your relationship. Additionally, I’ll provide strategies to mitigate these effects. Let’s dive in.


Signs Golf Is Too Much for Your Marriage

How do you know your golfing has become too much and may be affecting your marriage? Here are some signs you should look out for to let you know when golfing is becoming more than a hobby:


Strained communication

Effective communication is the bedrock of every good relationship. Without it, you may notice that the foundation of your marriage may begin to shake. This communication breakdown can create difficulty in expressing your thoughts, worries, and concerns. It can even escalate into more misunderstandings and arguments, gradually creating a sense of emotional distance in your relationship.

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A decrease in family time

When was the last time you spent time with your spouse having deep, meaningful conversations? When was the last time you spent time doing something you both enjoyed? If it’s been a while and the reason is your extensive time on the golf course, it might be time to reassess your priorities. Feeling mentally preoccupied with golf when physically present during moments with your spouse is a clear sign that golf may be overshadowing your marriage.

The strain on your finances


You might observe that a significant portion of your family budget is allocated to golf-related expenses such as membership fees, equipment upgrades, and various other costs. You may even start spending part of your household budget on golfing, potentially at the expense of other household fees. I’ve experienced instances where I tapped into my emergency fund to acquire the latest golf gear and expand my club collection, highlighting the financial strain that excessive golfing can impose on my finances.


Emotional distance

A noticeable decrease in emotional connection with your spouse may become apparent. Engaging in emotional, meaningful conversations where feelings are shared could become challenging. Both you and your partner might experience feelings of isolation, detachment, and frustration. You may begin to drift apart, creating a strain on the emotional intimacy in your relationship due to the excessive focus on golfing.


Neglecting family obligations and events

You might observe a shift in priorities, opting for golf-related activities over family celebrations. I recall numerous instances where I chose the golf course over family events, even when plans were already made. This pattern of opting out of family gatherings significantly impacted our family dynamics.


Additionally, you may notice a decline in fulfilling household responsibilities and neglecting duties around the house. If this resonates with your experience, it’s essential to reconsider your schedule, as excessive golfing may be consuming too much of your time, affecting your overall responsibilities at home.

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The impact of too much golf on your marriage


We’ve talked about some signs you should look out for, and now let’s discuss some ways too much golfing can impact your marriage:


Breakdown in communication and emotional connection

The strain in communication can create a buildup of tension, resulting in recurring arguments and difficulty expressing emotions effectively. This makes it challenging to comprehend your spouse’s perspective and may hinder a proper understanding of their feelings. The inability to express emotions and feelings properly contributes to a growing distance in the emotional connection between you and your partner.


Reduced quality family time

The considerable time invested in golf may reduce opportunities for meaningful conversations with your spouse, ultimately affecting quality family time. Excessive golfing has the potential to weaken the emotional bond between you and your spouse, underscoring the importance of finding a balance that supports both personal interests and relational well-being.


Excessive conflict over priorities

Engaging in excessive golfing may trigger conflicts with your spouse regarding priorities, as it might seem that you have lost sight of what truly matters. Competing priorities may emerge, pitting your dedication to golf against the needs and expectations within the marriage. This can result in disagreements over the allocation of time and resources.


Ways to find balance

Maintaining a happy home doesn’t require sacrificing your love for golf. The crucial factor is discovering the optimal balance between your love for the game and your family life. By employing strategies that foster this balance, you can enjoy your passion for golf while ensuring a harmonious and fulfilling family environment.


Set priorities and boundaries.

Maintain a clear focus on what truly matters. Define your priorities in golf and your relationship. Identify non-negotiable aspects and areas where flexibility is feasible. When it’s time for golf, fully commit to it, and when it’s family time, be wholly present. Establish boundaries by limiting your golfing days—I reduced mine from 6 to 2 times a week, resulting in significant improvement. Agree on a budget for golfing activities and adhere to it.

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Open communication

Encourage transparent and sincere communication with your spouse. Share openly about your passion for golf, explaining its significance, and be attentive to their feelings and concerns. Building a mutual understanding is vital for achieving balance. Regular check-ins with your spouse can help assess worries in your relationship. Discuss any concerns or adjustments necessary to ensure both of you feel supported and fulfilled in your respective pursuits.


Schedule quality time.

Consciously prioritize and participate in important family events and special occasions. Make time to create shared experiences. This is highly important for maintaining a strong and healthy marital relationship.


Create time for shared hobbies and interests.

Invite your spouse to join you in your golfing activities occasionally. This not only gives them a chance to partake in your passion but also integrates your interests into shared experiences. Explore activities that both of you enjoy; for example, I began accompanying my wife to her dance classes, establishing a new routine every Thursday. We even adopted a shared hobby of trying out new recipes for date night. This approach has significantly contributed to sustaining our connection, and I recommend giving it a try.


Final thoughts

Finding a balance between your passion for golf and your marriage is essential for a harmonious and fulfilling life. Excessive golfing can indeed strain your relationship, leading to communication breakdowns, emotional distance, and financial stress.


Recognizing the signs of too much golf and understanding its impact on your marriage is the first step. By setting priorities, establishing boundaries, and fostering open communication, you can navigate the challenges and create a healthy balance.



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