Phil Mickelson Putter

Phil Mickelson Putter


As a golfer and avid fan of the sport, I have always been fascinated by the equipment used by professional players. From drivers to irons to putters, each club has its own unique design and purpose.

One player who has consistently caught my attention with his putter is Phil Mickelson. The left-handed golfer has had a successful career, winning numerous championships in Callaway Golf and SuperStrokePistol GT Tour grip. He also becomes one of the most recognizable faces in the sport. But it is his putter that has garnered a lot of attention over the years.

The Phil Mickelson putter has become known for its unconventional design and unique features that have helped the golfer achieve success on the greens. Mickelson himself has been involved in the design process and customization, like armlock putters and blade putters for deep double fly, working with manufacturers to create a putter that fits his specific preferences and needs. The result is a club that stands out among other putters on the market.

Unique Features of Phil Mickelson Odyssey Blade Putter

Phil Mickelson Putter

Phil Mickelson’s Odyssey blade putter is one of the most iconic and recognizable clubs in golf.  The parent company, Callaway, has been a Mickelson Sponsor for a very long time.  It has been a fixture in Mickelson’s bag for over a decade and has helped him win numerous tournaments. Here are some unique features of Phil Mickelson’s Odyssey blade putter that makes it stand out from Mickelson’s previous gamer.

Blade Style Design

The Odyssey putter is a classic blade prototype style putter, which means it has a narrow head and a straight shaft. Blade-style putters are known for their precision and feel, making them popular among golfers. The putter’s design allows for better control and accuracy when making putts, which is crucial to a golfer’s success on the greens. This putter comes with a convenient golf bag for easy storage and transportation. The bag is designed to accommodate the putter securely and protect it from scratches and other damages.

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Pendulum-Like Stroke

Mickelson uses a pendulum-like stroke, with the putter swinging back and through on a slightly inside-out path. This stroke helps to keep the putter face square to the target line and create a consistent roll on the ball.

Milled Face

The putter’s face is milled, which means that it has been machine-cut to create a more consistent and precise surface. The milling process helps to create a uniform texture on the putter face, which promotes a more consistent roll on the ball and reduces the frequency of the ball and head contact. This feature is essential for golfers who rely on their putting skills to win tournaments.

Flare Tip Steel Shaft

The Phil Mickelson Odyssey Blade Putter boasts a flare tip steel shaft, which is a unique and innovative feature that sets it apart from other putters in the market. The flare tip steel shaft provides better stability and control during the putting stroke, ensuring a more accurate shot. This prototype putter feature also enhances the feel of the putter, making it more comfortable to use.

Odyssey Blade

Soft Feel

The Odyssey putters have a soft feel, resulting from the insert placed in the face of the putter. The insert is made from a material that is a softer feel than the steel used in the rest of the club. The soft feel provides feedback to the golfer and allows them to make more delicate and precise putts. This feature is especially important when playing on fast greens where a delicate touch is required.

Modified Grip

Mickelson uses a modified claw grip, which involves placing the left hand in a claw-like position on the putter grip. This grip helps to keep the left wrist from breaking down during the stroke and allows Mickelson to maintain a more consistent putting motion.

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Alignment Aid

The putter has a white alignment aid that runs along the top of the blade. The alignment aid helps golfers to line up their putts more accurately and ensures that the ball is struck with the intended line. The alignment aid is a crucial feature for golfers who struggle with alignment, and it can help to improve their putting accuracy.


Phil Mickelson putter is customized to suit his playing style. The putter has a slightly longer shaft than standard putters, which allows Mickelson to stand more upright when making his putts. The putter’s grip is also customized to provide Mickelson with the exact feel and texture that he prefers.

Significance of Phil Mickelson Putter in PGA Championship

Phil Mickelson’s putter played a significant role in his historic victory at the 2021 PGA Championship. Mickelson’s Odyssey White Hot XG PM blade putter has been a staple in his bag for over a decade, and it proved to be the difference-maker at Kiawah Island.

Mickelson’s putting was exceptional throughout the tournament, and he made several clutch putts to secure his victory. His putter’s blade-style design, milled face, soft feel, alignment aid, and customization helped him navigate the challenging greens at Kiawah Island and make the critical putts that he needed to win.

Mickelson’s putter also played a significant role in his mental game. He trusted his putter and had confidence in his ability to make putts when it mattered most. His putter provided him with the consistency and feel that he needed to stay focused and composed, even under pressure.

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In the end, Mickelson’s putter was the key to his success at the 2021 PGA Championship. It allowed him to make the putts that he needed to win and gave him the mental edge that he needed to stay focused and composed throughout the tournament. His putter will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the most significant clubs in his career and in PGA Championship Golf history.

Final Thoughts

Phil Mickelson’s putter is a testament to the importance of customizing one’s golf equipment to suit their specific needs and preferences. His unique approach to putting, including his use of a custom-made Odyssey putter, a modified claw grip, and a pendulum-like stroke, have all contributed to his success as a golfer.

Moreover, his mental game and dedication to practice have helped him become one of the best putters in the world. Mickelson’s approach to putting serves as a great example for golfers of all levels, highlighting the importance of attention to detail, mental focus, and constant practice in order to improve one’s game.

As a legend of the sport, Mickelson’s putter will continue to inspire future generations of golfers to push their boundaries and find their own unique path to success.


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