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Phil Mickelson has managed to make a name for him over the years by winning over 40 golf tournaments. With wins in the Open tournament and the PGA championship, the three Master title holders have managed to be successful for many years. Now the fifth best golf player has decided to allegedly become a vegetarian for the sake of his arthritis and overall health. He has switched to a healthier alternate known as the Paleo diet. The diet essentially limits down your gluten, sugar and processed food intake in order to lose weight fast but in a healthier way. He decided to get serious about his diet after the loss in 2013, in which he then decided to fully focus on his health.

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What is Phil Mickelson’s Diet Program Like?

There are many problems that the human body can face such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes. These happen to accompany old age and can be highly detrimental. The diet is also known as the “Caveman” diet as it takes people back to their roots, to what our ancestors use to eat. Here are some things that Mickelson’s coach Cochran has suggested that anyone wanting to go on the Paleo diet needs to do. One thing that is important is the amount of exercise needed. The diet only requires you to eat foods that age old hunter gatherers used to eat. As you can tell, it’s pretty strict and extremely limited.

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Mickelson has been using this as a means to lose weight effectively in order to gain ball speed and play more efficiently, with precision. It has managed to improve his health by eliminating high fat and processed foods which contain less to zero nutritional value. It emphasizes on the intake of fruits and vegetables, which have left Mickelson looking fresh and younger. The diet essentially contains healthy vitamins, which in term really helped out with Mickelson’s arthritis, minerals and fiber which help to fill up a person faster and cut down the calories. While the diet is important, so is the workout. Mickelson has managed to burn more calories than he takes in, which explains how he is in such good shape.

The diet contains of many food groups, mainly lean cuts of beef, pork, and poultry, preferably grass-fed, organic, or free-range selections which have proven to be healthier. Other meats include game animals, such as quail, venison, and bison. Dairy is not restricted unlike in other diets. The diet allows eggs, but no more than six a week. Free range does serve to be a better option overall, since it eliminates the mass production factor. For high protein, fish, including shellfish are a great source. Fruit, such as strawberries, cantaloupe, mango, and figs are most encouraged as they leave the system with vitamins. When it comes to vegetables, they have to be non-starchy, which include produce such as asparagus, onions, peppers, and pumpkin. Many do include nuts and seeds into the paleo diet such as almonds, cashews, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds, but most like to lay off them as they help to gain weight. Olive oil, flaxseed oil, and walnut oil are best alternates to sunflower or canola oil, as they are much healthier.

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The diet essentially includes everything you need from a good, balanced diet. It works great for Phil, it should work great for you too!

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