Phil Mickelson Vs. Tiger Woods


Two of the best to ever swing a golf club are about to go head to head this Thanksgiving week in an event aptly titled “the Match.”  Phil Mickelson vs. Tiger Woods will be televised and many side bets will be made.  Today I’ll explain what this is all about and fill you in on whats about to go down.

“The Match” Puts Phil Mickelson Versus Tiger Woods

Where else, but Las Vegas, would this event take place?  Both of these touring professionals are notorious gamblers who have huge bank accounts and even larger ego’s.  This game will include all the side bets one could ask for – and much more.  During televised PGA tour matches, there have been rumors of side bets taking place, but you’ll never see that stuff on TV.  However, that’s all about to change.

Featuring real-time oddsmaking, you’ll be able to see probabilities prior to shots that takes into consideration course-mapping information along with the players’ ShotLink data.  It’ll be comparable to watching the Poker Tour where you can see the cards each player is holding.  Let’s be honest folks, this is about Tiger vs. Phil, and money.  That’s it.  And we all know that both of them have a ton of cash in the bank already.  If you want to know exactly how much, just follow the links below.

Everyone who likes to golf knows that more often than not, gambling happens.  In Europe, bookies are abundant and waiting to take your action while you sit in a pub and watch the tournament.  Soon, the USA will have legalized gambling, and some States do already, but nationally, we don’t at the time of this post.

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It’s worth noting that the PGA Tour supported (and continues to support) legalized wagering.  They have a lot of angles to make money off of the gambling, which I’ll talk about in a future article as that unfolds.

Jeff Sherman of the Westgate Sportsbook and Casino recently tweeted the odds:

To Win Outright:

Tiger Woods -200
Phil Mickelson +170

Who would you take in Tiger Vs. Phil?

I’ll be back later to recap the event and let you know the FULL results.


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