Foresight GC2 vs Foresight GC3

Foresight GC2 vs GC3 Launch Monitor


The Foresight GC2 launch monitor offers data on ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate. However, it has limited data points compared to the GC3. The GC3, however, provides precise and customizable data access and immersive simulations but comes at a higher cost. The GC3 stands out for its advanced features, while the GC2 balances affordability and functionality.

You’re not alone if you’re finding it tough to pick between these launch monitors. My brother was in the same boat last month and sought my help choosing one. Wanting to make an informed decision, I tested the Foresight GC2 and GC3 launch monitors.

The GC3 offers a sophisticated platform for analyzing and enhancing your swing. By leveraging precise measurements of data output, including clubhead speed, face angle, and attack angle, I could analyze, refine my swing technique and track progress. Plus, I was highly impressed with its simulation experience, making it the high-end choice.

The GC2 also provided comprehensive ball data analysis, but I required an HMT to track club data. With both launch monitors, I could access important data points that helped refine my shots, but the GC2 was a more affordable option.

In this article, I’ll share the specific features of each launch monitor, its performance, and pricing to provide you with a clearer picture of what these two launch monitors will offer your golfing game so you can make the best decision.

Foresight GC2

Foresight GC2

  • Exceptional Accuracy
  • Advanced Camera System
  • Portability and User-Friendly Design
Buy For $5,581
Foresight GC3

Foresight GC3

  • High Accuracy and Precision
  • Advanced Technology
  • Ease of Use and Portability
Buy For $6,999

Foresight GC2 Pros and Cons

What I likedWhat I Didn’t Like
Offers high accuracy, providing reliable data for in-depth swing analysis.Requires an HMT to capture club data.
Battery life last longer
More affordable option
More lightweight when compared to the GC3

Foresight GC3 Pros and Cons

What I LikedWhat I Didn’t Like
Captures more data points, offering a comprehensive analysis of ball flight and club performanceFeatures enhanced graphics, creating a more immersive and realistic virtual golfing environment.
Offers refined interface for an enhanced user experience.Requires dedicated space for optimal setup, which could be a limitation for those with limited room.
Features enhanced graphics, creating a more immersive and realistic virtual golfing environment

Comparing Foresight GC2 and GC3 Specifications

Foresight Sports GC2

Foresight GC2


  • Exceptional Accuracy: The GC2 is celebrated for its unmatched accuracy, a crucial factor for game improvement and club fitting. Its reliable and trustworthy data allows golfers to fine-tune their practice sessions and adjust their techniques based on solid feedback. The high-quality components, all made in-house, contribute to its accuracy, making it a preferred choice among professional golfers​​.
  • Advanced Camera System: It uses a stereoscopic camera to capture and analyse ball characteristics. This system includes two cameras that can take up to 10,000 pictures per second, providing instant analysis of ball data such as speed, back spin, side spin, launch angle, and more. The large hitting window of the GC2 also enhances its accuracy by capturing a wide range of shots, including mishits.
  • The GC2 is portable, lightweight (only 3.8 lbs), and can be easily used in both outdoor and indoor settings. It features self-calibration and an outdoor-readable LCD, offering convenience and eliminating the need for additional devices like laptops or smartphones. This ease of use and quick setup make the GC2 an ideal choice for golfers who value performance and simplicity.

The Foresight GC2 employs a high-speed camera and flash modules for ball measurement data, measuring carry distance, side spin, ball speed, and launch angle. In contrast, the GC3 utilizes a telescopic photometric camera system and three high-speed cameras, capturing more ball images than the GC2. This enables the GC3 to deliver more accurate and faster measurements. Now, let’s compare their specifications side by side:

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SpecificationForesight GC2Foresight GC3
Dimensions5.5″(w) x 10″(l) x 3″(h)6” (w) x 12” (h) x 5” (d)
Weight3.8 lbs5lbs
TechnologyStereoscopic high-speed camera system.Triscopic High-Speed Camera System
PC connectivityBluetooth / USBUSB Type C / WiFi / Ethernet
Battery Life6-8 hours NiMH Rechargeable5-7 hours Lithium ion
CompatibilityApple & AndroidApple and Android
Ball Data Collectedball speed, carry distance, spinside spin, horizontal & vertical, launch angleLaunch Angle, Side Angle, Ball Speed, Total SpinCarry, Side Spin/Spin Axis 
Club Data Collectedsmash factor, angle of attack, club head speed, club path.
Club Head Speed, Smash Factor Club Path, Angle of Attack 

Appearance and setting up

Foresight Sports GC3



  • High Accuracy and Precision: The GC3 is lauded for its accuracy, which is crucial for improving your game and fine-tuning practice sessions. It provides a robust number of reliable data points, crucial for both club fitting and game improvement​.
  • Advanced Technology: It utilizes a triscopic photometric system (three high-speed infrared cameras) for precise club and ball data measurement. This technology enables the GC3 to capture detailed data such as ball speed, spin, launch angle, etc. The device is also weather-resistant and offers auto-leveling for easy setup​​.
  • Ease of Use and Portability: The GC3 is compact and lightweight, with a simple touchscreen control, making it easy to use and transport. It’s designed for both outdoor and indoor use and includes features like a large display screen and long battery life for added convenience.

The GC2 is smaller and has a more traditional look, reminding me of a modern-day calculator with fewer buttons. It came with a Head Measuring Technology that was equally portable. It also came with accessories:

  • Rear and Side Black Nylon Valences
  • Side Barriers 
  • A super flash (replaceable flash module)
  • Power adapter & cable
  • USB cable
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After the unboxing, it was rather easy to set up. 

To begin the setup process, I had to extend the footstand below the LCD screen input button until it came up and rotate the top cover outward. I then connected the display screen and used the wire stand to ensure it was securely in place. I also had to set up the HMT, which I connected to the GC2 with a cable. 

The GC3 has a more modern design and is heavier than the GC2. The material felt durable and sturdy, enhancing the launch monitor’s appearance. It was also accompanied with:

  • Power Adapter + Cable
  • USB-C Cable
  • Alignment Stick
  • Club Markers 

The setup process was similar to the GC2; it was super easy to set up following the instructions in the manual. It, however, had no HMT.

After setting up, all I had to do was place the Gc3 launch monitor upright about 2 feet away from my hitting area, and as I took my shots, the launch monitor tracked the club and ball data. 

Build and technology

The GC2 felt rather durable, suggesting long-lasting performance. It utilizes a Stereoscopic camera system with two high-speed cameras, capturing precise data at the moment of impact. 

It uses an onscreen golf ball identification system and self-levelling accelerator technology, eliminating the need for ball marking or calibration.

On the other hand, the GC3 has a sturdy build. It employs an advanced telescopic photometry system, capturing around 10,000 images and building 3D images of ball and club, offering a highly realistic simulation experience.

The GC2 provides access to four golf simulation software packages. 

  • The  FSX2020 provides virtual practice ranges and full course plays, though its graphics fall short compared to E6 Connect.
  • FSXplay improves FSX2020, enhances the simulation experience with better graphics, and offers user-friendly customization options. This customization option lets you personalise the data points you want to review during each round. 
  • E6 Connect and Creative Golf which are third-party software options.
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Like the GC2, the GC3 allows you access to Foresight Sport’s core software, like FSX 2020 and FSX Play. However, the GC3 offers additional access to FSX Pro, Foresight Fairground, and Foresight Apps, providing more simulation courses and an improved overall experience. Plus, you can integrate even more third-party software like the GSPro, E6 connect, awesome Golf and Creative Golf 3D.

I like that both packages did not require any subscription to access the software packages, unlike the more affordable Bushnell Launch Pro

Although the GC2 offers a lot fewer software options, for a casual golfer who seeking to improve your swings, the software options available are more than sufficient and would serve you well. Paying an additional $1,000 for a few more simulation software options you may never use doesn’t make much sense.


The GC2 consistently provided precise data and feedback on launch angle, spin rate, and clubhead spin during testing.

The GC3, however, generated more data points, resulting in a more detailed and realistic representation of both ball and club performance. If you’re golfing coaching or a serious after a thorough analysis of your shots and swings, especially for those seeking detailed insights, the GC3 is the superior choice.

While the GC2 delivered a satisfactory simulation experience with good graphics and ball flight dynamics, it wasn’t until I tried out the GC3 that I realized the immersive potential could reach new heights.

The results revealed that the GC3 offers higher ball speed, a steeper launch angle and higher efficiency at 1.33 compared to the GC2.

While both launch monitors provide extensive club and ball data, the GC3 surpasses the GC2 in accuracy by a +-0.1, which is not a huge difference. The GC3 stood out in terms of greater precision, enhanced visuals, and superior virtual simulation experience.   The GC2 is still pretty accurate, and if you are a casual golfer, it would still provide you with the data metrics you need.

To provide you with a clear view of my test, here are images of the results obtained

The Foresight GC2 Club data obtained from my test

The Foresight GC2 Video analysis of the swing obtained from my test

The Foresight GC3 Club data obtained from my test

The Foresight GC3 ball data obtained from my test

Pros and Cons 

The GC2 is affordable, while the GC3 offers more comprehensive data insight. Both devices have their pros and cons. Here are some of them:

Pricing value 

The GC2 is the more budget-friendly option among the two launch monitors.

A brand new GC2 was $5,581. Unfortunately, you may not be able to purchase a brand-new unit because Foresight has discontinued production of the GC2 model. You may, however, be able to get a used GC2 at the price range of $2,299-$3,000.

On the other hand, the GC3, while offering premium features, comes at a higher cost. It is listed at $6,999.99 in the indoor golf shop. 

As a casual golfer, I don’t think I would spend almost $ 7,000 on a launch monitor when I could get an alternative for almost half the price and still access similar features. Plus, the Bushnell Launch Pro is almost identical to the GC3 but is much cheaper. The major difference is that it uses subscriptions to unlock its simulation software.

Final verdict 

Ultimately, the decision hinges on specific needs and budget. If you value affordability and ease of use, the GC2 is an excellent fit.

Meanwhile, suppose you are eager to embrace the latest golf simulation technology. In that case, with incredibly detailed data analysis and visual enhancements and the price fall willing to make a huge investment, the GC3 is the ideal choice.



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