Foresight GC2 vs. Bushnell Launch Pro

Foresight GC2 vs. Bushnell Launch Pro Launch Monitors


The Bushnell stands out for Foresight due to its affordability and convenience. Foresight GC2 provides comprehensive ball and club data capture. However, club head data requires an HMT, making it more costly. In contrast, the Bushnell Launch Pro provides accurate ball and club data and is twice as cheap as the GC2.

Our golf crew recently said goodbye to a friend who relocated to Florida two months ago. As a parting gift, we decided to get him a launch monitor. We wanted something lightweight, affordable, and with great simulation features and durability. I was responsible for choosing the launch monitor, so I researched and narrowed it down to the Foresight GC2 and the Bushnell Pro.

Ultimately, I chose the Bushnell Pro because it fit within our budget and provided a good simulation experience for our casual golfer friend. Although it was a bit bulkier than anticipated, it got the job done.

I will review each launch monitor’s specifications and performance in indoor and on-course settings in this article. Additionally, I’ll delve into the advantages and limitations of each, offering a detailed overview to aid in your understanding of these golf launch monitors.

Foresight GC3

Foresight GC3

  • High Accuracy and Precision
  • Advanced Technology
  • Ease of Use and Portability
Buy For $6,999
Bushnell Launch Pro

Bushnell Launch Pro

  • Comprehensive Data and Metrics
  • Ease of Setup and Use
  • High Precision and Accuracy
Buy For $1,999

My First impression

The Foresight GC2 greeted me with a compact design. Its matte finish added to the minimalist aesthetic, and the device felt impressively lightweight. It came with the HMT, which was equally lightweight. The HMT came with the GC2, which was equally lightweight.

  • Rear and Side Black Nylon Valences
  • Side Barriers 
  • A super flash (replaceable flash module)
  • Power adapter and cable
  • USB cable

When I opened the Bushnell, I was slightly surprised by the weight. I had read reviews online and knew it was heavier than the GC2, but after carrying it, it felt heavier than 5lb. The Bushnell Launch Pro, with the same hardware and feel, looked exactly like the Foresight GC3 I recently purchased. It also came with some accessories.

  • Club Marker Pack
  • USB-C Cable
  • Power Cord
  • Alignment Stick

What I Liked and What I Didnt Like

Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of these Launch monitors, shedding light on the high-tech precision of the GC2 and the budget-friendly reliability of the Launch Pro. Let’s delve into the pros and cons of these two launch monitors.

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Foresight GC2 Pros and Cons:

What I likedWhat I Didn’t Like
The high-speed cameras accurately capture every bit of my swing with precision.The fancy features mean a higher price tag.
The GC2 offers loads of data. Perfect for serious golfers and pro athletes.Getting the hang of all the features takes a bit of time.
It’s more expensive than the Bushnell Launch Pro.Setting it up indoors needs some room. Tight spaces might pose a challenge.
It’s a tough, sleek cookie, giving off that premium feel I love.more expensive than the Bushnell Launch Pro.

Bushnell Launch Pro Pros and Cons:

What I likedWhat I Didn’t Like
Launch Pro won’t empty your wallet, but it does the job.Heavier than the GC2.
It provides instant feedback during my swing.The software subscription packages are expensive.
Trusty for data basics like ball speed and launch angle.

Comparing Foresight GC3 and Bushnell Launch Pro Specs

Before delving into a detailed review, let’s compare the specifications of these two launch monitors. This comparison table shows the dimensions, weight, battery life, technology, price, and data capture to highlight their similarities and differences. This comparison will provide a comprehensive understanding of the key features each device brings to the table.

SpecificationForesight GC2Bushnell Launch Pro
Dimensions5.5(w) x 10(l) x 3(h)6(L) x 6.2(W) x 12(H)
Weight3.8 lbs5lbs
Technologystereoscopic high-speed camera system.Photometric-based camera systems
PC connectivityBluetooth or USBUSB-C, Ethernet, or WiFi
Battery Life6–8 hours of NiMH rechargeable5-7 hours of lithium-ion
CompatibilityApple and AndroidApple and Android
Ball data capturedBall speed, carry distance, and spin are important factors to consider. side spin, horizontal and vertical, launch angleCarry Distance. Ball Speed, Total Spin, Launch Angle (Vertical and Horizontal), Spin Tilt Axis Spin (back and side)
Club data capturedsmash factor, angle of attack, club head speed, and club path.
Club Head Speed, Smash Factor, Club Path, and Angle of Attack

Setting up

Foresight Player GC2

Foresight GC2


  • Exceptional Accuracy: The GC2 is celebrated for its unmatched accuracy, a crucial factor for game improvement and club fitting. Its reliable and trustworthy data allows golfers to fine-tune their practice sessions and adjust their techniques based on solid feedback.
  • Advanced Camera System: It uses a stereoscopic camera to capture and analyze the characteristics of a ball. This system includes two cameras that can take up to 10,000 pictures per second, providing instant analysis of ball data such as speed, back spin, side spin, launch angle, and more​.
  • Portability and User-Friendly Design: The GC2 is portable, lightweight (only 3.8 lbs), and easily used outdoors and indoors. It features self-calibration and an outdoor-readable LCD, offering convenience and eliminating the need for additional devices like laptops or smartphones.

Setting up the Gc2 was hitch-free. All I had to do was follow the manual to the tee. It was explanatory, and I was able to complete the setup.

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I also had to set up the HMT that came with the GC2. After setting it up, I connect the HMT and the GC2 using the HMT cable.

Setting up the Bushnell was also relatively easy; the only issue I encountered was connecting the Launch Pro to my iPad due to Wi-Fi issues. But I later discovered I had to ensure that both were related to the same WiFi. After I adjusted this, I could complete setting up without any other issues.

Due to its camera system, I had to place Bushnell a few feet away from the ball during shots. The GC2, on the other hand, was established about 20 inches from the hitting areas behind the ball. I also had to apply club markers to my club face so the GC2 could track and provide club data.

During setup for a round with the GC2, I noticed a flashing red light indicating the ball was outside the hitting zone. Adjusting the ball’s position resolved this, and the red light turned off, signalling readiness for the shot.

Build and technology

Bushnell Launch Pro



  • High Accuracy Indoors and Outdoors: The Launch Pro stands out for its incredible accuracy, utilizing a high-tech camera system instead of Doppler.
  • While offering performance comparable to high-end launch monitors, the Bushnell Launch Pro is more affordable. Its ease of setup and use, facilitated by an onboard touchscreen for Wi-Fi connectivity and application integration, adds to its appeal.
  • Advanced Technology: The device is built with the same technology as the Foresight GC3, offering highly accurate and well-designed features. This shared technology underlines its capability to deliver professional-level accuracy.

The Foresight GC2 has a compact and robust build, with buttons strategically placed for user-friendly operation. In contrast, the Bushnell presented a more modern and sleek design.

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The GC2 offered access to FSX 2020, FSX Play, E6 Connect, and Creative Golf 3D software simulation.

The Bushnell Launch Pro also had a compact and durable build. The Bushnell Launch Pro featured three main software packages:

  • The Basic package, priced at $249 annually, provides access to all data parameters and fundamental FSX Pro software configuration.
  • The Gold package, costing $699 annually, included all basic features and provided full access to the FSX 2020 package and FSX Play.
  • The Unlocked package, available at a one-time payment of $3,499, offered benefits identical to the Gold package.

The major issue you may encounter with the Bushnell is with the subscription package, which, let’s face it, is downright expensive. But you can go for the basic plan, which is $249 annually. It is the least expensive, and you can still access in-depth ball and club data metrics that will provide valuable insight to improve your swings.

Paying an additional $249 plus the $1,999 for the Bushnell Launch Pro unit still makes much more sense than paying $5,581 for the GC2 Launch monitor, which has almost the same features.


Swinging with the GC2 was a precision delight—spot-on measurements, capturing accurate data with finesse. Whether it was a controlled swing or a power-packed rip, the GC2 tracked it. I could see how my launch angle affected ball flight and the spin rate and how these data affected my shot outcome with the GC2.

I even brought a buddy over to test it in my garage, and the simulation experience was impressive. We could seamlessly transition into simulation mode and get the same level of accuracy.

The Bushnell, on the other hand, provided real-time feedback, which was a great feature that allowed me to address my swing to improve my shot immediately. Its data was on point, though not as detailed as the GC2’s comprehensive analysis. Testing different swings, the Bushnell adapted like a champ, adjusting club speed with each hit.

Data delivery was also very fast.

Of course, I took it to the course to try it out, and its sturdy and durable build held up very well. I like that the data was displayed on the monitor, and I didn’t have to reach for my iPad to access the data. This greatly enhanced convenience, and I could focus more on my game.

Both devices provided impressive performance, with the Bushnell being the

If you need a launch monitor that you can take to the range or set up indoors, then the Bushnell Launch Pro should be your ideal choice. You would get the same performance and value at a much lower price.


Regarding pricing, the Bushnell Launch Pro is the clear winner. It is way less expensive and provides just as much data accuracy.

The Bushnell Launch Pro comes for $1,999 and is available at the indoor golf shop. That includes the unit, software subscription packages, accessories, and the ball and club data.

On the other hand, the GC2 is priced at $5,581, and the HMT for comprehensive club data analysis is priced at $6,000. This is a lot of money if you are not a golfing coach or pro athlete seeking extremely comprehensive and in-depth data on your shots.

Final thoughts

The Bushnell Launch Pro is your budget-friendly buddy—not as flashy, but reliable and practical. For an everyday golfer, this is a good option.

Also, note that the GC2 is currently out of stock on most websites, and purchasing a new one would be difficult. This is just the Bushnell Launch Pro, all the more a better choice as it is more affordable and easily accessible on



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