Golf for Kids

A Beginner’s Guide to Golf for Kids


Golf for Kids

This article is meant to help beginners understand how they can get started playing golf.  In this beginner’s guide, I’ll explore how to introduce kids to the game and set them on a path to becoming skilled golfers. Get ready to learn about how you can groom your children to develop a skill set that they can enjoy for the rest of their lives!

Why Golf for Kids?

Golf is an amazing sport for kids with a ton of benefits. It’s a non-contact game that allows kids to learn at their own pace and enjoy it for a lifetime. Golf also teaches important values like sportsmanship, patience, and integrity. Let’s discover why golf is perfect for young players like you.

Age and Readiness

Now, let’s talk about the best age to start playing golf. Kids around 5-6 years old are usually ready to embark on their golfing journey. But remember, readiness is key! Look for signs of interest, attention span, and physical abilities to ensure an enjoyable experience.

Equipment for Young Golfers

Young Golfers

Golf Clubs

Choosing the right golf clubs for kids is crucial. We’ll help you find clubs that are the perfect fit based on your height, strength, and skill level. Remember, using properly fitted clubs will make learning golf much easier and more enjoyable.

Golf Balls and Accessories

Let’s explore the different types of golf balls suitable for kids, such as foam or low-compression balls. We’ll also discuss other accessories like tees, ball markers, and golf gloves to enhance your golfing experience.

Finding Junior Golf Programs

Enrolling in junior golf programs can take your skills to the next level. We’ll guide you on finding local programs, such as golf academies, golf clubs with youth programs, and community initiatives. These structured programs led by experienced instructors will help you grow as a golfer, and if they develop enough skills they could join the Junior PGA Program.

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Teaching the Basics

Grip and Stance Now, let’s learn the fundamentals! We’ll teach you the proper grip and stance, which are essential for a solid swing. Remember to relax your grip and find a balanced setup. We’ll provide easy-to-follow instructions and fun visuals to help you master these techniques.

Swing Mechanics

Breaking down the swing into basic components, we’ll help you develop a smooth and controlled motion. With tips and drills tailored for young golfers, you’ll gradually build a powerful and accurate swing.  Here are some training aids that you can purchase that will help your golf swing:  the swingman golf system, and the simple golf swing.

Fun Games and Activities

Learning golf doesn’t have to be all serious. We’ll introduce you to exciting games and activities that make practicing fun. From mini-golf adventures to target practice, obstacle courses, and friendly competitions, you’ll stay motivated and excited about the game.

Encouraging Sportsmanship and Etiquette

In golf, sportsmanship and etiquette are as important as your swing. We’ll teach you how to be a respectful player by replacing divots, repairing ball marks, and showing good manners on the course. Embracing these values will make you a true golfing champ.

Building a Positive Environment

Parents, coaches, and mentors play a vital role in creating a positive golfing environment. We’ll guide them on fostering support, focusing on enjoyment, progress, and personal growth, rather than just competitive outcomes. Remember, golf is about having fun and discovering your potential.


Congratulations, young golfers! You’ve learned the ropes of golf and are ready to embark on an incredible journey. By starting early, you’ll experience the lifelong benefits of this amazing sport, including physical fitness, personal development, and opportunities for friendship and recreation. Embrace the game, have a blast, and nurture your passion for golf!

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Remember to practice regularly, follow proper techniques, and enjoy every swing. Stay determined and keep growing.


Christopher Diaz

Christopher is an avid golfer who calls Miami home. As a Phil Mickelson fan, he set up this website as an informational portal for all other fans of "Lefty." He also occasionally reviews equipment and golf training programs, but admits he'd rather be on the course than anywhere.