Simple Senior Swing System Review

I was a huge fan of this product as you’ll see in my review, but the product has been discontinued.

Fear nothing, as I’ve found two other vendors who offer amazing golf training aids for Seniors.

Again, the content below is for a product that is no longer offered.

If you are seeing your drives lose some power, the simple senior swing system could be exactly what you need to improve your Senior golf swing. In this informational review, I’m going to share my years of experience as a golf instructor to show you why most of the key movements you’ve learned as a golfer may not translate to the best golf swing for Seniors.

The Simple Senior swing system was made by Alex Fortey, and it’s a one of a kind golf swing designed for Seniors, by professional golf instructors that work exclusively with senior golfers.

While the principles of this technique will work for any golfer, if you are over the age of 40, you’ll have the most potential for improving your swing and adding distance on the golf course.

Simple Senior Golf Swing System

I’ll show you how the Simple senior swing system is unlike all other golf swing training systems that I’ve talked about in the past. The key components of the golf swing are explained by golf instructors Alex Fortey and Shawn Clement in an easy to digest format.

Join thousands of golfers worldwide, ranging from scratch golfers to the country club member who has trouble breaking 100.

I hope you find my Simple senior swing system review informative enough to make a decision for you to see if the small investment is worth taking strokes off your game and helping you find the best senior golf swing possible so you can play golf with more consistency, confidence, and moxy.

Senior Golfers, this will not only add distance, but help you hit more accurate shots on the golf course.

Senior Golf Swing Benefits You’ll Receive

The Simple senior swing system was designed for seniors and if you incorporate the senior swing method into your game, you can add 30-60 yards to your drives without making any serious fundamental swing changes. The golf tips inside this training are good for golfers of all body types and will help you play golf with more confidence.

When you learn a proper golf swing, you can exert less effort and play 18 holes of golf with less stress on your body.

Poor golf swings can lead to muscle fatigue and pain, increasing soreness and in turn, hurting your golf swing. When you discover the consistent golf swing method that can help you produce better golf scores.

What Will You Exactly Learn?

Here’s a more detailed analysis of what you’ll find inside this senior golf swing system.

  • The methods align with your current golf swing and add only minor changes
  • The “Secret” of the kinetic chain and how it unleashes a new swing method
  • How to get more distance without adding a lot of muscle stress
  • Ball striking drills you can incorporate to get a perfect swing plane
  • How to address and shape the ball to avoid slicing

Simple Senior Swing System Reviews from Actual Customers

With 1,000’s of senior golfers already singing praises about how this has helped the senior golfer improve their golf game through golf instruction they’ve never seen before, you can count on this golf system being effective from the moment you begin the golf instruction.

I purchased this for my mother, who retired to Fort Myers, Florida, and is an avid senior golfer herself. Watching her results has helped me create an accurate simple senior swing system review that hopefully resonates with anyone interested in a pain free golf swing that no only work for all age levels, but that’s also something that will work for most golfers. This program works! I’ll show you all the pro’s, and con’s, in my full senior swing system review.

Ready for a Pain Free Golf Swing?

From my years of being involved in competitive golf, I’ve found that most golf instruction is geared towards the younger golfers worldwide. Many times, young golfers have a tremendous benefit because they are able to have a better golf swing speed and extra flexibility. Senior golfers struggling to replicate a natural swing every shot do not have the luxury of flexibility they once had, and therefore have to rely more on a natural movement that can be easily replicated and repeated in a short period of learning.

When you first learn all the key parts of the golf swing, you’ll find the Simple Senior swing system breaks down how easy the golf swing can be if you follow a few minor adjustments.

Again, these tips are made for Senior golfers but can be used at any level, but the senior golf swing system will be most advantageous for seniors looking to hit the golf ball farther.

Simple Golf Concepts You Can Easily Learn

The best part about the Simple senior swing system is that it’s easy for anyone to learn. It’s not any different than learning how to chop onions, throw a baseball, or anything else that we do without thinking. You won’t have to get into a mindset of “is this swing position right,” or anything that would be detrimental to your game. You’ll change the way you address the golf club and will have a much more fluid golf swing.

This golf swing system will show you how to:

  • Smash golf balls far, even as you get older, without any pain.
  • Leverage the weight of the golf club to hit more consistent.
  • Use proper golf grip to encourage better contact.
  • Earn more lag without adding power to your golf swing.
  • Master a drill with just 2 golf tees that teaches proper impact.

Proper Golf Swing for all Skill Levels and Ages

While the Simple senior swing system was specifically made for senior golfers, the concepts and methods can help anyone. I’m around at 40 myself and have a few years before I’m a senior, but after watching my mother add more power to her shots and consistency to her game, I’ve added a few of the teachings to help me achieve a more fluid swing and add the benefits to my golf game.

High handicap golfers will see the most improvement in their game and can expect the quickest results in seeing the golf ball become more controllable.

Most times the senior golfer has a preconceived notion that the days of striking the golf ball and getting power are behind them, but when you incorporate the simple senior and it’s concepts, you’ll see that the senior swing can still generate enough torque to power shots across the golf course without any pain.

The Senior swing will help senior golfers because it was designed by professional golf instructors that work exclusively with seniors on their golf game.

Overview of the Simple Senior Swing System

By using natural and effective swing drills, the Simple Senior Swing System teaches you how to generate more speed, better consistency, and more confidence – something no other golf instruction program has done for the senior golf swing.

Here is what is included when you invest in your golf swing:

  • 10 Highly detailed HD video golf lessons you can watch from any device
  • 24-7 Lifetime access
  • Practice drills you can do at home
  • 110 minutes of in-depth video instruction

Not many golf swing programs offer the money back guarantee that is offered here, and I can say that’s because there is virtually no reason you won’t be satisfied with your purchase if you simply practice your golf swing with these senior golfers tips in mind.

If you are having trouble developing the proper swing positions that not only produce results, but that also leave you feeling painless after a round of 18, this is the golf swing program for you.

How Much Does The Senior Swing Golf Swing Program Cost?

Senior golfers will be enthused to hear that the senior swing can be purchased for just $39.

(This is much cheaper than the Perfect Golfer System.)

Most programs cost well into the $100’s of dollars, while this is priced at much less than an hour of professional golf instructors time. You can enjoy the teachings from anywhere, at any time.

This is one of the best values for any golf instruction program I’ve come across. It’s the only senior swing program I’ll put my endorsement on, as I’ve seen what it did to my Mother’s game.

As I mentioned earlier, you can expect immediate results once you hit the golf course and start using the methods taught here. You won’t have to do any follow up lessons, invest more money, or come out of pocket ever again and you have 24-7 access to the videos if you ever need a refresher.

Buy the Simple Senior Swing System and I will be willing to bet the unique methods and micro adjustments you’ll make will make you a better ball striker, provide more clubhead speed, and allow you to hit straighter. The simple drill that you’ll learn will make playing golf much more enjoyable as many golfers have already agreed that it teaches proper swing speed that can be replicated time and time again on the golf course.

What I Like About the Senior Swing System

Golfers of all skill levels can use this very simple, yet highly effective golf training system. You can easily learn the foundation of the system, incorporate it into your golf swing, and improve your senior swing very rapidly.

There aren’t any difficult swing positions you’ll have to master, so the learning curve is simple and golfers of all body types will have no issue catching on.

You will improve your accuracy with any golf club using the simple senior methods taught.

Bring the lessons to the driving range or golf course at any time after learning and watch your ball striking and distance impress your fellow golfers.

Most importantly, this system will help reduce the possibility of golf related injuries and allow you to play golf without worrying about the risk of injury.

What I Don’t Like About the Senior Swing System?

If you are a scratch golfer, I wouldn’t invest in this system as you clearly have your golf swing down and don’t need any assistance. This largely won’t affect you, my reader, as I don’t think any scratch golfers would be looking to improve their game.  Advanced golfers may improve their game with a more sophisticated trainer like the Rotary Golf Swing.

I have nothing bad to say about this, and for the stupid low price of $39, it may be the best value you’ll ever find in terms of helping your golf game.

Also check out the Monster Golf swing system.  And for an even more recent one the Orange Whip.

Is the Simple Senior Swing Easy to Learn?

Yes, it’s incredibly easy to learn. You’ll have no issue learning from coach Shawn Clement’s efficient teaching style.

This is the most complete golf training system I’ve met. Just ask my Mom, a former duffer who has improved her handicap a full two strokes in only 2 months.