How Old Is Tiger Woods?

How Old is Tiger Woods?


Whether you casually play golf, have an interest in the sport, or have simply paid attention to mainstream news in the past couple of decades, you’ve likely heard of Tiger Woods before. Woods won 18 World Golf Championships in his time, and considering he hasn’t yet retired since the time of writing, who knows what that number could look like by the time he’s done?

What no one can dispute is the way Woods played, even considering his less-than-stellar seasons, he is one of the best golfers of all time. In fact, there are many who, even with knowledge of golf history, would call him the best.

Today, it’s all about taking a look behind the curtain. For example, did you know Tiger Woods‘ real name is Eldrick Tont Woods? Now you do! The idea is to explore the more minute details and the big ones. How old is Tiger Woods? Where is he from? How did he make his money? All of that is coming up!

Woods’ Winning Ways

Woods showed his prowess from an early age. Imagine being in the Golf Digest magazine at just 5 years old because of how good you are at golf! He did it! Don’t think it started there either. At only 2 years old, he started taking swings on a television program. By age 3, he was shooting a 48 over nine holes!

It stands to reason then that he would go on to become the US Junior Amateur Championship winner, managing to set the record for the younger person to do so as he was only 15 years old at the time. He would repeat his success on the Junior level in the two years to follow.

As a student at Stanford University, he took the collegiate title in 1996. With his third U.S. Amateur title claimed, he left college and went pro. He played eight PGA tour events in 1996, winning two titles and being named the PGA Tour’s Rookie of the Year.

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Much of Woods’ success came from his incredible long game, great club speed, stellar putting and chipping, and getting it right mentally too.

During the 1997 Masters Tournament in Georgia, he put on one of the most dominating performances ever. It was a record-breaking win, as Woods shot 270 over 72 holes. At the time, Woods finished 12 strokes ahead of the rest of the competition, and this still remains one of the most impressive performances by a winner in professional golf history.

By 1999, he boasted eight PGA Tour championship wins, six of which came consecutively, meaning he ties for the second-best streak ever alongside Ben Hogan, with only Byron Nelson being ahead of them with his 11 straight victories.

More victories would come and would even lead to Woods becoming the youngest player to do a career grand slam in 2000. This meant he captured the four major championships, which culminated in his British Open Championship victory. In 2001 and 2002, he would win back-to-back Masters titles.

A Hot and Cold Time

Tiger Woods Age

Time would pass and by 2005, Woods had a 10-tournament winless drought. However, he would capture the British Open and the Masters. The following year was more like the dominance previously shown and would see him winning nine events, which included the PGA Championship and the British Open.

He defended his title in 2007, had knee surgery in 2008, and came back to win his third US Open Title, which saw him hit his third career grand slam. However, Woods announced that he would take the rest of the 2008 season off as his knee, damaged by the last victory, would require more extensive surgery.

While he came back in 2009 and won quite a bit, there were no PGA Tour victories or any other major championship wins to be seen this time around.

By November, he would be involved in a one-car accident early one morning. This was around the time that, due to investigations, he was discovered to have a series of extramarital affairs. The professional golfer would announce an indefinite leave from golf to be with his family more.

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He came back in 2010 but would have a disappointing season with no tournament wins. This kind of performance would be the norm through 2011 too, and the drought would not end until 2012, following his win of the Arnold Palmer Invitational. He had not won a PGA Tour event in 30 months, by this time.

July 2012 saw him win the AT&T National tournament for the 74th time, and he would win the Arnold Palmer Invitational for the eighth time in 2013, which saw him tie the record for the most PGA wins in a single tournament.

Thanks to persistent back pain, he wouldn’t manage anything beyond a 25th-place finish in the nine tournaments he took place in and the 2015 season was no better. He ended the season in September to have back surgery done. The recovery was hard, and it meant missing the 2016 season.

After one appearance in January 2017, he had to miss the rest of the season for further back surgery. The next five years would not be kind to Woods with more surgeries being required, with 2021 especially seeing his right leg being surgically rebuilt following an accident.

2018 and 2019 showed flickers of promise with a Tour Championship and Masters win, respectively. An attempt to return to the Masters tournament in 2023 was cut short due to injury concerns.

Physical and Personal Characteristics

Tiger Woods’ age at the time of writing is 47. He was born December 30, 1975, in the USA. His father, Earl Woods was an African American, while his mother, Kultida Woods, was Thai. This makes Tiger Woods’ nationality American, though some people may want to say otherwise with his mother being from Thailand.

His religious beliefs are Buddhist and he sports a normal body type, weighing in at about 84 KG or 185 pounds. Tiger Woods’ height is 6’1″ putting him above the average person and he is also known for his mesmerizing eyes.

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Tiger Woods Family Details

Tiger Woods’ parents were covered above. His marital status is divorced, having separated from his wife Elin Nordegren in 2010. His girlfriend at the time of writing is Erica Herman. As far as siblings go, he has two brothers, Kevin Woods, and Earl Woods Jr., alongside a sister, Royce Woods.

There are two children, which he shares with his ex-wife, which are his son, Charlie Axel Woods, and his daughter, Sam Alexis Woods.

Tiger Woods’ son’s age is 14 at the time of writing, with his sister being two years older.

Tiger Woods Net Worth

Tiger Woods has an impressive net worth of $1.1 billion.

What Led to All This?

Woods’ wealth can be attributed to a few key sources, which are covered below.

Prize Money

As you’d imagine, doing so well across so many gold tournaments led to some big paydays for would. He earned roughly $121 million in prize money over 23 years.


Of course, being an athlete of his caliber, sponsorships would account for much of his income. Nike, for example, has sponsored him almost his entire life. Others include Gatorade, Asashi, General Mills, Rolex, Gillette, American Express, Golfs Digest, and Tag Heuer. The total he’s managed to earn here is about $1.6 billion.


What Woods did with his earnings is also important. He has a company, TGR, which is a group of companies. There is the Tiger Woods Foundation, which is more of a charity organization to improve health and education for kids in the USA.

On the revenue side of things though, there are companies such as TGR Design, which designs golf courses!

Final Remarks

While the latter years haven’t been the best in his professional career, Tiger Woods has done a great job during his legendary golf career. Now you know how it all went down, got a bit of Tiger Woods’ bio, and you even know his financial standing!


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