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The sport of golf has produced plenty of big time earners over it’s history, but even as good as many of the all time greats were at the sport of golf, they didn’t earn as much money as the ex-wife of Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren.  When her and the all time leading money winner in the history of the sport split up, Elin Nordegren’s net worth became something that was much discussed on the blogosphere.  Today I’ll shed some more light on this topic and share with you what I know about the famous ex wife of the insanely rich Tiger Woods.

What is Tiger Woods Ex Wife, Elin Nordegren, Worth Today?

Just how much money did Elin Nordegren get in her divorce settlement with Tiger Woods?

Reports point to the figure being exactly $100 million.

Prior to this, she was a successful model, and judging by her pics, she was pretty good at it.  But few people have taken a lump sum check, untaxed, of $100 million, and this sum was something that was given to her after her very public break-up with Woods, who was cheating on her very frequently, according to many women who spoke up and openly discussed their affairs with the golf legend.

Prior to marrying Woods, she was a nanny for golfer Jasper Parnevik, whom she met through his wife, Mia.  While she was working for the Parnevik’s, the family moved to the United States, in the year 2001.  It was shortly after this that she met Woods, who was already famous and dominating the PGA Tour at a very young age.  The couple married in 2004 and remained married for 6 years, with the aforementioned cheating scandal being the final straw for their relationship.  The couple had two kids together, named Sam, and Charlie.

Since the divorce with Woods, she has dated a billionaire named Chris Cline, who made his money in coal.

Most recently, news circulated on Page 6 that Elin Nordegren is pregnant, and that the Father is former National Football League tight end Jordan Cameron, who retired in 2017 from concussions.

Update:  the news was true, and a baby was born!

Nordegren and Woods both live in Florida and are very active in their children’s lives.  

Elin Nordegren Pics

She’s clearly a beauty, so I figured it was worth sharing some pics of Elin Nordegren for everyone to enjoy.

elin nordegren

Source: Getty Images.

Elin Nordegren Bikini Pic

Source: Celeb Vogue.

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