John Daly Net Worth

Perhaps the most debated topic I’ve seen in ages is how much money is John Daly worth?  This seems to be something that is highly debated, and if you follow golf like I do, you know the always entertaining daily has had his fair share of ups and downs over the years.  Today I’ll address the topic of how much money John Daly has made, and of course, only he knows how much of it he has kept.

john daly earnings

What is Golfer John Daly’s Net Worth?

A man who has amassed a huge amount of career earnings on the PGA Tour and from endorsements has had a difficult shake of keeping it.  Divorce is a crippling financial hit, just ask Tiger Woods or anyone else who has gone through it.  Daly has gone through it many times, and while I won’t spend too much time on the exacts of each divorce, know that the process itself is mentally dehabilitating and will affect earnings as it’s a tough time in life.

Born in 1966, John Daly has made over $10 million on the PGA Tour, and much more through endorsements.  However, according to an article on the Golf Channel, Daly estimates he has lost over $50 million of the money by gambling it away.  This costly feat is an estimate that Daly thought was much less, but after he went through tax records he figured out that the sum surprised even himself, who played $5,000 slot machines at times, and even went as far as playing seven hands of blackjack at $15,000 per hand.

John Daly Endorsements

Daly has no shortage of people who want to throw money at the man who enjoys eating at Hooters and McDonald’s while he sips on Diet Coke.  Count the Dallas Cowboys, Arkansas Razorbacks, Rock Bottom Golf, xBox 360, and many others as people who have helped him earn a ton of money off the course.

John Daly Divorces

As I mentioned above, Daly has been divorced many times.  At the age of 21, he wed Dale Crafton.  After that, he wed Bettye Fulford.  Reports state that he left her when he found out she not only lied about her age and was indeed ten years older than he thought, but she was also hiding the fact that she had a child!  I don’t know how that slips through the cracks like that, but somehow, it did.

After that, Daly wed a model named Paulette Dean.  Just four years later, they divorced.

Finally, Daly wed Sherrie Miller in 2001, only to have a much publicized dispute in a steakhouse which was detrimental to the marriage.  It’s unknown when they split, but Miller reportedly has a huge rap sheet and got into a lot of trouble to the point where Daly earned custody of their child.

Obviously, divorce is expensive, and while I don’t care to know about the finances of his splits, lets just agree it didn’t help his portfolio.

Current rumors have him dating model Anna Cladakis, and she may be his fifth wife some day.

Reports have John Daly showing a net worth anywhere between $2 million and $20 million, but only he really knows!  In any case, it’s not as high as Phil’s earnings.

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