Fiberbuilt Hitting Strip Review

Fiberbuilt Hitting Strip Review


The Fiberbuilt Hitting Strip is a quality hitting mat. The bristles are stiff enough and work better for shock absorption than many other premium mats. However, the price can discourage budget-conscious buyers. It also has compatibility issues with other cheap golf mats. There are also mixed reviews about the color fading of this hitting strip from Fiberbuilt.

Fiberbuilt is no new name in the golf mat industry. To put things into perspective, there’s a 99.9% chance that if you go to any online golf community today to seek advice on which hitting strip to buy, someone will point to Fiberbuilt.

This shows that the brand has built a reputation for quality. When I was hunting for a hitting strip a few months ago, I understood that there are plenty of good mats out there. I tried to steer away from models like the Country Club Elite because I am older, care about my elbows, and hit other things than pure irons.

The priority for me was to feel comfort on my wrists naturally. Many recommendations pointed to the 3 ft. Fiberbuilt Grass Panel with 3 Tee Holes while comparing it with alternatives like Sig Softee, EZTee, and Holy Grail.

I purchased and tested the 3 ft. Fiberbuilt Grass Panel with 3 Tee Holes. In the rest of this review, I’ll walk you through all you need to know about this hit strip to help you decide if it’s worth considering.

Fiberbuilt Hitting Strip

Fiberbuilt Hitting Strip Review


  • Durable turf with grip
  • Real tee simulation
  • Hourglass shape for form
  • Included accessories
  • Easy storage option

Fiberbuilt Hit Strip Specification

Here is the specification for the Fiberbuilt Grass Panel with 3 Tee Holes.

Note that this review solely focuses on the hitting strip, a replaceable Performance Turf Mat System panel. The entire mat is sold as the Fiberbuilt Grass Series Studio, which measures.

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Size35′′ long and 11.75″ wide.
Number of tee holes3
ColorOf course, green is a color.
Stance matNot included
FoundationNot included
Depth/height1.75″ tall
Bristles heightAround 2 inches deep
Self-customizationNot recommended

Fiberbuilt Hit Strip Key Features

  • The fiber-built, replaceable hitting strip component has three different tee holes for the perfect ball positioning for your swing. However, the replaceable strip with the GRASS SERIES STUDIO mat has four holes.
  • There’s also the option to purchase the Fiberbuilt Grass Series Adjustable Tee and the hitting mat.
  • The hitting strip is designed with the Fiberbuilt Grass Hitting Surface. The unique thing about this surface is that it features the brand’s signature Pure Impact Turf hitting panels that are launch monitor tested.
  • The surface also has a proprietary Vibration Absorption Layer to help provide the feedback in feel and sound that better players prefer.
  • The grass works best with the Fiberbult rubber foundation because that will give it extra shock absorption and stability that will be sent to the mat.
  • It has been built as a replacement part for the brand’s Hourglass Pro system and old Performance Fiberbuilt Grass systems.

My review

The grass-hitting strip is the most essential part of any Fiberbuilt mat. I have tested the hitting strips from Holy Grail and Sig Softee. Indeed, this one is unique, especially in the bristle area.

The bristles are installed on a metal plate that fits within the rubber base of the hitting strip. The hitting mat has three holes along the side. With that, I can insert one of the Fiberbuilt rubber tees.

When I took a closer look at the bristles, they had the shape and elements of an upside-down broom head. The bristles are stiff enough that the golf ball sits firmly on top. This gives me a good lie.

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But at the same time, it’s not so stiff because it allows my club head to slide through seamlessly. In all honesty, I had assumed these bristles would not stand the test of time, but this is five months and counting, and the hitting strip hasn’t failed, even in the spot where I mostly hit my golf balls from.

According to Fiberbuilt, you won’t need to replace this hitting strip until after 300,000 swings. This guarantee means the strip is not expected to wear until you hit that benchmark. I can’t remember when a golf mat company made such a guarantee.

This goes to say that the item is of high quality and worth its price. It has received praise on various review platforms for how it helps prevent injury and save the joints.

Does the Fiberbuilt Hitting Strip Punish Fat Shots Enough?

During my research, I discovered that there had been debates about how well the Fiberbuilt punishes fat shots compared to rival models.

The shot goes shorter than a clean hit when I hit behind the ball on this mat. This, of course, recreates the feeling of playing real golf.

I don’t think any golf mat manufacturer can 100% provide the real fairway experience, but this hitting strip from Fiberbuilt is very close.

What I like about this hit strip

  • Almost zero impact; no “turf shock.”
  • Built for their rubber tee system
  • High-quality components
  • It works well with my Skytrak launch monitor.
  • Add-on cone-shaped tees do an excellent job of hitting drivers and fairway woods.
  • If you have an arthritic elbow, this hitting strip will reduce your wear and tear when hitting balls.
  • The sturdy base that won’t move or slide.

What I don’t like about this hit strip

  • The ad for the fiber-built hitting strip about injury prevention is exaggerated. In my experience, it doesn’t perform as well as the Divot Action Strip, which creates a 12″x46″ strip with two matching panels.
  • It’s not so great hooking up with mats from other brands. If you have an existing Fiberbuilt Putting Green, it can be expanded into a Fiberbuilt Combo Mat.

Worthy alternatives for Fiberbuilt’s hitting strip

If the Fiberbuilt hitting strip doesn’t match your preference, the good news is that there are many good hitting mats out there. However, I strongly recommend alternatives such as:

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Here’s why: 

The Holy Grail Hitting Strip is very soft, and I recommend it for beginner golfers who are just getting familiar with simulators. The hitting mat comes in multiple sizes and is the perfect fit. One of those sizes can fit into the fiber-built grass sections. So you can replace the grass bristles without changing the entire mat.

The EZ Tee Hybrid is only a strip of turf. It has no foam or rubber to form the layer, so you can get it in any size you need. I like this realism and flexibility because it makes hitting super great.

Final Thoughts 

When I use the Fiberbuilt hitting trip, my club has room to dig into the mat each time I hit a fat shot instead of bouncing off like on many other mats I’ve tried.

In this review, we have focused on the features, benefits, and drawbacks of just the strip of the Fiberbuilt hitting mat.

Remember that if you’re getting this hitting strip, you need a stance mat elevated to the same height to work well. Eventually, you must buy a Fiberbuilt mat, either the Player Preferred Series or the Grass Series.

Still, many people think this hit strip is overhyped. With the information you have now, what do you think? Would you spend close to $300 for the Fiberbuilt replaceable hitting strip? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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