Best Six Shafts For Stealth Drivers

The 6 Best Shafts For Stealth Drivers


Fujikura’s Ventus Red and Aldila’s Ascent Red are two of the best custom shafts that can come with the TaylorMade Stealth Driver. These shafts have proven to be the best to use for stealth drivers. Still, you can also fit the Stealth driver with the Project X HZRDUS, Mitsubishi Diamana ZF60, and Graphite Design Tour AD 12 for optimized performance based on your swing speed and adjustability preference.

If you want to enjoy the functionality of the stealth driver fully, you need the right shaft for the job. Fortunately, TaylorMade offers a wide range of custom shafts. The most talked-about post for Stealth drivers is Fujikura’s Ventus Red because of its increased ball speed, particularly off-center shots, tightened shot dispersion, and mid-high ball flight.

However, Fujikura’s Ventus isn’t without flaws. It’s not the best option for players who prefer lower-ball flights. Also, as players, we all have unique swing characteristics, speeds, and preferences.

So I did more extensive research and testing and have streamlined the best-performing shaft for my TaylorMade Stealth driver into seven top options based on cost, ball speed, dispersion, launch angle, spin, and feel.

6 Best Shafts For Stealth Drivers

These are my personal recommendations for the best shafts for stealth drivers

Best Shaft For Stealth DriverVerdict SummaryPriceBuy Now
1Fujikura Ventus Red shaftBest overall$350Check Price on Amazon
2Mitsubishi Diamana ZF60Best for High stability$355Check Price on Amazon
3Project X HZRDUS Smoke BlackBest for low spin, relatively most affordable$60-$100Check Price on Amazon
4UST Recoil ShaftMost enhanced feel$60-$350Check Price on Amazon
5Graphite Tour AD 12Best to achieve Mid-launch$379Check Price on Amazon
6Aldila Rogue SilverBest versatile shaft for stealth drivers and other fairway woods$250Check Price on Amazon

1. Fujikura Ventus Red Shaft

Fujikura Ventus Red shaft

Fujikura Ventus Red shaft


  • Provides unmatched stability and accuracy with VeloCore technology for forgiveness and precision at high speeds.
  • Superior feel and responsiveness from straight taper design and lighter 40-ton carbon fiber.
  • Offers maximum distance and accuracy with optimal launch and low-to-mid spin characteristics. Elevate your game

PRICE: $350

SPEC: Flex: Regular, Stiff | Weight: 55, 65, and 75 grams | Torque: 4.3, 4.0, and 3.8 degrees | Launch: Mid-High | Spin: Low-Mid | Butt Diameter: 0.620″ | Tip Diameter: 0.335″ | Length: 46 inches (uncut)

The Ventus shaft is the newest premium shaft line from Fujikura. Aside from the fact that TaylorMade Stealth Drivers include this shaft option as part of their customization selections, I love using Ventus Red for my Stealth, mainly for three reasons.

First, the VeloCore technology in this shaft infuses a full-length pitch of 70-ton carbon fiber with high-modulus 40-ton carbon fiber. This minimizes shaft twisting at impact.  

Also, the Maximum Carbon Fiber Content is maintained throughout the shaft and prepreg. That way, I get the best performance through high-quality material matrixes.  

People also talk about the straight taper design of this shaft. It propels the energy during the swing by improving loading and feels.

What I like about this shaft on Stealth drivers

  • With the stealth at high speeds, you get more forgiveness using this shaft because of its full-length pitch 70 Ton carbon fiber.
  • I love the smooth feel of the softer shaft that the  weave of lighter 40 Ton fibers offers
  • The mid-launch, low-spin design complements the Stealth driver for delivering more distance and accuracy.

What I don’t like about this shaft on Stealth drivers

  • The softer feedback of Fujikura Ventus can feel odd for players who are used to a firmer feeling.
  • The $350 could be a turn-off for players on a budget.
  • Not the best choice if you want an ultra-low launch and spin combination.
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2. Mitsubishi Diamana ZF60

Mitsubishi Diamana ZF60

Mitsubishi Diamana ZF60


  • Thanks to this cutting-edge innovation, experience an impressive mid-to-low launch and enjoy the advantage of low spin
  • Its advanced MR70 carbon fiber technology makes it easy to achieve a precise mid-to-low launch while maintaining optimal control with reduced spin.
  • Its groundbreaking design ensures a consistent mid-to-low launch, keeping spin to a minimum and allowing you to dominate the game with control and precision.

PRICE: $355

SPEC: Flex: Regular, Stiff, Xtra Stiff | Weight: 60 grams | Torque: 3.5 degrees | Launch: Mid | Spin: Low to Mid | Length: 46″ |  Butt Diameter: 0.620″ | Tip Diameter: 0.335″ | Material: Graphite

Mitsubishi Chemical has done a fantastic job with the Diamana line of golf shafts, raising the bar higher for what it means to have a high-performance driver and fairway wood graphite shaft.

So it’s no surprise that top players like Tiger Woods, Justin Rose, and Justin Thomas use the Diamana.

The hybrid style ZF is among the newest lines of Diamana shafts. It features MR70 carbon fiber technology, Boron fibers, and a particular ion plating to create stability, stiffness, and sophistication.

It’s excellent for those seeking mid-to-low launch and low spin. I also like the stable butt and tip sections.

It has a slightly softer midsection, giving you that optimized feel and energy transfer at various swing speeds using the Taylormade Stealth Driver.

What I like about this shaft on Stealth drivers

  • Extreme stability and enhanced feel of the Diamana ZF shaft.
  • Effortless power at impact from increased swing speed acceleration.
  • Super versatile and can work with a range of drivers and fairway wood models
  • You can tailor it to almost any swing style.

What I don’t like about this shaft on Stealth drivers

  • Not great for players looking for a low or high launch. You’ll need a narrower category.

3. Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black

Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black

Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black


  • Reduced unwanted spin for longer and more accurate drives
  • Enhanced control and consistency due to the shaft’s solid feel
  • Ideal for golfers with quick transitions on Stealth drivers
  • Helps decrease launch and achieve longer shots with low spin

Price: $69–$100

SPEC: Flex Options: 5.5, 6.0, 6.5 | Weight Options: 60, 70, 80, 90 grams |  Torque: Low | Launch: Low | Spin: Low | Butt Diameter: 0.620″ | Tip Diameter: 0.335″ | Length: 46″ | Material: Graphite

The Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black shaft is a popular choice for many golfers using the Taylormade Stealth Driver.

It offers several features that contribute to its reputation. Firstly, its low-spin design helps reduce unwanted spin, resulting in longer and more accurate drives.

The shaft’s carbon fiber construction will give you stability and a solid feel during the swing, enhancing control and consistency. I also like the HZRDUS Smoke Black shaft for its mid-weight profile.

What I like about this shaft on Stealth drivers

  • Super stable, thanks to the thicker midsection.
  • This is the one if you’re specifically looking for a golf shaft that meets up with your quick transitions on Stealth.
  • Thanks to its high kick point, you can reduce launch and achieve longer shots from low spin.

What I don’t like about this shaft on Stealth drivers

  • If you’re not swinging at a very high speed, this shaft may not perform impressively
  • I’d you need extra light or extra heavy post, this may not suit your taste because the weight range is limited to within 60 to 70 gram

4. UST Mamiya Recoil Shaft

UST Mamiya Recoil Shaft

UST Mamiya Recoil Shaft


  • The UST Mamiya shaft offers longer and more accurate drives
  • Provides improved control and shot consistency
  • Offers decreased launch angle for longer shots with lower spin

PRICE: $60–350

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SPEC: Flex: L, A, R, S | Weight: 45g, 50g, 55g | Torque: 6.8°, 6.6°, 6.4° | Launch: Mid-high

After multiple shots with the UST Mamiya Recoil shaft on the Taylormade Stealth Driver, I instantly noticed the exceptional stability, consistency, and enhanced feel.

This is due to the innovative designs and materials, such as graphite and a unique filament winding process, which provide a lightweight yet powerful and responsive performance.

This shaft offers excellent energy transfer, resulting in increased distance and accuracy.

What I like about this shaft on Stealth drivers

  • I got more distance and accuracy compared to most other shafts tested with the Taylormade Stealth Driver
  • The spring effect in the walls of each Recoil shaft gives more ball speed and more accessible launches.
  • It can fit more golfers with ideal specifications since it has a tighter manufacturing tolerance of graphite.

What I don’t like about this shaft on Stealth drivers

  • The UST Recoil felt softer than traditional steel shaft offerings, so it was a learning adjustment curve.
  • The shaft often comes with an additional upcharge to make wedge sets pricey.

5. Graphite Tour AD 12

Graphite Tour AD 12

Graphite Tour AD 12


  • Advanced technologies such as TORAYCA T1100G carbon fiber and NANOALLOY resin systems optimize stiffness, stability, and responsiveness for enhanced performance.
  • Provides middle launch and mid-to-low spin conditions, resulting in increased driving distances off the tee for stealth drivers.
  • Offers a smooth shaft that maintains club head speed, ensuring a balanced and controlled swing.

PRICE: $379

SPEC: Flex: Stiff | Weight: 69 grams | Torque: 3.2 degrees | Butt diameter: 0.600 inches | Tip diameter: 0.335″ | Length: 46″ | Bend profile: Mid | Kick point: Mid | Material: Graphite

The Graphite Tour AD 12 shaft often incorporates advanced technologies such as TORAYCA T1100G carbon fiber and NANOALLOY resin systems. These technologies enhance the shaft’s performance by optimizing its stiffness, stability, and responsiveness.

The Graphite Tour AD 12 speaks of high performance, and the brand markets it as the best solution for players looking for middle launch and mid-to-low spin conditions.

The Tour AD 12 uses the same aerospace-grade materials as all the premium Graphite Design shafts and comes in an elegant matte white and blue finish.

What I like about this shaft on Stealth drivers

  • It combines middle launch and mid to low spin for increased driving distances off the tee for stealth drivers.
  • It’s an incredibly smooth shaft without sacrificing club head speed.

What I don’t like about this shaft on Stealth drivers

  • The price can discourage budget-conscious golfers who only want to upgrade their current Stealth Driver Shaft.

6. Aldila Rogue Silver

Aldila Rogue Silver

Aldila Rogue Silver


  • The Aldila Rogue Silver shaft for the Taylormade Stealth Driver offers low-launch and low-spin performance.
  • It features a higher balance point, resulting in improved club head speed and distance.
  • The shaft’s Graphitic Carbon Fiber construction provides stability and a premium look and feel.

PRICE: $250

SPEC: Flex: Regular, Stiff, Xtra Stiff | Weight: 60, 63, 67, 72, 73 grams | Torque: 2.9, 3.2, 3.3, 3.5 degrees | Kick Point: Mid/High | Butt: 0.598″ | Tip: 0.335″ | Length: 46″ |  Launch: Mid | Spin: Low

One thing that stood out for me while using the Aldila Rogue Silver shaft for the Taylormade Stealth Driver was the low-launch and low-spin performance.

The Rogue Silver 130 MSI combines DIALEAD pitch fiber, ion plating, and NexGen Micro Laminate Technology (MLT), which equally guarantees consistency.

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I mainly fell in love with the higher balance point, but it’s not a surprise as I’ve seen it in many high-end premium golf shafts. But this means you won’t have to struggle for clubhead speed and accuracy with the stealth driver once you have this shaft in your hand.

What I like about this shaft on Stealth drivers

  • I gained better club head speed and distance due to the higher balance point
  • The strength-to-weight ratios from the Graphitic Carbon Fiber hint at its stability
  • Outstanding look and feel

What I don’t like about this shaft on Stealth drivers

  • No weight options below 60 grams mean it may be too heavy for some players.

How I Chose The Best Shafts For Stealth Drivers (Things To Consider)

Several specific factors must be considered when selecting the best shaft for a stealth driver. Here are the key aspects to keep in mind:

1. Shaft length

The shaft length affects the golfer’s posture, swing mechanics, and overall comfort.

“[The Fujikura Ventus Black 6 X] is nice; it’s a bit more of a lively feel,” TaylorMade staff golfer Rory McIlroy, whose 2023 bag is mainly made up of the brand’s latest clubs, told GolfWRX in an interview. “I like playing the driver shorter these days, and that black shaft just got so bored. (The TR Blue) It still has that stable feel in the handle. I hate looking at the loft, so if I’m not playing a driver with more loft, I must get the spin from somewhere.”

If you have McIlroy’s speed, the focus will always be on dispersion and accuracy. This will prompt you to desire a shorter shaft length for added control. And McLroy didn’t even lose anything on the distance front.

So, longer shafts can generate more distance but may sacrifice control.

2. Flexibility/Stiffness

The shaft’s flexibility or stiffness significantly affects the feel and control of your TaylorMade Stealth Driver. If you have higher swing speeds, go for stiffer shafts for better accuracy and power, but if you have slower swing speeds, you will benefit from a more flexible post to generate more distance.

3. Weight

The weight of the shaft influences the driver’s overall balance and swing speed. Lighter beams can enhance swing speed, making them suitable for players with slower swings. Heavier rods offer more stability and control, which is better if you have faster swings.

4. Torque

Torque refers to the twisting of the shaft during the swing. A low torque shaft minimizes twisting, providing better accuracy and control.

If you have a smooth swing, a lower torque shaft will be ideal for you, while those with a more aggressive swing may benefit from a slightly higher torque to assist with squaring the clubface.

5. Kick point

The kick point, or bend point, is the point on the shaft where it flexes the most during the swing.

The kick point influences the trajectory and launch angle of the ball. Higher kick points promote a lower ball flight, while lower kick points result in a higher one.

6. Material

The choice of material plays a crucial role in a shaft’s performance.

Carbon fiber is popular due to its lightweight nature, high strength, and excellent vibration-dampening properties.

Parting Thoughts

TaylorMade Stealth Drivers have a 60X carbon twist face, an asymmetric inertia generator, and a 4° loft sleeve, all integrated for optimal launch, spin, forgiveness, sound, and speed. However, it also comes with a custom shaft and grip.

Fujikura’s Ventus Red remains the best-recommended shaft option for a TaylorMade Stealth Driver. But you’re not limited to these options, especially when you have a different preference for ball flight and adjustment options.

Finding the optimal shaft for a stealth driver involves a combination of technical specifications and your unique preferences as a player.

This is why working with a knowledgeable club fitter can greatly assist in the selection process, ensuring that the chosen shaft maximizes your performance and enjoyment on the course.

But with the shaft options provided in this article, you won’t make a regrettable decision.

In the comment section below, let me know your thoughts on these shaft options.


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