Fiberbuilt Golf Mat Review

Fiberbuilt Golf Mat Review


The Fiberbuilt golf mat is offered in three series. It is a fantastic option for a realistic and forgiving surface for practicing golf shots, reducing the risk of club shock and promoting proper divot action. However, its premium quality comes at a higher price point than other mats, which might be a drawback for budget-conscious buyers.

In the market for high-quality hitting mats in the golf mat industry, Fiberbuilt needs no introduction. The company focuses on realistic feel and flexibility, joint safety, and using rubber bases for stability. However, there have been consistently mixed reviews about the actual value of the Fiberbuilt golf mats.

A few months ago, I was on a hunt for the best mat. My priority, as I would have with many golfers, was avoiding the bouncing fat shot that comes off OK while protecting my old wrists and elbows. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t a golf mat showroom out there for me to make a comparison before dropping over a thousand dollars. Still, I had to buy the Firberbuilt Player Prefered series golf mat to try things for myself. 

Having purchased and tasted this golf-playing simulator aid, I have written this article to shed light on the things to consider when investing in a quality hitting mat like the Fiberbuilt studio mat.

Before we go on, it’s important to state here that, in addition to putting mats, the company offers its premium golf mats in three variations: Player Preferred, Fiberbuilt Grass, and Performance Turf. 

This article will focus on my experience testing the Player Preferred series. Still, I encourage you to stick to the end because I will compare it with the two other series and list relevant factors you should consider before picking any of them. 

My Fiberbuilt Player Preferred Series Review

Fiberbuilt Player Mat

Fiberbuilt Player mat


  • Oversized Pure Impact Turf Section (2’x4′).
  • Two Rubber-Backed Stance Mats (4’x4′).
  • Shock-absorbing rubber foundation 94.7% absorbtion.
  • Friction-Fit Tee Holder.
  • Price: $1,549
  • Models: Available in Fiberbuilt Preferred Combo (comes with a hitting strip and a putting green) and Fiberbuilt Preferred Mat (Includes only the mat)
  • My Remark: Pricey but excellent. In other words, worth the money
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The Player Preferred Series from Fiberbuilt has the company’s signature Pure Impact Turf hitting panels that provide accurate launch conditions and a realistic fairway grass feel. Having tested this out, it lives true to the hype.  

Fiberbuilt builds the Player Preferred Series on sturdy, tool-free rubber bases for easy assembly. The products ship in three boxes – one contains the 2’x4’ Player Preferred hitting strip, the other includes the six 2’x2’ rubber base pieces,  and the last has the stance turf for both sides of the hitting strip.

After much studying, I discovered that these panels have a Vibration Absorption Layer that absorbs 94.7% of the clubhead vibration. This replicates the feedback and sound of hitting on natural turf. 

The feature also provides premium protection from injury. However, words through the grapevine show that the Fiberbuilt Grass has the best injury protection of all other series. 

But one thing I loved about the Player Preferred Series of Fiberbuilt mat is the authentic hitting experience. It met my expectations regarding eliminating the bouncy “mat effect.” I’ve had to deal with this issue on many artificial turf products.

I also like the Friction-Fit Tee Holder that fits in the base holes. This gives us the platform to use our respective natural tees.

Fiberbuilt Player Mat vs. Other Fiberbuilt Models

If you want to get a mat from the Fiberbuilt brand, there are three categories to choose from: 

  • The Player Preferred
  • The Fiberbuilt Grass
  • The Performance Turf

Here are the factors that make each of these series stand out:

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<strong>The Player Preferred</strong>

The Player Preferred

  • Oversized Pure Impact Turf Section (2’x4′).
  • Two Rubber-Backed Stance Mats (4’x4′).
  • Shock-absorbing rubber foundation.
  • Friction-Fit Tee Holder.
Buy For $1549
<strong>FIBERBUILT GRASS</strong>


  • Features traditional solid rubber foundation.
  • Measures 4′ wide x 5′ long.
  • Ideal for high-traffic facilities.
Buy For $1099
The Performance Turf

The Performance Turf

  • Combines Performance Turf Tee Box and world-class putting green.
  • Constructed with 100% nylon fibers.
  • Stimpmeter rating of 9 for realistic putting.
  • Pre-cut to exact size and specifications.
Buy For $2,699
FactorsThe Player PreferredThe Fiberbuilt GrassThe Performance Turf
TeeUses tee with holderUses Tee with holderUses Tee
Injury prevention, according to FiberbuiltGoodBestAverage
Shot Guarantee150k300k200k
Fat-Shot PunishmentBestAverageGood
Realistic ball flightBestGoodAverage

Key Features The Fiberbuilt Player Preferred Mat

If you’re looking to buy the Fiberbuilt mat, especially the Player Preferred series, here are the key features that translate to the benefit of this golf mat: 

FeatureWhat It Means
Launch monitor testedYou can rely on it for realistic launch metrics. This is good for players who are more interested in game improvement than playing for fun
Pure impact turfPremium hitting surface shows an accurate simulation of the launch conditions of natural fairway grass.
Rubber base The foundation is solid yet has shock absorption elements. It doesn’t slide underfoot. 
Absolute tee with the mat with the friction-fit tee holderFor a realistic experience
The proprietary Vibration Absorption Layer absorbs club head vibrationSafety features for joints and elbows

Meanwhile, if you purchase the Fiberbuilt Preferred Combo with a hitting strip and a putting green, you will see that the putting turf has an embossed rubber backing. 

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I like this feature because it helps prevent creasing or curling. The putting green can receive chip shots with realistic check and roll. It also runs a nine on the Stimpmeter. 

What Kind Of Golfers Need The Fiberbuilt Player Preferred Mat

I chose the Fiberbuilt Player Preferred Mat becuase it was among the top recommendations for realistic hitting surfaces. If you have this factor in mind while shopping, you won’t be disappointed with this premium mat. 

Also, Fiberbuilt goal is to make the best mat, and it requires premium materials. So they are focused on quality than affordability. This is why the Fiberbuilt Player Preferred Mat (and other series) will best appeal to golfers without tight budgets. 

If you will spend over a thousand dollars for the best feel and sound, the Fiberbuilt Player Preferred Mat is an excellent option. 

What I like about this golf mat 

  • It is the most realistic mat for feel and sound I’ve ever tried since I’ve played on Sims for the past two years.
  • I like the premium injury protection features
  • The performance is perfect, especially with punishing fat shots
  • It is a Launch monitor that has been tested, which guarantees new buyers that it will provide actual launch metrics for accurate reading and overall game improvement. 

What I don’t like about this golf mat

  • It’s expensive (but for a good reason)
  • It has mixed reviews about the feedback living up to the advertisement. 
  • As someone who tried the Carl’s Place Divot Action Strip and True Strike mat, I expected something ‘hats-off’ unique. But it’s a decent mat, all the same. 

Worthy Alternatives to Fiberbuilt Mats

For you to have shown interest in Fiberbuilt mats, it means you want nothing short of premium. If the models of Fiberbuilt don’t match your preference, you can consider a few modest brands.

  1. TrueStrike Golf Mats: This is a worthy alternative to Fiberbuilt; many even argue it’s a much better mat. The Truestrike mat is modular, allowing you to add on or replace carpet sections quickly. The company uses silicone gel on top of a foam base so that you get a realistic feel. It also does an excellent job of absorbing vibration.
  2. SIGPRO Golf Mats: The golf mats made by the SIGPRO brand remain one of the best options I’ve tested since I started sims indoors. In my honest opinion, there’s only a little gap between the performance of Sigpro and Fiberbuilt. It even has more cushion. This is a perfect alternative if you want a natural feel and more injury prevention. It also costs a little less than the Fiberbuilt mat.

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