Fairway Series Golf Mats Review


The Fairway Series golf mat stands out for being a budget-friendly choice. Despite its affordability, it boasts sturdiness. However, it lacks the premium turf-like feel found in pricier alternatives and may not provide the same level of stability.

When I purchased my first golf mat, my primary consideration was affordability. Being uncertain about the key features to look for, I aimed to avoid spending a substantial amount on a golf mat, only to regret it later. After thorough research, I opted for the Fairway Series Golf Mat due to its budget-friendly nature. However, I encountered challenges as the mat proved notably unstable. It failed to provide the desired fairway-like feel and was not as easy on the joint as I hoped. Eventually, I had to invest in more expensive alternatives that delivered superior performance.

SIGPRO Softy 4′x7′ Golf Mat

SIGPRO Softy 4′x7′ Golf Mat

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Fairway Series Golf Mat

Fairway Series Golf Mat

  • Realistic Fairway Feel
  • Durability
  • Versatility:
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Truestrike Academy Golf Mat

Truestrike Academy Golf Mat

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  • Durable Design
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In the rest of this article, I’ll share key features and specifications of this golfing mat, more details of how it performed during testing, and discuss some pros and cons. Let’s begin.


A prominent feature of this mat is its standout combination of price and size, making it compatible with even the most compact simulator setups. The mat is specifically designed to accommodate smaller spaces, and here are some of its key features.

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GOLF MATFairway Series Golf Mat
Dimensions5(L) x 5(W) x 1.75” (H)


The Fairway series mat features a complete covering of tee-line turf designed to offer durability, softness, and a realistic feel. Comprising tee-line turf atop a foam base, the turf density is crafted to enable you to take shots without worrying about injuries.

Weighing 41 pounds and measuring 5 feet in length, 5 feet in width, and 1.75 inches in thickness, this mat is specifically crafted for small simulator setups. Its robust construction is intended to endure repeated hits, ensuring longevity and reliability for prolonged use.


In my attempt to assess the versatility of this mat for both right-handed and left-handed golfers, I sought a tee that could cover the entire width of the simulator. This led me to purchase two mats to create the desired tee box, to obtain the convenience offered by a single 5’x10′ mat. It was quite functional, although I wish the mat came in a larger size.

As for the mat’s build, it impressively holds up well for its price. However, I noticed that it falls short of providing the firm feel of hitting off a fairway. I also noticed it provided excessive softness, causing a noticeable shock to my hands upon impact with the mat. Comparing it to the Fiberbuilt mat at my local course, which doesn’t induce similar issues, I advise against standing on the Fairway Series due to its squishy and unstable nature.

I believe there’s still a lot of improvement on this mat, and I recommend exploring the SIGPRO series as an alternative. Although the Fairway Series golf mat may be a reasonable choice if you are on a budget, it does not offer the same joint-friendly experience as the SIGPRO Softy.

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Pricing value

This golf mat is affordable and priced at $549.99 at the indoor golf shop. I would suggest considering this mat if you’re on a budget and need a compact option, especially if you’re new to using golf mats.

However, if you’re looking for superior performance and can allocate a slightly higher budget, I strongly recommend opting for the SIGPro Softy. While it may come with a higher price tag, the SIGPro Softy offers exceptional functionality, ensuring that the additional investment translates into great value for your golfing experience.

Comparison with other alternatives

While this mat is an affordable option based on my experience, it may not deliver the optimal playing experience if you’re keen on maximizing your golfing mat experience. In that case, I suggest considering pricier alternatives that excel in both performance, such as the SIGpro Softy, and realistic turf feel, like the Truestrike Academy Golf Mat. Let’s compare the features of these mats side by side.

GOLF MATSIGPRO Softy 4′x7′ Golf MatFairway Series Golf MatTruestrike Academy Golf Mat
Dimensions4(L) x 7(W) x 2.5” (H)5(L) x 5(W) x 1.75” (H)52(L) x 80(W) x 2(H)

Pros and cons

One major advantage of this mat is that it’s an economical option. However, it does have a few downsides associated with it. Let’s look at some pros and cons:

What I liked:

  • Despite its affordability, the mat exhibits commendable sturdiness.
  • Specifically designed for compatibility with small simulator setups.
  • A reasonable choice, especially if you are on a budget, especially for newcomers to golf mats.
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What I didn’t like:

  • Does not provide the premium turf-like feel found in more expensive alternatives.
  • May exhibit instability, affecting the overall playing experience.
  • The mat’s excessive softness can result in a noticeable shock to the hands upon impact.
  • It falls short in delivering the firm feel of hitting off a fairway.

Final thoughts

The Fairway series provides an affordable entry point, but it comes with some trade-offs, such as a lack of premium turf feel and potential stability issues.

I recommend going for a mat that offers good performance and a more realistic experience, but you must allocate a higher budget to get better value.



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