Can You Wear Golf Shoes On Concrete?



Yes, you can wear golf shoes on concrete. However, spiked golf shoes have cleats or spikes designed for traction on grass. Walking on concrete with these shoes may cause faster wear on the spikes and is usually very uncomfortable. On the other hand, spikeless golf shoes are more comfortable and suitable for use on concrete but may wear out faster.


When I started golfing, I got these awesome Footjoy Hyperflex shoes, my trusty spiked companions for every game. Their performance on the course was stellar; I wore them for every game, even off the course. I, however, learned that wasn’t the best idea. They were always super uncomfortable off the course, and I often saw scratches on the concrete floor. Eventually, the spikes wore out, and I had to get new shoes.


Later on, I got the Ecco Men’s Golf BIOM H4; these spikeless shoes were incredibly comfortable. I wore them for outings with friends, appreciating their versatility and the fact that they didn’t scratch concrete. Despite their comfort, I had to get a second pair as the soles wore out over time. However, their performance on concrete surpassed my previous spiked shoes.


In the rest of this article, we’ll review the different types of golf shoes and their features, discuss whether or not you can wear golf shoes on concrete, and share some tips for wearing golf shoes on concrete. Let’s dive in.


Types of golf shoes

Golf shoes primarily come in two main categories: those with spikes and those without, known as spikeless. While spiked golf shoes excel in functionality on the course, spikeless alternatives offer superior performance and comfort when walking on concrete surfaces. In my evaluation, I tested several of my preferred spikeless golf shoes on concrete, and I will provide reviews of the top performers, highlighting the specific features that make them great for use on concrete.



ECCO BIOM C4 Men’s Golf Shoe

These spikeless golf shoes have become my go-to for comfort on concrete surfaces. They not only excel in breathability and durability but also boast a waterproof feature, ensuring my feet stay dry even in challenging wet conditions. While they may lean towards the pricier side, their exceptional performance both on the course and on concrete makes them a smart investment.


What sets the BIOM C4s apart is their unique ability to blend style and comfort seamlessly. Crafted from buttery-soft leather, they manage to look great without compromising on comfort. It’s worth mentioning that I had to opt for a size smaller than my usual, emphasizing the importance of trying them on for the perfect fit.


The double-insert design of these shoes allows for a personalized fit, especially for those with wider feet. I took advantage of this feature by removing the first insert, resulting in an improved fit and heightened comfort. It’s this versatility that makes these shoes stand out.


The integration of GORE-TEX SURROUND® technology provides 100% waterproof protection and 360-degree breathability, making them a reliable choice, especially in wet conditions.


One of the key factors contributing to the ECCO MTN GRIP’s appeal is its outstanding comfort, thanks to a Gore-Tex lining that keeps my feet dry while maintaining breathability. The traction is reliable in various conditions, and the shoes are ready to perform right out of the box.


The ECCO MTN GRIP goes the extra mile with three dedicated sections for traction and stability. Its stylish design adds to its overall appeal, making it not just a functional but also a fashionable choice for an outing with friends.


Despite the higher price tag, the quality, style, and performance of concrete make it a worthwhile investment.


UA Charged Phantom Men’s Golf Footwear

These shoes are equipped with a Charged Cushioning® midsole that uses compression-molded foam for exceptional responsiveness. I find them incredibly comfortable, and the grip they provide on concrete is top-notch.


They would easily be my favorite golf shoes if it weren’t for one significant downside: they get dirty fast and are a real challenge to clean. Even after a thorough scrubbing after every round, they still maintain a worn-out, dingy look.


Despite this, they provide running-shoe-like comfort and the flexibility to wear either thin or thick socks with ease. The large rubber spikes contribute to stability and seem to hold up well on creation, but the ongoing issue of rapid dirt accumulation is hard to ignore. On a positive note, they are machine-washable.


For walking on concrete, these shoes stand out as the most comfortable option. Their light design molds well to my foot, and the “spikeless” soles offer excellent stability and traction.


Another concerning aspect is that the waterproof seal isn’t very durable and begins to wear off, particularly in the inner arch area, after wearing it a couple of times. This compromises their durability, as they start showing signs of wear relatively quickly.


Adidas CODECHAOS 22 Men’s Golf Shoe

I can’t sing enough praise for these shoes. Their comfort level is truly impressive, thanks to the effective foam cushioning. What sets them apart is the thoughtful addition of rubber sole protection on the lateral sides, addressing wear prevention in those specific areas. Priced in the mid-range, they offer remarkable durability for the cost.


They are robust, providing stability and traction, especially in wet conditions, and the color schemes add an interesting touch. The Adiwear outsole with Twist Grip stands out for its exceptional high-wear durability, holding up well on concrete compared to other options.


The fit is perfect for my wide, flat feet, offering ample room in the front and ensuring great stability. Remarkably comfortable, these shoes are among the best I’ve ever owned, and I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase them again. Even on wet grass, they deliver impressive traction.


Their lightweight yet durable construction is commendable. I’ve been so satisfied with them that I have three pairs that I rotate through, and they are waterproof.


These shoes not only provide comfort with plenty of cushioning but also boast a stylish design.


Skechers GO GOLF Elite 5 Slip-In Men’s Golf Shoe

These shoes are very lightweight and stable. During fall weather, the waterproof feature is a lifesaver, keeping my feet dry without making them feel stifled.


The slip-in feature, arch support, and water resistance were all fantastic. However, the letdown came with the partial cleat sole. If only they had an anti-slip sole, these shoes would have easily been the most comfortable choice.


Unfortunately, I encountered a major setback when the tightening knob detached from the shoe. This left me unable to tighten the lace, causing my foot to slosh around inside the shoe and significantly impacting both comfort and functionality.


Putting them on became a struggle, requiring multiple difficult attempts to get the heel inside the built-in shoe horn. The lack of flexibility in the material, especially for someone with a wide foot like me, left me disappointed, and I’m hesitant to consider another Skechers golf shoe.


While initially comfortable the first time I wore them out on a concrete floor, the longer I had them on, the more uncomfortable they became. I encountered pressure on the heel, leading to blisters and the need for adjustments. The attractive price point may be a significant upside, but given the overall performance and comfort, it might be worth investing a bit more for a higher-quality pair.


MG4+ Men’s Golf Shoe

These golf shoes are a game-changer in terms of comfort. While they come with a bit of a price tag, the level of comfort they deliver makes them worth the investment.


Its insole is incredibly comfortable, with small bumps that feel like a foot massage as I walk. Despite the form factor being a bit larger than what I’m used to, the comfort they provide is more than worth the slight adjustment.


On top of being comfortable, these shoes are also quite stylish. The comfort factor impressed me so much that I ended up getting them in multiple styles and colors. I even went as far as buying duplicate pairs to make sure I had an extra set ready to go. Walking in them feels like I’m floating on a cloud, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in search of supreme comfort.


What’s more, the premium synthetic waterproof upper offers an impressive 36 degrees of support, ensuring my feet stay protected from the elements. The bonus is that they don’t look like traditional golf shoes, adding great versatility. I’ve even worn them for a date night with my wife, and they paired perfectly with my casual outfit. While they might be a tad pricey, I confidently recommend them, especially if you’re looking for a top-notch pair for off-course activities.


Alternatives You Can Were on Concrete Instead Of Golf Shoes

Golf shoes have gained widespread popularity owing to their comfort, functionality, and durability, both on and off the course. Nevertheless, there are more affordable alternatives that provide comparable comfort and versatility.


Running shoes, for instance, offer similar traction and comfort to your preferred golf shoes. Sneakers, too, serve as excellent alternatives, providing robust support and resilience on concrete surfaces. Additionally, they boast visual appeal, seamlessly complementing your off-course outfits. Here are some commendable alternatives that excel in performance.


  • New Balance 574 V1 Core Sneaker
  • Asics Frequent Trail Running Shoes
  • Under Armour Men’s Charged Bandit 2 Sp Road Running Shoe


New Balance 574 V1 Core Sneaker


This shoe is truly impressive; not only is it incredibly comfortable, but it also looks great. I usually wear an 11.5 or 12 D, but I had to go with a 12 2E in this particular shoe. Initially, I ordered the size 12 D, and while the length was good, it felt uncomfortably narrow. The 12 EE fits perfectly, and I’m hoping the shoes, which feel well-constructed, will last a while.


The design is wonderfully simple, perfect for those who appreciate minimalistic styles. What stands out for me is the stable sole, which provides excellent grip and stability even on wet concrete floors.


I love these shoes! They’re so comfortable that I end up wearing them all the time. They’re my go-to for days at the gym when I’m lifting weights, so I don’t have to put on my running shoes. Additionally, they’re great for casual strolls around town. The arch comfort and double heel support make these shoes exceptionally comfortable.


The shoes feel great on various surfaces, including carpet and especially concrete. However, like most shoes, they can be a bit squeaky on concrete flooring after rain.


For those with wider feet, these shoes are an excellent choice. The interior material is nice, and the all-black version I got effectively conceals the logo.


While I wish the cushioning was a bit more advanced, the shoes fit well and work adequately for various activities. I tend to wear them all day, reserving other options for more rigorous exercises. The bottom is somewhat stiff and appears to be a basic foam block.


Asics Frequent Trail Running Shoes

These shoes provide a more affordable alternative, and although they may not have the same level of cushioning as some other options, they more than make up for it with excellent grip, style, and a wallet-friendly price tag. The roomy toe box is a big plus for someone like me with skinny feet, offering a comfortable fit without feeling cramped.


I’ve found that the Frequent Trail shoes are well-built, but they tend to run narrow. They might feel slightly snug for a wide-fit shoe, but the fantastic traction and immediate comfort out of the box compensate for it.


The shoelaces are a standout feature—not the typical cotton or slippery polyester. They have a slightly rough texture and stay securely tied once knotted. However, the shoelaces on these are a bit on the short side.


They are stiffer, which gives them a stable feel, and might be preferable for walking on rocky terrain.

While trail runners are generally more rugged, lower-priced running shoes like these might use materials that aren’t as comfortable as higher-priced options. They are functional for various tasks, but if comfort is a top priority, it might be worth investing a bit more for a higher-quality pair.


These shoes aren’t waterproof, so they won’t keep your feet dry in wet conditions. Also, the limited color options might limit their versatility. While they may not be the most comfortable, the functionality at this price point makes them a practical choice for various activities.


Under Armour Men’s Charged Bandit 2 Sp Road Running Shoe


These shoes are a dream in terms of comfort; I’m impressed! The color combo, especially in the grey and orange pair I went for, is awesome; they just pop.

I appreciate the variety they offer in terms of colors, and the overall design’s look and pattern give you plenty of options for that outdoor aesthetic.


What’s noteworthy is how well the sole holds up to concrete, making it a durable choice. Even though they aren’t explicitly designed for trails, I found the traction to be nearly as good as some Asics models.


Now, there’s one drawback to these shoes: they’re not waterproof. So, if you find yourself caught in the rain, be prepared for your feet to get pretty wet. That said, if you can steer clear of rainy situations, these shoes are a really solid choice, especially considering their $100 price tag.


Can You Wear Spiked Golf Shoes on Concrete?

Spiked golf shoes are not a good choice for walking on concrete. The cleats or spikes in these shoes can wear out quickly on concrete. The soft or metal spikes can make walking on concrete very uncomfortable. Before deciding to wear spiked golf shoes on concrete, let’s explore some additional reasons to consider:


4 Reasons Why You Can’t Wear Spiked Golf Shoes on Concrete

Uncomfortable on Hard Surfaces

Spiked golf shoes are less comfortable on hard surfaces like concrete than spikeless alternatives. Those protruding spikes, designed for gripping grass, can make walks on concrete quite uncomfortable for you. Wearing these shoes on concrete, especially for a long time, feels uncomfortable and could injure your feet.


Fast Spike Wear

Walking extensively on concrete with spiked shoes can accelerate the wear and tear on the cleats or spikes. The hardness of the surface speeds up the deterioration of these components, potentially shortening the lifespan of the spikes and compromising traction on the golf course. Even though many of these shoes have replaceable spikes, constantly changing them can add up in cost and seem wasteful. Consider saving these shoes for your on-course games, where they can serve you better in the long run.


Potential Damage to Concrete

Although the spikes on golf shoes aren’t intended to cause damage, the repetitive impact of metal spikes or cleat spikes on concrete surfaces may result in minor wear, such as scratches or marks on the concrete surface. While this may not immediately ruin the concrete’s appearance, over time, it could result in indentations that pose a risk of injury when walked on.


Limited Versatility Beyond Golf

When it comes to spiked golf shoes, they are custom-made for the golf course, with designs crafted to boost your performance and provide the stability essential for effective swings. However, their use is mostly limited to the golfing environment. These shoes might not offer the versatility needed for activities involving extended walks on concrete or other hard surfaces, as their specialized features are tailored specifically for the demands of golfing.


Can You Use Spikeless Golf Shoes on Concrete?

Spikeless golf shoes are the more comfortable and practical choice if you intend to wear golf shoes when spending a significant amount of time on concrete. Here are some reasons why spiked golf shoes are the best choice for walking on concrete:


4 Reasons You Can Wear Spikeless Golf Shoes on Concrete


Comfortable Walking

Spiked golf shoes are crafted with your comfort in mind, featuring a flat outsole with small nubs or lugs that ensure a smooth and comfortable walking experience. The absence of traditional spikes makes these shoes adaptable to different surfaces, including concrete. Spikeless shoes offer a natural and unencumbered stride when walking on hard surfaces like sidewalks, minimizing discomfort during extended periods. These shoes are designed to transition for everyday use seamlessly. So whether you’re taking shots on the course or heading out for a quick meet-up with friends, these shoes are designed to offer you comfort all day.


Extended Lifespan

When you walk on concrete with spikeless shoes, you’re less likely to experience rapid wear than with spiked shoes. Spikeless shoes, designed with a more even outsole, distribute the impact more evenly, potentially extending the lifespan of the shoes and preserving their performance characteristics over time.


However, you should note that prolonged contact with hard surfaces can still lead to wear. Even though spikeless shoes don’t have spikes that can wear out, consistently wearing them on concrete could eventually cause them to wear out sooner, lasting significantly shorter than if used strictly on the golf course.

No Damage to Concrete

Spikeless shoes are crafted to be gentle on various surfaces, particularly concrete. The absence of protruding spikes in the design prevents potential damage to sidewalks, floors, or other concrete areas. This thoughtful choice ensures that your footwear won’t leave behind marks or scuffs as you walk, making spikeless shoes a practical and considerate option for your everyday needs.


Tips for Wearing Golf Shoes on Concrete

Choose spikeless shoes.

Always opt for spikeless golf shoes. With their flat outsoles and the absence of traditional cleats, these shoes provide you with a more comfortable walking experience, particularly on concrete surfaces.


Comfort is key.

When selecting golf shoes for use on concrete, prioritize your comfort. Look for shoes with ample cushioning and support to minimize the impact of walking on unforgiving surfaces. Spikeless golf shoes stand out in this regard, offering you more comfort and breathability, especially during extended periods on concrete.


Proper Sizing

When it comes to golf shoes, especially for activities involving walking on concrete, prioritize correct sizing. Ill-fitting shoes can lead to discomfort, blisters, and potential foot issues for you. Take the time to ensure your golf shoes are the right size for optimal comfort and overall use, both on and off the course.


Keep them clean, and inspect them regularly.

Dirt and debris can accumulate, leading to premature wear and potentially affecting the overall longevity of your shoes.


Additionally, regularly inspect and maintain your golf shoes to ensure they stay in optimal condition. Check for signs of wear, loose spikes, or any damage. This proactive approach can significantly extend the lifespan of your golf footwear, making it more effective both on the golf course and on concrete surfaces.


Walk with Purpose

When you walk on concrete, be intentional in your steps to prevent unnecessary wear on your golf shoes. Avoid dragging your feet, as it can make the outsoles and spikes deteriorate faster, affecting their performance on the course.


Final Verdict

When opting for golf shoes to walk on concrete, prioritize comfort, proper sizing, and regular maintenance. In this case, spikeless shoes are the best option, as they offer a more comfortable walking experience. Whether spiked or spikeless, selecting the right golf shoes and caring for them appropriately will enhance your overall experience both on and off the golf course.



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