Best Golf Shoes

Have you ever made a statement with your shoes while golfing? You have, haven’t you? Surprise, buddy! So have I! Do you remember the compliments, the admiring stares, and the confidence they gave you? Yeah, I bet that was a good day.

If this experience is alien to you, then you’re in the right place; before long, after you choose from our best shoe collection, you will gain those admirable stares. But before we go into that, let me tell you about my experience with golf shoes.

It’s not a sordid tale, nor will it be long. So fasten your seat belt, and let me take you on a brief ride down memory lane.

Picture this: me as a twenty-year-old boy on summer vacation, hair red and wiry, eyes encased in wild brim glasses, wearing a checked white and black polo and short knickers. For shoes, I wore my favorite sneakers that my mom got me the year before.

Golf Shoes

Our Picks for Best Golf Shoes

  1. Footjoy Pro SL – Best Spikeless Golf Shoe
  2. Adidas Tour 360 22 – Best Premium Golf Shoe
  3. Adidas tech response – Best Budget Golf Shoe
  4. Footjpy women’s FJ leisure – Best Golf Shoes for Women

I didn’t think too much about the shoes, nor was I concerned about making a fashion statement. I just wanted to play golf with my dad wearing my favorite sneakers. It was a good day for us.

Dad was high in his success of 7 under 14 holes. You couldn’t tell him he wasn’t a great player with how his smile stretched from his eye to his ears.

My personal best at that point was a 69. I thought it was a good number and reveled in it. So while dad gloated and gave me pointers, I acted insufferable, mentioning my best at every opportunity.

I didn’t have much success for the rest of the day. I made a shaky par at 17 and was soon in trouble off the tee with my next shot. At the end of the game, I succeeded in 3 putting and 3 under, as well as sending a couple of shots into the water.

What went wrong? You might ask. Why did I not succeed when everything seemed to be going my way at the start of the game?

It wasn’t my nerves. I was playing with my father, and he’s a jolly good fellow who wanted us to have fun sans competition. You might think my swing wasn’t the best under pressure, and to that, I would say, “No, it wasn’t my swing.”

If your next guess is my shoes, then yes, I’m afraid you’re right. Mine did me in and stole my game with no difficulty. I couldn’t deduce it was the shoes then, but after careful analysis, I arrived at that conclusion when I got home.

I remember pulling off my shoe and sighing in relief, realizing the day’s events had exhausted me. And I felt the fatigue most in my feet.

It wasn’t much of a revelation, and my father echoed the same sentiment when I mentioned it to him. Yeah, I can see why the shoes would throw you off your game, was his response.

So if you think golf shoes don’t matter, I’m afraid you’re wrong. They do matter. Good golf shoes have many advantages, from slowing your fatigue to preventing late-round fatigue.

How To Find the Best golf shoes for Men

Don’t keep wondering if golf shoes are really that important. Yes, they are. Golf shoes feel like golf grips. You don’t know you need a new one until you have one. Then you wonder why getting a new one never occurred to you.

Changing your golf shoes should not be an afterthought. It can improve your game by making the good shots feel better.

So when combing the market for good golf shoes, consider these factors:

Comfort Level

It goes without saying that your comfort while golfing is paramount. Your swing and game will suffer if you’re in discomfort or pain. There are no two ways about it. Good luck figuring out how to be comfortable while walking around the golf course.

I don’t envy you.

With this in mind, you can now see why comfort is the most fundamental factor when seeking credible golf shoes. There are numerous brands that offer comfortable shoes.

Personally, I believe that comfort beats matching brands and outfits.

So if the Skechers you pick hurt, kindly drop them and seek out FootJoy. Your feet will love you for it. This loosely translates to testing the golf shoes before purchasing them. Walk around in the shoes and feel their weight and grip on your feet.

Make sure the size is right, and don’t settle on the shoe because it looks better.


Another critical factor is ensuring the golf shoes are waterproof. This is essential for getting caught up in the rain or leaving your house early when the ground is dewy and wet. Before making a decision, decide when you’re likely to play the most golf.

If you’re going to play more in the winter or live in an area that experiences lots of rainfall, waterproof golf shoes are your best bet.

Ensure the golf shoe is 100% waterproof to ward off the chances of your feet soaking up water during the game and slowing your efforts.

Traditional vs. Athletic shoes 

If you’re leaning towards  traditional golf shoes, I admire your classic style. Sometimes, I frown on fashion for its ever-changing nature. I would be okay with just the classic and traditional golf shoe as my go-to shoe for golfing.

But alas, that’s not to be. Fashion changes to fit the current time. Not everyone appreciates history, especially when other serviceable options like golf shoes from New Balance and Sketchers would make them look fly.

That’s understandable.

Regardless of which shoes you choose, ensure they’re comfortable. Even with modern styles, find golf shoes that fit your style. You can describe your style to the shop assistant and have them pick out golf shoes that match your description.

Spiked or Spikeless 

Spiked shoes are making a resurgence, and I don’t feel bad about that. If I close my eyes, I can remember past days when people wore metal spikes on cart paths while going to the clubhouse. It was fashionable, and it got the job done.

While metal spikes have been phased out, you can substitute them with normal spikes and still make a statement. Thankfully, spike shoes are comfortable, so you won’t have to worry about that.

It’s best for wet grounds and hilly courses. However, it’s getting harder to find normal spiked golf shoes on the market.

Many of the golf shoes black screw-in spikes, taking away traction. The choice is wholly yours. If you have more torque or lower body movement and need more footing, you’re better off choosing regular spiked shoes.

This way, you won’t slip and still play a good game.

As it stands, many spikeless golf shoes are not waterproof, which is why you should factor in your golfing weather conditions before choosing.

Although you can still find spikeless waterproof golf shoes with stability and traction, you’re better off with spiked shoes for muddy situations.

Lace or No Lace System

Golf shoes have evolved a lot; they are now categories that do not include laces. Yes, you heard me. You don’t have to stoop to tie your laces every now and then while on the course. It might sound crazy to most, as laces are a staple for golf shoes.

But what is life without ease and adaptability? Someone, somewhere, likely prefers no lace for its ease.

I included all styles in this compilation. You will find some FootJoy and ECCO golf shoes with excellent production and a twist switch you can tighten on the back of the shoe. It’s incredible, to say the least.


Answer these questions: Where does your budget fall in? The high end of golf shoes or the low end? Or better yet, what does quality mean to you?

Are you going to play golf often, and in what weather conditions? These questions will help you determine your budget.

As much as you want to save some bucks and go for low-end shoes, are you prepared to spend more money in the future to replace the shoes? Because in terms of quality, I guarantee they will not survive challenging situations.

That’s not to say golf shoes on the expensive side won’t cave in at some point. However, it’s best not to cut corners because you don’t want to spend more. Quality would always beat mediocre productions.

It’s best to buy golf shoes in pairs and have them in storage in case you decide to switch between shoes now and then.

Best Golf Shoes With Spikes   

Adidas Tour 360 22

Now we’ve got what to consider when buying golf shoes out of the way. Let’s get into the meat of the matter. Here are some of the best golf shoes on the market with spikes:

1. Adidas Tour 360 22 (Best Premium golf shoes)

Adidas carries a lot of weight in the shoe industry. They offer high-end shoes with inexhaustible quality. The Adidas Tour 360 22 golf shoes are no different in terms of this. While it’s not the most affordable shoe, it’s exceptional for golfers who want to protect their feet.

If you’re a golfer who walks more than you ride, these shoes will be a great addition to your arsenal.

You might ask, “Why? What makes them so great?” Let me start you off with this Adidas Tour 360 22. It has a great feel and BOOST midsole technology. This feature ensures each step you take is in fashionable bliss, delivering tons of energy to aid your walk.

It has a 360-degree wrap that provides great comfort for its wearer by locking in and supporting your foot. Also, the Adidas Tour 360 22 is tight where necessary, but it does not negate your movement or affect your golf swing, which is a major plus.

So, if you want spike shoes with traditional spikes, you will do well with the Adidas Tour 360 22. It looks totally cool and rad with its modern design, like one of those shoes you wear to work out at the gym.

And it has a SPIKEMORE traction system with six spikes that aid maximum traction on the golf course.

But it’s not all rosy with these shoes. Don’t worry; the downside isn’t grave. It’s just that the shoes come in only a few colors. It limits one’s wardrobe. The brand is just black and white with a hint of blue.

Still, it works for golfing, and committed golfers who prefer walking to riding a golf cart will appreciate it.


  • Produced with recycled materials, making it a sustainable footwear that embraces the importance of minimizing environmental degradation and keeping the planet healthy.
  • Its real spikes are a plus for golfers with extra low body movement to play exceedingly well without slipping.
  • It’s an ergonomic fit that will keep you firm on your feet throughout the round.


  • It comes in limited colors like all white, all black, or a mixture of white and black.
  • For a shoe with such merits, it has only one width option, a surprising feat.
  • It’s not readily affordable and might pose a problem for a golfer that needs it but can’t afford it.

2. Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoe (Best Budget Golf Shoes)

Speaking of affordability, you’re in luck. The second on my list of golf shoes with spikes are the Adidas Tech Response golf shoes, and they’re affordable with excellent quality.

The quality part is not exactly a surprise. If there’s one thing you can bank on Adidas for, it’s quality.

The Adidas Tech Response shoes have a synthetic sole and a lightweight cloud foam sock liner. Sounds comfortable, right? There’s more.

If you have wide feet, the shoe will accommodate you; it’s naturally wide, and you can even choose other sizes that are wider. And in terms of durability, they last longer and have an excellent support system built throughout the shoe.

If you’re new to golfing, this is an excellent choice to purchase. It comes in different colors, from white to gray and black, with the Adidas signature logo significantly placed in the shoe’s middle.

Best of all, you can upgrade the shoe to the spikeless version, but you would need to pay a small price.

3. Callaway Balboa TRX Golf Shoe

The Callaway Balboa TRX golf shoe is produced with leather, and it’s waterproof with an opti-repel microfiber technology that wards off water seeping into the shoe’s sole.

It’s of good quality, and regardless of its waterproof nature, the shoe has an Opti-Vent mesh liner that enables breathability.

It’s a great shoe for winter golf. Its 7-spike dura rubber outsole supports all playing conditions, even the worst ones. It comes in black, white, white/blue, and gray/white.

4. Skechers Go Golf Pro 3 LX Golf Shoe

The Skechers Go Golf Pro 3 golf shoe follows Skechers’ usual production method of ensuring your feet are encased in as much comfort as possible. It doesn’t matter what shoe style it is; you are bound to feel happy at the comfort it will provide you.

Other than quality and comfort, the Skechers Go Golf Pro 3 LX golf shoe has extra midfoot support technology, a cushioned insole, and is very lightweight. It’s made with genuine leather but doesn’t have much to offer in terms of looks.

You might find fault with its sleek look, but the shoe will serve you exceptionally well if you do not care so much about fashion and aesthetics, especially if you plan on not riding a golf cart and wearing it down late in the round. It has four colors: white, blue, black or silver, and charcoal or red.

5. Under Armour Spieth 2

It’s no secret that Under Armour does not make golf clubs, nor is it a secret of their incredible success with their golf apparel and gear, thanks to Jordan Spieth. They do not joke with quality; everything tends to fit perfectly, and I’m a huge fan of it.

The Under Armour Spieth 2 golf shoes are the brand’s signature shoes. It’s 100% waterproof, lightweight, and extremely breathable, thanks to the mesh on its side. It comes in different colors, so golfers can choose which suits them best. However, its features are not as tremendous as those of the Speth 3, but it’s still a terrific choice.

Price-wise, it’s not precisely on the affordable side. But if you wish to save money but still desire under-armor shoes, you can get Spieth 1 shoes at a discounted rate. According to the brand, they are designed to make one feel like champion Jordan Speith.

6. FootJoy FJ Originals Golf Shoe

It is now time to examine what I believe to be the crux of the matter: the classic design of golf shoes. I’m a sucker for the traditional golf shoe look, even though the old wingtip style is not the most comfortable. I definitely don’t miss that aspect.

But we are in a time of innovation and significant changes. The classic and traditional wingtip-style golf shoes have incorporated comfort into their design. Thanks to FootJoy FJ Original shoes, you won’t feel the pain and ache anymore.

The design retains the traditional saddle look that many golfers appreciate and love, and it’s 100% textile. It incorporates an EVA lightweight cushioning system to keep your feet comfortable through the entire round.

I have some authority on this look, seeing as I’ve worn them for a long time, and I can confirm that they run slightly wide.

Footjoy also offers different wide sizes, and the shoes are available in white or brown, as well as all white and all black. Don’t hesitate to go for these golf shoes if you’re a stickler for tradition and seek comfort and sustainability.

7. ECCO Men’s Cool 18 Gore-Tex Golf Shoes

When it comes to modern shoes with an athletic feel made for winter golf, you won’t go wrong with ECCO Men’s Cool 18 Gore-Tex golf shoes.

It’s a high-top shoe built to withstand harsh conditions thanks to the waterproof GORE-TEX surround technology the brand incorporates in its design.

Regardless of their waterproof status, the shoes are breathable and have a removable insole. Remember when I mentioned laceless shoes at the beginning of the article? This shoe is a perfect example of a laceless shoe. It has a BOA closure system with lace that you don’t have to tie.

This shoe isn’t the cheapest offering. However, their rave reviews might hold enough weight to make you look kindly on them. In addition, it has four color schemes that will enhance your wardrobe and make you feel great.

8. New Balance Men’s Sweeper Comfort Golf Shoe

The New Balance Men’s Sweeper Comfort golf shoe has a rubber sole that works well with its design and is 100% waterproof.

You can remove its FTS 3.20 Pulsar spikes if you wish to, and unlike the ECCO Men’s Cool 18 Gore-Tex golf shoes, you can lace them up in the traditional style.

You would appreciate the Sweeper Spiked Comfort shoe if you wore New Balance’s off-the-course shoes and sought more features. They are comfortable, with a REVLite midsole that helps keep the shoe lightweight but retains its cushioning ability.

It’s a great shoe with an exceptional feel, available in all white and all black. Check it out and grab a pair if the style resonates with you.

9. PUMA Ignite Caged Golf Shoe

The caged-in-the-shoes branding sums up the comfort this golf shoe offers your feet. If you know PUMA, then you know the brand’s ability to provide comfort with exceptional quality.

With that knowledge, check out their Ignite Pwradapt Caged golf shoe to experience its perfect athletic look and traditional golf shoe mixture.

It’s super stylish without losing its classic look, which is saying a lot, especially if you go for their black or white offerings. Aside from that, the PWRCAGE unit that wraps around the side of the shoes improves its comfort. Besides, you can tighten the cage around your foot to increase its tightness and comfort.

They are available in five colors and are great for walking on the golf course. It has a full-length foam cushion that will keep you comfortable every step of the way while playing your rounds.

10. Oregon Mudders Men’s CM400 Waterproof Shoe

It’s essential to keep your feet dry while playing golf. It goes without saying that it enhances your play without you needlessly thinking about your feet soaking and lagging in water. The Oregon Mudders Men’s CM400 is a great shoe designed for outdoor winter golfing, and it works exceptionally well for playing out in the rain.

They have other offerings, like their CM700N edition, that are guaranteed to keep your feet dry. It’s a boot-style shoe that has the same features as the CM400.

Back to the Oregon Mudders Men’s CM400: It is made from waterproof microfiber with a sealed membrane that works wonders to keep moisture out, even when wet.

11. FootJoy Traditions 

So far, we have presented exceptional brand shoes in different styles and colors for you to choose from. Some are more traditional than others. For the Footjoy Traditions, think of old-school golf shoes, and you will ace its description.

I feel like an old-school guy, and these shoes felt like a throwback and salute to the ’90s style. It appealed to me instantly in the golf shop and made me smile.

It’s as traditional as it gets with its fashionable full-grain leather and saddle design, and it would pair perfectly with any outfit you choose.

Footjoy Traditions offers custom styles like all-white, all-black, and brown/white designs. You could also decide on their newer look, like the blue/gray saddle or all-navy design. I bet you that whichever color you choose would still make you feel iconic with a foot in a wonderful era.

The shoes have seven traditional spikes with the Pulsar LP cleats by Softspikes, which loosely translates to more traction. Additionally, the shoes are extremely comfortable and durable, with breathability options.

That’s bound to appeal to you. If it doesn’t, think about its support, which is possible thanks to the high-density EVA Fit-Bed technology and foam midsole.

Did that work? It didn’t? Okay, here’s more. It has a laser street fit design with narrow heels, a fully rounded toe with width options ranging in the multiples, and a standard fit in the middle of the shoe. And to top it off, you can wear it in all weather conditions.

The nostalgia will likely hit when you see the shoes, and many golfers have wonderful things to say about the shoes. Here are some pros and cons of the shoes:


  • It has a one-year warranty and is 100% waterproof
  • Four width options
  • It comes in nine exceptional, cool combos that would spoil you for choice. Whether you dig the all-black for winter games or the all-white for summer rounds, Footjoy has got you covered.
  • It incorporates seven real spikes you can interchange and support on full-swing shots and tons of traction.


  • This is not me being biased by saying I couldn’t find any cons for this shoe, I’d search, and I can say the price is great, its style is wonderful, and the colors seal the deal for me.

12. Skechers Go Golf Torque

As household names go, Skechers is making its mark even in golf. Skechers Go Golf Torque just had to make our list, not because Skechers is a household name but because it incorporates a splendid combination of style and comfort.

If the design doesn’t do so much for you, it’s understandable. Skechers isn’t so much about aesthetics; they focus more on giving their audience a shoe that checks other boxes like durability and focus. The Skechers Go Golf Torque does check the boxes and, to an extent, is somewhat different from their other offerings,

It has a clean design and is available in six colors with two different patterns. Another huge perk is that the Skechers Go Golf Torque is waterproof, not water-resistant.

Another perk is that the Skechers Go Golf Torque has six real soft spikes that give you maximum control as you walk around and aid your lower body in staying centered. The spikes make walking great, and the shoes are lightweight enough to walk on wet grounds and play in winter conditions.

You can buy different pairs for winter and summer to give each shoe a chance to last longer.


  • Fantastic sizing options; wide, medium, and extra wide.
  • It’s no different from other Skechers designs regarding comfort, durability, and quality. It’s a great shoe if you prefer walking vs. riding the golf cart, regardless of the holes you’re up against; Be it 10 or 36 holes.
  • Exceptionally lightweight with interior padding for comfort
  • It has on the sole six real spikes that allow for maximum support and traction, which enables excellent game in all weather conditions.
  • 100 waterproof, and it beats all other Skechers shoes in terms of wearability in rainy and wet conditions


  • You won’t experience toe spikes, unlike others that have seven to eight spikes that allow for great tractions, suitable for lower body movement on the swing.
  • They don’t offer as many colors as I would want. Skechers are not known to experiment with colors. They tend to play it safe with gray, white, or even black.
  • No narrow shoe sizes are available.

Best Golf Shoes (Spikeless)

FootJoy Pro SL

Now that we’ve gotten spike shoes out of the way, let’s talk about spikeless shoes. Now, spikeless shoes are great for golfers who don’t need the extra traction spiked shoes provide and don’t have tons of lower body movement.

Spikeless golf shoes tend to look casual, like one of the shoes you could wear to jog, and they work seamlessly on firm grounds in the summer and not in wet, rainy, or muddy situations.

If spikeless shoes rock your boat, then let’s dive into 14 men’s spikeless golf shoes that would work wonders for your golf games. Here are the 14 best spikeless men’s golf shoes:

1. FootJoy Pro SL (Best Spikeless Golf Shoe)

From our earlier review of the spiked FootJoy golf shoe, you can already tell FootJoy makes great golf footwear. The Pro SL model is a guaranteed hit and one of the best-quality golf shoes golfers can wear on the court.

It has a simple and minimalistic design that is still eye-catching.

A great value the shoe provides is its traction, which is surprising considering the shoe does not have real spikes. According to FootJoy’s statement on their website, they put in a lot of effort to ensure the spikeless golf shoe is stable. As a result, it has 189 points of traction and an astounding 17% surface area in the heel, providing excellent grip.

That aside, the shoes have Fine-Tuned Foam (FTF) that provides maximum cushioning for their wearer. Additionally, the Pro-SL has dual-density D2 midsoles that make it simple to work 18 holes because they support the entire foot.

With its piping-to-infinity outsole design, you can expect every bit of stability and comfort from the shoe.

It doesn’t stop there; the FootJoy Pro SL has Chromoskin leather that’s very lightweight and 100% waterproof. So, regardless of whether they are spiked, you can wear these shoes in extreme weather conditions, and the shoe will keep your feet dry.

It sounds about perfect.

What color would you appreciate for this shoe? FootJoy offers many different colors, from navy blue to white, and a good selection of two-tone golf shoes. Now let’s talk about the pros.


  • Numerous colors to choose from, and you can design your color for an extra fee.
  • It offers a four-width option from narrow to medium, wide, and extra wide, a great option you won’t find with many of its competitors.
  • You will enjoy a 2-year warranty, and the shoe is 100% waterproof.
  • Its power harness enables maximum support around the middle of your foot.


  • It does not have real spikes. However, they make up for that with their 189 points of traction.

2. Callaway Men’s Balboa Golf Shoe

Are you on a budget? If so, you’re in luck. Discovering golf shoes that do not sacrifice quality due to price isn’t all that common. However, the Callaway Men’s Balboa Golf Shoe is a good-quality shoe with great looks that you can get if you’re on a limited budget.

The brand produces the shoe with an opt-vent mesh material that provides good support and tons of breathability. Now, I wouldn’t hurry off to golf with the shoes just yet. I searched for information on shoe eligibility for all weather conditions and came up lacking.

So stick to golfing with the shoes during the spring and summer to maintain their quality.

3. Nike Air Max 90 G

The Nike Air Max 90 G producers drew inspiration from the original Air Max 90 shoe. You could practically see it in the design and outlook. Some traditional golfers might find fault with its casual look, and that’s understandable.

It looks more like a great shoe to wear to a hip party than a good golf shoe. But then, life has established that looks are deceiving. So, if you seek to look casual while wearing a shoe with a good grip that is aesthetically pleasing and works perfectly with your outfit, the Nike Air Max 90 G is a great find.

The Nike Air Max 90 G doesn’t replicate everything about the Air Max 90 shoe. The brand made some updates, like the foam midsole, which provides comfort to the wearer, giving them the leeway to walk 18 holes if riding the cart doesn’t strike their fancy.

As for golfing in muddy and wet conditions, yeah, don’t do that with these shoes. It does not have enough waterproofing to protect the shoes from water. Another downside for me is the traction.

The shoes don’t sell a good image of a shoe with good traction. Additionally, the waffle outsole isn’t doing much to sell me on the shoe, but if it’s suitable for the PGA Tour pros I’ve seen wearing them, then the shoe must have something to offer.


  • It makes a fashion statement without doing too much, and it’s made from the same Nike Air Max design. You can see why this is the number one on our pro list.
  • You can choose from four other colors
  • It’s less expensive than most shoes


  • It looks too casual to me and might not work for most players
  • Its thin overlay won’t work to keep out water. It goes to show the shoes are not waterproof
  • Don’t bank on it for spikeless design. It doesn’t emphasize that.

4. FootJoy FJ Flex Golf Shoes

Another FootJoy shoe, huh? Yeah, you’re getting the idea of the brand’s durability and quality. The FootJoy FJ Flex golf shoes are made with performance mesh with tons of breathability. It has a simple and final design.

It wouldn’t draw attention to the wearer, but you sure can incorporate the shoe’s comfort into your conversation when you smash your shots.

The shoe has an EVA midsole, which supports its stability and versatile traction.

You can wear the shoes in fair weather conditions and in the summer. And it’s available in four colors: black, gray, white, and a mix of white and gray. If you appreciate tying your shoelace, you will likely appreciate that in the shoe.

5. Under Armour HOVR Tour

There’s something to be said about the Under Armour HOVR Tour’s sleek design. It has the feel of shoes one wore to the gym to lift dumbbells and throw their weight around, rather than golf shoes.

That is to say, the look is aesthetically pleasing and not pulled from past golf shoes that favor the traditional style.

Looks aside, the shoe is comfortable and stretchy because the brand incorporates UA Intelliknight technology in its production. You won’t feel like your feet are being ground with nails, and you’ll definitely not scream in agony while wearing it.

Additionally, the shoe has an external TPU heel counter for well-rounded support.

The shoe’s look might deceive you into thinking it has real spikes. But they don’t. It favors a lightweight TPU outsole with soft rubber spikes. Does it get the job done? Yes, it does. It will help you make good full turns and will definitely keep you from losing your footing while swinging or down swinging.

Another remarkable feature that might do it for you is the UA HOVR placement the shoe incorporates. This feature supports the natural motion of golf swings, giving you a vantage point to make good swings.

It also features a good lace system that is different from your standard pair. It sure is a shoe that would help you perform well on a long day on the links.


  • They offer two colors, all-black and all-white, suitable for winter and summer, respectively.
  • You’re eligible for a one-year waterproof warranty.
  • It’s a good-looking golf shoe made with comfort in mind.


  • Limited colors to choose from
  • There are not exactly the most affordable shoes. You might need to go over budget to have them. However, it’s not as expensive as the Adidas Tour 360 22, but it sure is riding pretty close to the price.
  • Only one width option

6. PUMA Ignite Next Men’s Lace Shoes

PUMA keeps outdoing itself. The Next Men’s golf shoes are a good-quality shoe you could wear for a long time on the golf course. It’s spikeless, with a soft foam dual-density insole that enables its comfort.

It doesn’t come in many colors. It’s mostly white with a blend of other colors. It’s probably best to limit the shoes to summer golfing and not trap them in muddy waters. Are they affordable? Yes, certainly they are.

7. Skechers Go Golf Elite 3

Talking about affordability, Skechers Go Golf Elite 3 is another product you don’t have to break the bank to own. It’s suitable for everyday golfers who want to golf in relative peace and head home.

The brand designed the shoes with comfort features, from their high-performance Resamax cushioned insole to their lightweight nature.

It’s also 100% waterproof and has six different colors you can choose from.

8. ECCO Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-Tex Golf Shoe

I like the idea of the ECCO Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-Tex golf shoe. It’s super durable and comfortable, with increased breathability and functionality all around.

Does it look great? You’ve got it. Yes, it does. Are they spikeless? Yes, they are.

The ECCO Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-Tex Golf Shoe has a tech-savvy feel with three areas on the sole designed for specific functions. For starters, a wide zone for stability keeps your feet connected to the ground and ensures stability on the way back.

Another zone for durability and great comfort while you’re walking. Even if you intend to ride the golf cart, it’s a great comfort knowing the shoes you have on can make the miles if you decide to walk. The third zone is an area designed for rotational support with a focus on foot movement.

9. FootJoy Contour Casual Golf Shoe

If you’re seeking a shoe that offers great support for informal plays for summer and winter golf, go for the FootJoy Contour Casual golf shoe. Do not be deceived by its casual look; it will grant you the comfort you seek.

Some features to expect include its ability to blend with all outfits. You can wear it to dinner with no one the wiser. Also, it’s 100% waterproof, affordable, and has four color options: navy, taupe, brown, and charcoal.

Players like Freddy Couples have worn the shoe, and while it does not have spikes, it uses a peg design to ensure the wearer has a grip on slippery terrain.

Would you call this an all-purpose shoe? I think that’s an apt description if you’re someone who would wear golf shoes to dinners and other social occasions.

10. Skechers Men’s Pivot Spikeless Golf Shoe

Here’s another simple and minimalistic design from Skechers. It’s readily affordable, super lightweight, and has foam cushioning and GOGA Max technology. It’s among the best-quality and most comfortable shoes on the market.

The brand did not compromise on quality due to the price range. Skechers Men’s Pivot Spikeless Golf Shoe is also water resistant and is available in a white and all-black design that matches all outfits, and you can wear it off-course.

11. Adidas Codechaos Golf Shoe

If you’re looking for a shoe with enough flare to help you stand out on the golf course without singling you out, you will do well with the Adidas Codechaos golf shoe. It’s lightweight and has a responsive boost midsole to ensure you bounce around the course.

It’s a good shoe for summer games with a water-protective top layer, and it comes in three colors: white/red, white/neon green, and black/white. It’s an exceptional athletic shoe from Adidas that you should get if you’re feeling bold and need something bouncy.

12. ECCO Men’s Tour Hybrid Wingtip Golf Shoe

Another spikeless shoe you should consider is the ECCO Men’s Tour Hybrid Wingtip Golf Shoe. However, it’s not affordable, and it looks like a dress shoe with its saddle style and built-in cleats. It might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but it’s excellent in terms of durability and getting the work done.

I would be hard-pressed to mention that it reminds me of shoe way before athletic-looking shoes came to be. The brand made it with fine leather and a removable insole.

If you’re feeling brave and like the design, you could also wear it off the golf course.

But with its design, I feel anyone could point out there are golf shoes, unless that is the look you’re looking for.

13. ECCO Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax Golf Shoe

The ECCO Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax golf shoe’s style and comfort are remarkable, which explains why it’s on the expensive side. But what price will you pay for quality, comfort, and durability? I would rather pay now and not spend on lesser-quality shoes that will cave in after a week.

That’s by the way. The brand uses Gore-Tex technology to achieve a comfortable layout, and the shoe is completely waterproof, which is a plus. Additionally, you can clean it easily and wear it while wet, making it a perfect fit for winter games.

14. Athalonz Golf Shoes

To round up our list of spikeless golf shoes, we have the Athalonz golf shoes. This is a performance-enhancing shoe, and adding to its comfort and durability, the brand claims the shoe can help you drive longer distances.

Yeah, I can see why you would doubt the statement. I did too. It sounded like such a tall claim until I put it to the test. And yes, the Athalonz golf shoes somehow work when driving long distances.

It centers your weight to improve consistency and stability, and it even has midsoles that work instantaneously to improve performance.

The shoes are lightweight, thankfully, and the company offers optional insole kits to fine-tune your shoe to your game individually.

Best Golf Shoes for Women

FootJoy Women's FJ Leisure

Enough talk about the men. Let’s do something for women. They play golf, too, and I’m sure they would like insights on women’s best golf shoes. I’m going to keep this selection to a minimum, but my findings show there are more golf shoes for ladies than ever before.

Here are some of the favorites I picked:

1. FootJoy Women’s FJ Leisure

FootJoy also offers women’s shoes, and the leisure series is as good as any. It’s similar to the Adidas W response, with the only difference being that the FootJoy Women’s FJ Leisure is a spikeless golf shoe.

It’s made with lightweight mesh and has four color combos; blue/white, pink/white, white, and black, and it’s an excellent choice for golfing if you’re still new to it.

The shoe offers plenty of traction with its rubber outsole, allowing maximum grip when you swing—super casual and comfortable shoes.

2. Adidas Women’s W Response Bounce Golf Shoe

Now here’s an all-around golf shoe you would love. It has an athletic leather design with six spikes of durable fintech outsole. It’s affordable with great reviews from golfers, which says a lot.

If there’s another that would speak to you about the shoes, it would be its color. It meshes pink, white, and gray together, giving an aesthetically pleasing look. The shoe has a cloud foam insole that provides cushioning and comfort. It doesn’t matter if you intend to ride a cart or walk; your feet will be immersed in comfort.

3. FootJoy Women’s LoPro Collection

This shoe has a traditional feel with the traditional spike system. It comes in all white, white/tan, and black/white. It offers comfort with a rounded toe and shallow forefoot and heel. The brand made it with a light EVA, so there’s no doubt you will experience tons of comfort while wearing it.

4. Skechers Women’s Go Pro 2 Spiked Waterproof Golf Shoe

The Skechers Women’s Go Pro 2 Spiked Waterproof Golf shoe is the last on our list of the best female shoes. It has a replaceable soft spike that grants good traction, coupled with the fact it has super soles and synthetic materials that make it 100% waterproof.

As far as heavy-duty shoes go, Skechers Women’s Go Pro 2 Spiked Waterproof golf shoe hits the mark. It’s a stylish shoe women can wear on the golf course and not feel out of place. It comes in three different color combos: white/pink, navy/turquoise, and gray/purple.

For comfort, it utilizes Goga Max technology for its cushioning. The downside is that it’s expensive, and many might decide against it.

Best golf shoes for Junior golfers

PUMA Kids Grip Fusion 2.0 Golf Shoe

I remember all the memories I made with my father on the golf course. I’m sure many golfers appreciate the opportunity of golfing with their kids and would utilize the opportunities.

To that effect, having them in the right gear is essential. And you don’t have to break the bank to make that happen. I mean, since you’ve already decided on golfing, you might as well do it well.

While most brands do not make kids’ shoes, there are still options to choose from. I won’t be surprised if many brands take to making junior golfing shoes, especially since Tiger’s son Charlie went viral for teeing at the end of 2020. Brands would move to make kids’ shoes if junior golfing gains momentum.

Here are the best golf shoes for junior golfers:

1. PUMA Kids Grip Fusion 2.0 Golf Shoe

Golfing as a junior has a distinctive kind of appeal. It sure gives one story to tell, I would know. Now as a junior golfer, you’re not exempted from wearing golf apparel. If you’re in to play the game, it doesn’t matter if you’re in it for the long haul, you still should have on the right gear.

Now, the PUMA Kids Grip Fusion 2.0 golf shoe is an excellent option for junior golfers. It has a good grip. Furthermore, it’s super comfortable, and waterproof. In addition, it is available for kids 8 to 12 years and even ranges from 4 to 8 year-olds.

It’s available at a moderate price, which is a great thing. So you don’t have to skip out on getting your kids good quality golfing shoes. The brand utilizes soft foam technology for comfort, and you can wear it for winter golfing. It comes in four colors; black/white, orange/white, white, pink, and white.

2. FootJoy Kids Fury Junior Golf Shoes

The FootJoy Kids Fury Junior golf shoe is similar to the adult version. It’s durable and has rubber soles with easy-care synthetic uppers that enable a comfortable fit.

Additionally, its soft molded rubber traction elements will ensure your kid does not slip while playing a round, and it has turf-gripping traction.

You might not be a fan of the colors. I know I’m not. It comes in just white, which might pose a problem in terms of maintenance. We’ll know how kids can be with cleaning and white appearance.

3. Skechers Kids Max Mojo Spikeless Golf Shoe

Skechers Max Mojo Spikeless golf shoe for kids is one of the shoes you need to take advantage of and have in your kid’s shoe rack. It’s awesome in its feel and design. It’s spikeless, and Skechers uses a synthetic sole in its production with a durable grip TPU outsole.

There’s something to be said about its ultra-flight midsole. It’s lightweight yet dense, and the shoe has a responsive cushioning which helps maintain its comfort. Additionally, it’s water resistant, and you can buy them in any of the colors your kid likes; black/red, white/pink, and white/lime.

Golf Shoe Accessories 

To buy shoes is one thing; to maintain them is another. Now that you have the sort of golf shoes you desire, there are golf shoe accessories you should also get if your budget allows for it for shoe maintenance. We will be talking about them in detail. Let’s get started.

  • Golf Shoe Bag

Now I understand the freedom of removing your shoes, throwing them into your trunk, and going about your day. But stop and consider why you need to get a golf bag.

You’ve spent all that money getting a good golf shoe; why should you let it lie recklessly in your trunk and take their chances at remaining in one piece and not getting damaged?

With a golf bag, you can store the shoes safely, minimizing the chances of something happening to them accidentally. And even the shoes will look their best for the season, and I’m sure if aesthetics mean anything to you, you understand why your golf shoes should look their best.

Here are the golf shoe bags I selected. Choose one for your shoes.

  • Adidas Stadium II Team Shoe Bag: This is a ventilated bag made from 100% polyester to ensure your shoe stays protected. It’s not expensive, and the handle is a webbed loop; you can easily cinch and swing on your way out if you so desire. The downside of this bag is the space is just enough for the shoes and not for other golfing equipment like the balls or tees.
  • Adidas Golf Shoe Bag: This golf bag has a bit of style and flare for people that like such. It’s an easy grab-and-go bag with zipper closure and one front zippered pocket for additional storage. You can wash it by hand if you so desire. It’s also made from 100% polyester.
  • Athletico Golf Shoe Bag Zippered Carrier: This bag has built-in ventilation that helps keep the stink out.

Sounds great because after a long day at the golf course, ventilating the shoe to keep the stink out is a great step to observe. It has additional space for your tees and balls. Furthermore, you can use the bag to carry any shoes other than golf shoes for any occasion.

It’s made from durable 600D polyester fabric and it’s not expensive, so you don’t have any reason to not obtain it. Even its color option is exceptional, from white to gray and pink.

  • JEF World of Golf Trunk Locker: This is an excellent choice for golfers seeking a bag that would contain all their gear. The bag is practically a small suitcase with many pockets and mesh panels for ventilation and storage. And it’s not so big it can fit your trunk. It measures at 9 ”W x 15” D and 6” H.
  • Golf Shoe Cleaner 

Now we have gotten storing shoes right to prevent damage. Let’s explore the importance of cleaning the shoes to maintain their integrity. This is a fundamental step, especially if you’ve been golfing on wet and muddy ground.

Here are good ways to clean your shoes.

  • Easton Golf Club and Groov Cleaner Brush: This is a cheap way to clean your clubs and shoes. It’s extremely durable and can scrub stubborn dirt, caked mud, and grass off your shoes. It also helps that it’s lightweight with a 2ft. Zip-line carabiner that makes it super easy for you to attach to your golf bag and carry around.
  • Shoe-Fix Shoe Glue: This product creates a long-lasting bond that does not weary easily. It’s highly rated and would save your favorite pair of golfing shoes from degrading.

The glue does not get affected by weather conditions like heat, cold, or moisture, and it bonds instantly with no clamping. It’s compatible with leather, rubber, wood, faux leather, fabrics, plastic, polyurethane, etc.

  • MGK Shoe Cleaner Kit: If you’re playing during the winter, utilize this care kit. It will clean and protect your shoes from dirt, grime, and water, regardless of the make of the shoe. Its solution is highly concentrated.

You don’t need to use too much. A single drop is enough to get the work done.

  • Softspikes Ultimate Cleat Brush: You know how dirt gets into your spike, and you use your golf tee or divot tool to get rid of it?

Yeah, stop doing that.

Use the spike brush instead. It would get the work done in several quick swipes. It has three sets of bristles with angled brushes that would help you clean the cleat legs and the top of the cleat.

  • Spike Tool

If you regularly change your spike, you’re in for a pleasant shoe experience and your shoe will last longer. On the other hand, if you don’t change your shoes often and the spike gets damaged, it might be difficult to repair.

Therefore, make it a point of duty to change your spikes every few months regularly.

Do this instead of buying new shoes.

Here are tools to help:

  • Golf Spike Wrench: Use this tool’s standard spike wrench with a long peg to change your spikes. It’s suitable for all regular golf shoe spikes, so you won’t have to search for any specific wrench for your brand shoe. Simply attach one of the pieces to the end of your ratchet or power drill, and you will be mere moments from adjusting your golf cleats. The best part is It won’t hurt your hand or cause damage to the shoe, and it’s easy to use.
  • Softspikes Ultimate Cleat Kit: If your shoes have soft spikes, use this tool to remove the spike. It has everything you need to get started, including a ripper wrench, 18 black widow cleats, and 2 prong insertion wrench.

As much as it’s good practice to remove spikes from your golf shoes, double-check the brand’s spike removal process before proceeding. Most brands have different styles and require different wrenches when removing spikes.

  • Golf Socks

It goes without saying that you need the right pair of socks for your golf shoes. If not for anything to complete your looks and not be uncomfortable wearing the shoe sans socks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Best golf shoes for 2023

Have I satisfied your curiosity, or do you still have more burning questions about the golf shoes? In any case, if you do, I’m going to answer a few general questions, and I hope one of them has the answer you seek.

  • What are the best golf shoes in 2023?

Now, we’ve mentioned so many brands in this guide that choosing just one will be a disservice. However, the best golf shoes are the ones that meet your criteria. Basically, a shoe that would support your feet and meet your style.

Don’t hesitate to research the shoe and check more of its features to know what works best for you. If you intend to wear the shoe off-course, incorporate that in your search. This way, you would purchase a shoe that would blend while golfing and off course.

  • What golf shoes do pros wear?

Golf pros usually wear their sponsor’s shoes. And if there’s no sponsor, they wear different shoes, from loafer to traditional styles. Everyone has their distinct style, and if you watch the PGA and LPGA tours, you will notice the lack of uniformity and how every player chooses what works for them. Except for players with sponsors, of course.

  • How much should I spend on golf shoes?

If you’re banking on quality, durability, and comfort, then spending a good amount on golf shoes is money well spent. The shoes in this guide have different price tags ranging from affordable to expensive.

So before splurging on golf shoes, determine how often you play golf and whether the shoe would be sustainable with such consistency. Let your functionality guide you instead of the price.

  • What are the most comfortable waterproof golf shoes?

Since it’s come down to choosing, I would go with Skechers. For starters, the brand has good ratings and is constantly singled out for its newest technology and quality, which says a lot. That aside, our research on the list above is impeccable, so choosing any shoes would not disadvantage you.

  • What golf shoes does Tiger Woods wear?

When you hear Tiger Woods, think of big branding. Yeah, he’s just different. He wears custom-made shoes from Nike, just like Jordan Spieth owns his shoes from Under Armour. Tiger Woods and Nike’s dealerships have been on for years.

  • What shoes are best for wide feet?

The good thing about today’s time is there is a market for everything. The market for your body size is not exempted. So if you have wide feet, there’s no problem; our selection has numerous shoes with wide feet options.

And not just that, some of the brands even offer wide shoes in different sizes. So choose one of the brands we reviewed and enjoy your golfing shoes.

  • Do pros use spikeless golf shoes?

You would think they would not, but that’s not the case. Some golf pros wear spikeless shoes just like many wear traditional spiked shoes. Frankly, everyone knows what works best for them and sticks to them. Besides, pro players are known to sometimes switch from spikes to spikeless, depending on their playing condition, and still go on to play wonderfully.

  • What’s the difference between waterproof vs. water-resistant golf shoes?

Our list has a mixture of water-resistant and waterproof shoes. Water-resistant shoes simply mean they won’t start peeling when worn outside the rain; that is, they can withstand the rain.

Waterproof, on the other hand, is for players with intentions to play in standing water, muddy situations, etc. They tend to cost more, unlike water-resistant shoes, because their production method and material differ.

Not to mention, they can keep your feet dry regardless of how much water the shoe comes in contact with.

Final Thoughts on the Best Golf Shoes

You would think picking out the best golf shoes is simple, but the reverse is the case. This is because there are numerous options to choose from, and that spoils one for choice.

Even going with known brands doesn’t make it any easier because they also have numerous golf shoes to choose from.

Researching a shoe’s features before purchasing is a good practice. This way, when you walk into a store, you already have an idea of the shoe you want and not get distracted by the many shoes on display.

It can be confusing seeing that many shoes at a spot unless an assistant is at hand to help you shop.

Remember, you need quality shoes to enhance your golfing experience. So don’t let the shoe price be a deciding factor. If you’re going to be golfing during the winter, you need waterproof golf shoes and not water resistant. Their abilities differ.

As much as most water-resistant golf shoes will work during the winter, their quality might probably wear out and not survive another winter, unlike waterproof shoes.

So, why leave it to chance and spend more in the not-so-distant future? You’re better off getting the right shoe and having it last for a long time with proper maintenance.