What Is an Eagle in Golf?

What Is an Eagle in Golf?


What Is an Eagle in Golf?

The game of golf uses a wide variety of terms, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. If you’re new to the game, hearing the word “eagle” floating around might have you scratching your head in wonderment. You may ask yourself, “what is an eagle in golf?” You may even wonder if it’s something negative or something to look forward to and strive for.

Simply put, Neil in golf is: it’s achieving 2-under par on a given hole. As an example, to get an eagle on a par-3 hole is to score with a single stroke, which is technically a hole-in-one. On a par-4 hole, you must sink the ball in the hole within two strokes. Being able to score an eagle in this case is because of solid gameplay. Unless you’re extremely lucky, you likely mastered the game and play at an advanced level to achieve such an incredible feat.

When achieving an eagle in golf, you are achieving one of the most worthwhile feet and desired scores in the game. It’s truly a breathtaking experience and one that will have you feeling elated and over the moon.

Do you want to know more about the true meaning of an eagle in golf? Keep reading to find out more, because within this article will explore its definition, the best ways to score one, and why you should attempt this incredible feat.

Plus, learning about this exciting and catchy golf term will add more fun to the game.

Golf Eagle: What Is It?

Scoring an eagle in golf is one of the most desirable achievements on any hole. This specific shot is only achievable if the golfer goes 2-under par on the whole. A golfer can technically score an eagle on every single hole in a golf game, but the odds are impossible. You’d have a better chance of hitting the lotto than scoring an eagle on every hole.

Staying in accordance with the 2-under par rule, to score an eagle you’d have to accomplish the following:

  • 3-par hole – score a hole-in-one a.k.a. score with a single stroke of the golf club
  • 4-par hole – put the ball in the hole within two strokes
  • 5-par hole – put the ball in the hole within three strokes
  • 6-par hole – put the ball in the hole within four strokes

The easiest way to calculate this figure is to take the number of par on each hole and subtract it by two. This automatically tells you how many strokes cannot be exceeded to hit an eagle while playing golf.

At the end of the day, scoring eagles while playing a round of golf will significantly lower your score. This is a good thing. This is likely going to be the difference between winning a match or losing the game. The more Eagles you score, the better chance you’ll have at slaying the competition.

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Is It Common to Score an Eagle Shot in Golf?

You may be wondering if it’s common to score an eagle shot in golf. The short answer is no, it’s not very common at all. This incredible feat requires mastery of the game. It requires learning the gameplay in and out and the best maneuvering on any hole. More than likely, you aren’t going to see too many eagles on an amateur course. You will see them more often happen in a professional golf match.

If you’re a golfer and you’re reading this, you should not find this unsettling or discouraging in the least. It is certainly possible to shoot an eagle shot during a golf game no matter what your level of professionalism happens to be. Nevertheless, if you’re going to practice scoring eagles, it’s best to do so on high-par holes like par-5 or par-6 holes for a better chance at making it happen because you’ll get more wiggle room if you make a mistake. The closer you are to the pin within 2-strokes, the better chance you’ll have at syncing this shot.

More than likely, you aren’t going to step onto a golf course for the first time and start sinking one eagle shot after another. But if you give it enough time and practice consistently, you’ll improve your gameplay to the point where you can start winning more games and hitting eagles every so often.

Golf Eagle Shot

Why Did They Name a 2-under Par Shot an Eagle Shot?

Specifically, there is no actual definitive history for using the term eagle in the game of golf. Nevertheless, there is history for the word birdie, so many people link these two together since they are avian in nature. The word birdie was originally used in the 19th century, because it was considered something cool; something that had that wow factor!

So, we assume that the word eagle was considered to be even cooler than a birdie. And if it was used to describe something that wows the crowd, then we would look at an eagle as something that is completely incredible. Because that’s what an eagle is – an incredible shot in the game of golf.

What Par Hole Are Eagles Most Commonly Shot On?

Most commonly, you’ll find golfers scoring an eagle on a 5-par hole. There are a few reasons why this happens more often than not. They include:

  • A golfer can take up to 3 shots on a 5-par hole and still score an eagle. This allows golfers to have mishaps and mistakes and still have a high probability of scoring an eagle.
  • Par-5 holes giving golfers the ability to take the right strokes to properly score an eagle. On a 5-par hole, the golfer can start out by shooting a long drive, on the second shot moving the ball onto the green, and then scoring an eagle by hitting a putt on the third stroke.
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With such a grander probability for success during regular gameplay, a 5-par hole is the place to begin if you’d like to practice making eagle shots. You’ll have a much better chance at scoring one of the shots on this hole.

Since it’s more than possible to shoot an eagle on a 5-par hole, then you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s possible on a 6-par hole as well and it should be good for novices and beginners to start practicing on a par 6. The extra stroke is even more beneficial because it allows for even greater room for error.

Scoring an Eagle Shot on Shorter Golf Holes

No one is questioning the fact that it’s easier to shoot an eagle on a par-5 or par-6 hole. But that doesn’t make it impossible to score one on a par-3 or par-4 hole as well. Some quick tips to succeed in this area include:

  • To make an eagle on a par-4 hole, it’s important to actually get the ball on the green during your initial tee shot. Next, you’ll have one more stroke to get the ball in the hole.
  • On a par-3 hole, the only way to score an eagle is to actually hit a hole-in-one.

The Definition of a Double Eagle in Golf

Another important golf term is called the double eagle. And just like the name assumes, it’s like hitting a single eagle but it’s even better. In fact, it’s another name for an albatross. To score an albatross, you must shoot 3 below par to make this incredible feat. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Complete a par-4 hole in one stroke
  • Complete a par-5 hole in two strokes
  • Complete a par-6 hole in three strokes

A double eagle is incredibly uncommon and it really doesn’t happen very often, yet this shot isn’t impossible by any means. Nevertheless, this isn’t something you’re going to see happen too often in an amateur game of golf, but it will happen in the pros from time to time.

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What is a Condor?

Believe it or not, the bird references do not end with the double eagle. There is a phenomenon known as the triple eagle, or otherwise named condor. The only way to get a condor is to score for under par on a single hole. It’s only possible to score a condor on par-5 and par-6 holes.

A golfer is least likely to ever score a condor while playing the game of golf because it is so difficult to achieve, but it isn’t impossible. You’d have to hit a hole-in-one on a par five course or do it in two strokes on a par six course, which is insanely difficult. You may want to strive for it, but it isn’t going to be easy, so please keep that in mind.

Final Thoughts on What Is an Eagle in Golf

Golfers should always strive to achieve scoring an eagle in a golf game and they should try to make it a regular part of their golfing repertoire when possible. Not only is it impressive, but it will also give you a leg up on the competition and it’s a lot easier than scoring a double eagle or condor.

But nevertheless, this is a difficult achievement, but your gameplay will definitely improve if you learn how to score eagles. In fact, if you can become proficient at this task, you will beat the competition handily game after game.


Here the most commonly asked and answered questions about a golf eagle and other related topics.

What Is the Definition of a Golf Eagle?

An eagle is a particular shot that a golfer can make that puts them 2-under par. They are the best way to score an eagle, you should subtract to from the par of a particular hole. If it’s a par-5 hole, subtract 2, which tells you that you can score an eagle in three strokes.

What Are the Terms Birdie, Bogey, and Eagle?

Simply put, these are golfing terms that have become very popular since the 1900s. A birdie is finishing a hole while 1 under par. A bogey is finishing a hole while 1-over par. An eagle is completing a hole while 2-under par.

What Is an Ostrich in Golf?

To score an ostrich in a game of golf, it’s only possible to achieve this incredible feat while on a par-6 hole. The only way to make this happen is to complete a hole while 5-under par, which is one of the most difficult things in the world to achieve. Essentially, you’d have to score a hole-in-one on a par six hole, which is going to be so difficult that it has to be impossible.


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